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  1. tech by trade

    Best place to get a 1993 DR350 manual...

  2. tech by trade

    dualsport helmets

    I picked up a GSX3MX simpson this spring with the shield installed. good helmet but it doesnt seal so it gets a little noisy. I wear a xxl HJC in the snow, and an XL in simpson seems to feel the same. I also wear sunglasses under the shield as some wind does get in once you are over 110 kph. It was around 250 after shipping and taxes to get it up to the great white north, but I think that it was worth it.
  3. tech by trade

    XT 200 help

    I had an 82 i bought years ago. When i bought it from the guy, He told me it needed a battery, and that he had just replaced the CDI unit, but new bike, young kid i had to ride it. It lasted about 2 or 3 days and it was cooked. I took the bike into the shop and had a tech look at it, sure enough, fried the CDI unit. He told me you need a battery to keep a load on the charging system, especaly on an older bike, because if there is a surge it will fry the CDI unit. the next year i was riding the bike, and managed to loose the battery (a terific place for a battery by the way) and guess what happened during that ride. figured i would keep my 250 bucks this time and put it toward a newer bike. Needless to say that old beater is sitting behind the shed while i have been riding my 90 DR350s for the last 9 years.
  4. tech by trade

    XT 200 help

    Do not run this bike without the battery! You will destroy the CDI Unit if you do.
  5. tech by trade

    Carby leaks fuel

    Hi there, my first post on the site, hope i can help. I just fixed the same problem on my 90 350S. I was using the guide in the Clymer manual to set the float, and then after I put the carb back on it would start pissin fuel out the overflow again. After doing some research, turns out i was about 5mm short on the floats. I set them up to this spec and was good to go, no more leak. I was measuring 14mm, with the spring load on the needel down, not right. measure 14 mm from the front of the carb with the spring load not pressed, this gives you about an extra 5mm of room. Mine seems to be working fine after this little tweek.