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    Jet Skiing, Trail Riding on my phat WR426F, beer and women. Note: Not listed in any particular order
  1. Mr Metallica

    01' WR426F Newbie

    Math, Thanks for your prompt reply. I gave the bike a filter and oil change the day I bought it. Regular oil changes are a must I know. I know that the bike definately does run YZ timing. I will crack it open and inspect the valves this coming weekend, while I'm checking the jetting. I also have a YZ tank and seat. It was the first thing done to the bike, and boy what a difference it makes! I can move around the bike freely and the weight drop was more then noticable. Thanks again for your help. The TT forums are the best I have seen around yet. Ride safe, Luke
  2. Mr Metallica

    help needed..

    Not sure about the seat change. Will try to find out for you asap.
  3. Mr Metallica

    01 426..

    I am 75kg's so the big bike does ware me out pretty quick. How ever the guy that owned it before me was 120kg's and I am finding that the suspension is way too stiff for my weight. I'm not sure where to start adjusting the suspension.
  4. Mr Metallica

    01' WR426F Newbie

    The Airbox lid HAS been removed, I have a Pro-circut pipe. I live on the east coast of Australia so I ride pretty close to sea level (if that is what you mean ) As for jetting and needle, I'm not sure. I plan on having a look at that after work tonight. Once I know I'll post it here. Thanks for your reply, Luke
  5. Mr Metallica

    help needed..

    Put the slimer YZ fuel tank on it for a start. That will let you move around on the bike much more freely. Suspension makes all the difference as well. That is something I am still playing with on my 426.
  6. Mr Metallica

    01' WR426F Newbie

    Hi Everyone, I just bought an '01 WR426 off a freind that bought it and let it just sit in his shed unused for the past two years. I got it from him for a pitance and absolutley love the bike. It has a big pipe on it and sounds trick as. I have been out of the scene for a while and very new to these performance four strokes. Just wondering if you can point me in the direction of things I should keep an eye on, and what maintainance schedule I should try and stick to. I took the bike out for the first time on the weekend on some pretty narly bush trails. While I had a ball I think the jetting needs to be played with as it seems to idle a bit high. First impressions of the bike a great but I am thinking that if I can't get the suspension sorted out a bit better, I may trade it in on a 250F. The 426 has been fiddled with to get it to YZ spec. Not sure what this entails exactly but I know that the timing has been played with. Thanks in advance, Ride Hard, Luke Orreal
  7. Mr Metallica

    01 426..

    I too am interested in these questions. Just got my 01 426 too. Love riding it, the difference between my 125 and this thing is, well, amazing. If I can't sort out the suspension properly I may drop back to a 250F...
  8. Hi, My name is Luke Orreal and am new to these forums. They all look to provide heaps of valuable information. Now for my question. I have just bought an 01 WR426. The guy that owned it befor me was much heavier then I and I am finding that the suspension is much to hard for my considerbly smaller build. Im not really sure on how to tune the suspenion, can anyone give me any ideas? Thanks in advance, Luke EDIT: Sorry I just realised I have posted this in the wrong sub-forum. Still anyone have any ideas?