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  1. Ha... LOL... Getting a bike street legalled in Utah is a Joke (for our benefit). It entails this... Take your Title to the DMV, with a Safety inspection of the bike. The Joke portion comes from the safety inspection portion. The shop I took it to, gave it a once over, had me push the brake honk the horn and turn on the light, that's it. Didn't look over the bike much at all. Here's what I added to the bike: Brake light switch (just made one of the two stock tails into a brake operated light) A Horn, with button. Left Side mirror. That's it. Apparently no signals are required (in utah) if the bike wasn't originally equipped with them. And I think these inspection houses just assume your tires are DOT approved. Because there was no checking them out. After riding it around for a while I've decided, I'm going to add signals, cause I'm tired of being a dorky hand signaller, and I've always planned on some 80 street 20 off tires, for safety. But if anyone has ever worried about getting your bike registered in utah for street, have no worries... I wouldn't be surprised if a CR250 two stroke could get registered.
  2. Here's a picture of the little bezel that I have on my bike: http://www.motoring.co.za/index.php?fSectionId=1828&fPicId=55963 are there replacement parts for this unit somewhere online? The p ictured unit says 500 on it, I think mine says 700 but it's broken. Anyone have one for sale? And is there a wiring diagram somewhere available that has everything I need to make the indicators actually do something? Thanks again.
  3. Ok... So I've found out everything to get my bike street legal in Utah. But now I have a few questions for you guys. My bike came with a Signal/high beam indicator bezel, with a spot for what looks like a Speedometer. i bought the bike used, and this wasn't installed but I bolted it on hoping to tap into it with my dual sport kit. However I was wondering if there is a stock combo switch for blinkers etc. that would be better suited. Also did the 2002 TE570 come with a rectifier/Battery? What is the little black box bolted to the side of the steer tube, behind the headlight on the left hand side (assuming you're sitting on the bike). It's wired just before the headlight, is this just a headlight regulator to prevent headlight damage since there is no battery system? Is there a specific rectifier/battery system anyone recommends? And is the black box behind the handlebars and to the front of the gas tank maybe a little under, the ignition module of sorts? I see it has wires go into it as well, and come out. I don't have a wiring diagram for this bike some I'm kind of figuring it out on my own. Thanks for all your help... oh and patience with me Richie
  4. Thanks for all the responses... Currently I'm not getting my bike serviced anyway, but welcome any suggestions should anyone have information. And as for Motoplastics, they don't carry a Radiator cover/Side Panel/Tank cover thingy for my bike which sucks cause it's the main piece I want to change. Fenders are the easy part.
  5. Hey everyone, Haven't posted for about a year. Last fall I bought a TE570 2002, and decided it was too much bike for me on the dirt. So I'm going to dual sport it instead. But I'm not entirely sure what the ins and outs are. I was going to pop on a Baja Designs conversion, and Some Kenda K761 tires front and rear. (front: 90/90 21, rear: 120/80 18) My commute is city and only 7 miles or so. Every so often I'll do a basic trail run, nothing harsh, just double track, dirt road touring kind of stuff, so I'm not overly worried about the tire choice. Anyway on to the questions. To street legalize it, is it as simple as slapping on a headlight, blinker kit, DOT approved tires, getting it safety inspected, then filling out an application for a new title: (Corrected title)? These bikes aren't flagged for offroad use only!! period. Correct? I had a Honda XR250, and just had the dealer that I bought it from put on a baja designs kit, and title it for me, so I didn't follow the process. And the other question... Where does one aquire the Black plastics like SMR 570s roll with? I'd rather have a black and silver bike than a Blue and Yellow bike... I don't hate Michigan state or anything... I just want to be cleaner Also is there any other things I should worry about with streeting this bike? I basically let it sit for 10 months, but had no problems getting it to start up. Just took me a minute to figure out, since they have their own starting style. Also I'm located in Utah, if that makes a difference for getting it licensed. I know California is strict with EO numbers etc. but I don't think Utah is and the bike (under the number plate) says that it is equipped with a US emissions standard, low decible yadda yadda pipe. So I think the exhaust is street ready. THANKS!!! Richie
  6. The bike wasn't too much power for me... Too tall, Too heavy... I'm used to a CR250. I ride my buddies CRF450R all day no problems. I think the rake on these is too tight, it feels unstable in sand. I'd imagine if I weighed more or could touch the ground easier I wouldn't have as big of a problem. Shouldn't have ventured out and bought this bike. Thanks for the replies however.
  7. Hello everyone, I'm new around here, and after surfing the forums I decided to buy a TE570 Yesterday. Well I regret my decision, it's too much bike for me. I weigh 155lbs, and am only 5'10". I'm more of a novice dune "hopper" than a pro Dune "jumper" so I've decided after 1 day of riding to put it up for sale. This bike is Mint, there isn't even any boot wear on the frame! plastics aren't scratched and it looks new. What do you guys think I should ask? I bought it for a great deal, and wouldn't mind making a little to help go toward my new bike. 2003+ CRF450R. Thanks! Richie BTW thanks everyone who did write ups on this board about starting these bikes! I would have been lost.