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  1. I thought the same myself, I was like "why is such a small bruise causing such a huge impact??" The thing is I have a femoral rod on that side that runs from the very top of my femur to the bottom, I was missing 6cm of my femur when it was put in when I was in shock trauma. My worry was I fractured my hip socket because the pain was more intense than breaking a lot of the bones I have broken. It was similar to when I had a pinched cyiatica from crushing my rotator cuff....nerve pain is the worst. As of now, I'm starting to feel a lot better, I went to a cane yesterday, and now I can do steps on my own without any help...still am walking funny though. I'm going to look into all these, I have a ducks near by that might stock some that I could check out in person. I wish i could just say shrug it off and move on, but i have a family to feed, and I'm a Yamaha outboard technician which requires a lot of physical movement with boats and what not. Missing a weeks worth of work sucks but it's a lesson learned. If you ever dealt with a "stinger" while playing football it felt very similar. Looked more into it and it's called a "hip pointer". Dislocations and hematoma are never fun, just thankful I was able to get my bike home since I was riding by myself.
  2. I also broke 2 of my left ribs a little over a 2 months ago by taking my handlebars to my rib cage on a sketchy natural jump. I dont feel as if any chest protector or impact gear would have helped in that situation..... I had always thought I had calcium deficiency but it never showed during test. I even have "soft teeth" which is what originally made doctors think I had a calcium defiency. My wife begs I give up the sport but I'm not willing to do that. At the same time I'm the main supporter for the family and I have supplemental coverage to help with that but it doesn't kick in until Oct 1st.
  3. Sorry my damn auto correct made it into safety shorts instead of IMPACT shorts. I've never had an experience as such, I've broken my femur and have a femoral rod in place of my left femur (which is the one I low sided on). I have broken many bones, femur, both collar bones, both arms, one forearm, one tibia, and plenty of my foot bones but never my ankle or knees . I went down on my left side which I have a whole rod going through my femur but never had felt pain like this. .my adrenaline was pumping and I threw my left leg over the bike which I'm assuming popped it back in place. But the pain i felt after getting home was unreal, likebfracturing my hip socket.its gotten better over the past few days and the bruise it left was misleading....but thank God they stated i should have a short recovery time. Impact shorts are deffinitely in my future now i just want to find a quality set that fits comfortably. I know the picture doesn't look bad but I have all my left legs hardware centered there. So forget "safety shorts" I'm looking for opinions on impact shorts/under ware. Sorry about that
  4. So on Monday night I had a get off, low sided while going pretty quick and landed in a rough gravel section. I needed up having a hip subulaxtion (partial dislocation) and a really bad bone contusion on my pelvic bone area. I ride in full boots, pants, helmet, goggles, but never have ridden with impact gear. There's a lot of options out there so I'm curious to what anyone else experiences are and there preferences....
  5. Hey there, hate to be asking such a newb question but I'm wondering what tire everyone's going with in slight asphalt and heavy gravel mixed with sand. I usually ride MH3's and have been happy . I bought a dunlop geomax 71 on wholesale recently that were so quick to wear I didn't have but a few hours on it. I heard a lot about golden tyre but am not sure which one to pick. As stated short periods of asphalt, than heavy gravel and sand. I'd like a long wearing tire that holds traction if not I'll stick with my MH3'S but I'd just like to hear what else is out there
  6. Well I had put a couple hours on the stock 13/50. I ordered a 14 tooth front and have not gotten the seat time I'd like, but think the transmission will be much more suitable. If budds creek keeps grooming like they are I plan to make a run this weekend. Really wont know until I take it to the track or some tight single trail but this far I'm happy....only time will tell. I will report back. Previously I was running 13/50, now its 14/50. I'll keep you all posted
  7. So basically I traded my yz450f for a newer 250f. I did this back in August, recently moved and found out I have some trails near my house. I loved my 450, but it wore me out really quick..., finally now yesterday I took the 250f out to the local trails. I love the bike, it didn't tire me out, and felt pretty nimble while i was chasing someone on these trails they claimed to know like the back of there hand. Anyways, I find myself finding first gear pretty useless, and am hating the short shifts when I can tell the bike has enough power to pull at a different ratio. I mostly ride track, but plan to hit these trails up as often as i can on the 250f, just curious if anyone gone from a 50 tooth tear to a 49 or 48 rear? I feel as if the bike would have much more potential but would like to hear others experience?
  8. So, I traded my 11 yz450f for a 2016 yz250 that has super low hours. I placed it up for sale/trade for a supermoto or cash. Someone offered me a ktm 450sxf factory edition, says it has 65 hours on it and the bike does look pretty mint besides possibly a new front knobby in the near future. I am not familiar with KTMs at all.... so I would like to hear some personal input. My main plan is to try to make it street legal for dual purpose around here, or just straight track it. What's the ups and downs of the 14's? Do you have a love or hate relationship with your 14? I've always wanted to own a ktm, but dont want to make a choice I may regret.
  9. Currently have a basically new 250f and a 7 month old son. I have been looking for a street legal dual sport bike or something similar but finally cam across a decent trade for my 250f for a newer ktm 450f (similar years) assuming everything is good mechanically with the bike, how hard is it to street legal an mx bike in maryland? Has anyone done it? What did it consist of? I know its possible....I pulled up at the local dealership 3 days ago and a guy pulled up street legal kx450f. Briefly talked to him but he was in a rush. So does anyone have some input for me here?
  10. kxfreak

    What happened here?

    I find this quite interestesting....can you please explain the difference between a 250 and a 450 valve shim? As far as I know they share the same.... some models may differ but my yz450f and my yz250f share the same shim diameter. Everything else said in this post I agree with, but than again I've never owned a 5 valve 4 stroke......
  11. Looking for people in the annapolis/pasadena maryland area. I know a few trails around here but I also like to ride track every Sunday which has been hard since I've had my first son. I have the truck if you' like to come to the track..just prefer to have a buddy with me in case something bad were to happen. Always looking for people to bash bars with...reply here or PM me. Budds creek is only a little more than an hour from me.
  12. I literally threw away my paper which had my exact numbers written down yesterday since I'm cleaning out the garage and were moving. But I can tell you one of my intake valves was right at/above .12mm, and one was right around .11mm. My exhaust were about .17mm and .19. Luckily I have the hot cams shim kit, but they were the factory shims installed because they were all sizes in between you get in aftermarket kits....most aftermarket kits come in .5mm shim intervals. I'e got them all within spec but will be checking them again when I do the top end in 20 or so hours. All clearances were tight though, that' for sure. I did hook my GYTR tuner up and saw 44 hours I believe, which the bike doesn' look like it even has that on it. Going by appearance I would have guessed the bike had less than 10 hours on it, the engine covers still have almost all the factory paint and the frame has no boot marks ( one day at the track and my frame looks rubbed to death). Supposedly the bike was ridden lightly through trails by the kids 50 year old father who was willing to step up to a 450 while i was looking to step back down to a 250. Only issues on the bike I saw was a slightly leaking fork seal which I'm pretty sure my seal saver fixed but I'm going to replace the suspension fluid anyways. I can' wait to finish moving this weekened so I can take this bike to the track for the first time next weekened.....hopefully.
  13. kxfreak

    Thanks Dave J- Smart Performance!!!

    Is contacting Dave the only way to get the SMART suspension oils? I went to a local guy last year the only uses Dave's kit and I had no clue he used the SPI products until I went to pick up my suspension and he handed me all the old parts and the SPI papers. I also lenses him a hand finishing my shock and saw him install the oil. I just reached out to Dave via email, hoping I'll hear back. Worst case my local suspension guru only charged me $550 For the co.plete rebuild, install of the SPI kits, and fluid. I might just go back to him worst case. I had an 11 yz450f at the time and I was completely amazed with the performance of the rear shock, I've never felt anything better, the forks were OK, but I think my definition of lower B rider/ upper c rider was different than his. Anyways, I'd like to service my suspension and am considering this route.
  14. I too am curious about this topics. Recently traded my fully built 11 yz450f for a stock 16 yz250f with 40 ish hours. I did the valves, almost all 4 were out of spec bike was supposedly trail ridden by the gentleman's father. Barely any scratches or marks on the frame from hugging tight with boots, so I don' doubt it. Seeing as I just did the valve clearances do you think I should be good to push it to 60 before a fresh piston and cam chain? I find it funny no one sees the CC tensioners fail, on my Yamaha r6 they were only good for about 16,000 miles before they started to fail and allow a tooth to jump on a downshift. Regardless if I could enjoy this bike for 20 or so hours before I tear into it that'd be great because I haven't had a chance to track ride it yet (even though I adjusted the clearences).
  15. kxfreak

    PLEASE HELP ME! Yz250f not starting

    I know you've said you'e checked the timing twice....and I'm not putting this our there trying to be rude because I had a similar situation happen to me and I'm a mechanic. For some reason there seems to be 2 marks on the flywheel, make sure your at the right one, take the plug out and drop a screwdriver into the hole to make sure your at TDC, sounds silly, but happened to me and bike showed very similar symptoms and I was blessed I didn' damage anything.