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  1. Looking for people in the annapolis/pasadena maryland area. I know a few trails around here but I also like to ride track every Sunday which has been hard since I've had my first son. I have the truck if you' like to come to the track..just prefer to have a buddy with me in case something bad were to happen. Always looking for people to bash bars with...reply here or PM me. Budds creek is only a little more than an hour from me.
  2. I literally threw away my paper which had my exact numbers written down yesterday since I'm cleaning out the garage and were moving. But I can tell you one of my intake valves was right at/above .12mm, and one was right around .11mm. My exhaust were about .17mm and .19. Luckily I have the hot cams shim kit, but they were the factory shims installed because they were all sizes in between you get in aftermarket kits....most aftermarket kits come in .5mm shim intervals. I'e got them all within spec but will be checking them again when I do the top end in 20 or so hours. All clearances were tight though, that' for sure. I did hook my GYTR tuner up and saw 44 hours I believe, which the bike doesn' look like it even has that on it. Going by appearance I would have guessed the bike had less than 10 hours on it, the engine covers still have almost all the factory paint and the frame has no boot marks ( one day at the track and my frame looks rubbed to death). Supposedly the bike was ridden lightly through trails by the kids 50 year old father who was willing to step up to a 450 while i was looking to step back down to a 250. Only issues on the bike I saw was a slightly leaking fork seal which I'm pretty sure my seal saver fixed but I'm going to replace the suspension fluid anyways. I can' wait to finish moving this weekened so I can take this bike to the track for the first time next weekened.....hopefully.
  3. Is contacting Dave the only way to get the SMART suspension oils? I went to a local guy last year the only uses Dave's kit and I had no clue he used the SPI products until I went to pick up my suspension and he handed me all the old parts and the SPI papers. I also lenses him a hand finishing my shock and saw him install the oil. I just reached out to Dave via email, hoping I'll hear back. Worst case my local suspension guru only charged me $550 For the co.plete rebuild, install of the SPI kits, and fluid. I might just go back to him worst case. I had an 11 yz450f at the time and I was completely amazed with the performance of the rear shock, I've never felt anything better, the forks were OK, but I think my definition of lower B rider/ upper c rider was different than his. Anyways, I'd like to service my suspension and am considering this route.
  4. I too am curious about this topics. Recently traded my fully built 11 yz450f for a stock 16 yz250f with 40 ish hours. I did the valves, almost all 4 were out of spec bike was supposedly trail ridden by the gentleman's father. Barely any scratches or marks on the frame from hugging tight with boots, so I don' doubt it. Seeing as I just did the valve clearances do you think I should be good to push it to 60 before a fresh piston and cam chain? I find it funny no one sees the CC tensioners fail, on my Yamaha r6 they were only good for about 16,000 miles before they started to fail and allow a tooth to jump on a downshift. Regardless if I could enjoy this bike for 20 or so hours before I tear into it that'd be great because I haven't had a chance to track ride it yet (even though I adjusted the clearences).
  5. I know you've said you'e checked the timing twice....and I'm not putting this our there trying to be rude because I had a similar situation happen to me and I'm a mechanic. For some reason there seems to be 2 marks on the flywheel, make sure your at the right one, take the plug out and drop a screwdriver into the hole to make sure your at TDC, sounds silly, but happened to me and bike showed very similar symptoms and I was blessed I didn' damage anything.
  6. Well here it is, the 120/80 tire. Looks good from either side but from the back I can tell it' going to smack the stock exhaust. Whatever, depending how bad it gets it' just another reason to upgrade to an AM exhaust All my local shops wanted $140+ for a rear tire, didn' even ask for the brand since that' all they offered. I have to move out of my house in a week so I slapped the 120 on just for the sake of transferring the bike to my new house.
  7. Just curious if anyone' been rising at budda creek for open practice. Wondering of it' all bikes all at once or different classes. Looking to make the trip here shortly to try out the new bike.
  8. Anyone in the DMV want to ride, I'm more than willing if it fits my schedule.  I love MX BUT am also open to trail rides. 

  9. I completely agree. The fastest I ever rode was when I was on my 05 yz125 (first year of the aluminum frame I believe) and I could ride really, really hard and aggessive on it without the bike fighting me. Now I was also getting in 4 days of riding a week at that time so my body was use to it. I still have good form only thing I find myself struggling with was holding on tight enough with my legs (if you looked at my 450's frame you' swear I was holding on for dear life with my legs though) the next 2-3 weeks look like shitty weather here unless I can get a day off and make it to buds for open practice. The 450 I absolutely loved in the woods, even at fast pace, but the mx track was a whole different story and inside lines were really tough for me. Another issue I kept finding myself dealing with was trying to ride my 450 like the 2 strokes I grew up on, using the clutch alot causing myself excess arm pump. When I get to the track next time I'll post an update, but I know the 250f is plenty of power for my local tracks even though they have some big features......i just don' know if I have big enough balls anymore knowing everything I risk hurting myself when I'm out there for pleasure
  10. I might try to mount it and see how it feels. My main concern is running it at a higher psi to keep the rubbing to a minimum. The bike has a 110 on there now. I rememer running a 120 on my 05 yz125 years ago and was happy, but I was also 30 lbs lighter at the time. But at that point I was riding 3-4 times a week and was really use to the bike. Now I ride once s week, or once every 3 weeks dependent on weather and that takes it' toll. I' in the gym bit nothing makes up for seat time
  11. Hey guys, just curious as to if anyone here runs a 120 on there 250f? If so how do you like it and is there clearance issues with rubbing the exhaust? Only reason I ask is because I have a brand new 120/80-19 left over from when I just traded my 450 and am considering throwing it on but wanted to hear others thoughts on it.
  12. I don't doubt that statement at all. But I'm also just a weekened warrior and am not going to say I'm super fast, just try to go quick enough to be smooth, safe, and clear all the jumps ( atleast on my 450). The 250f I just got had 40 hours on it, looked brand new, but the valve clearances had never been done and they were almost comptely out of spec....they were as tight as the manual states they could be on both intake and exhaust side. Luckily re shimming them doesn' take long. I also don't get to put very many hours on my bikes due to my current situation so I always seems to have tons of tinker time, just not many days that I can load up and hit the track especially since the closest track shuts down for 3 months during winter.
  13. Yea my 450 was no doubt intimidating. K could slop in corners, roll the throttle and clear jumps people were struggling to clear. My problem is.....like stated befkre, 4 laps and I was beat. Also my 11 yz450 wasn' known as the best handling machine out there. It had more power than I guarantee 90% of riders could handle. It was damn near fully built besides factory suspension, I had a local guru do the work and I had never felt a better rear shock, but could never get the front dialed in. I try to stay in the best physical shape, he'l my job is physically demanding and I'm no where near out of shape, but there is no substitute for seat time weather it' cardio or weights and I just done have the time to ride as often as I use to. The funny thing is the 250 is actually taller seat height wise than my 450 because I had the WR link on it. Everything looks good on the bike, I loaded the MXA map aswell, only thing I think I need to do is put fresh oil in the forks and shocks, do a track ride and go from there. I don' regret stepping down....so it's not a case of myself being too late, I was just curious as to if anyone else had a beneficial experience doi ng the same thing. Maybe one day I'll get back on a 450, but my ego isn' hurt, I could care less if it was. I drive 1 hr to the track, if I can get 10-20 extra laps in on the 250f than I'll be happy....its just a shame my local MX track is closed for winter break until march.
  14. I hate to be the pessimistic person in the bunch.....but than again I've never been to MMI or other institutes. I work in the marine mechanic (boat mechanic) field....and just at my last job we'e had 3 different guys that went to this school' that couldn' make the cut..come the end of the year. Now boats are very different from bikes, every single one is different, even if it came off the line right behind the last. From what I've "seen" the schools teach you basic mechanical knowledge and show you everything on a bench, in perfect shape, ready to go. The difference is when your actually in the field, nothing's perfect, you have to find and diagnose other issues, it' not laid put on a bench for you to find, and etc.... now like I said I never went to school, I started at the bottom, expressed interest, and got actual schooling and certifications from there. The real trick is finding the company that's willing to push you and send you to the actual schools. The MMI and stuff is good for basic knowledge IMO but not in real life experiences.
  15. Yes well I ride only MX. That was my worry, the 250 wouldn' have the pull my 450 did. With the way the weather looks I won't be able to make it to the track for 2 or 3 weeks. I loved my 450, but pulling off the track after 3 laps had my ego hurt....no lie.im hoping to get this bike dialed in but I have no problem saying the 450 was a bit much for me.....it was there when I needed it but it also made me shit my pants when I didnt. My local MX track grooms the track twice a day, it was built by dirt worx. I basically went from a 125 to a 450 over a few years (6 to be exact). I'l update with a go pro footy. My local track has it laid out for smaller bikes to have a winning chance. There's 2 kids on 85's blowing by everyone, 2 kids on 125's you' swear were pros. I loved my 450, I rode lazy but it tired me out. I'm hoping the 250f makes me ride more as if I was on my older yz125