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  1. jimr80gs


    Why not consider a new DR? Bigger tank on the KLR?
  2. jimr80gs

    Throttle maintenance help

    I'm sure you've checked this but... If dropped on right side, make sure the throttle "sleeve" hasn't been bottomed out on the bar, ie throttle pushed farther up on the bar. We get this in MSF classes some, and students just complain it won't turn easy. Jim
  3. jimr80gs

    Gal with a xr400r

    Try this, well established technique,and for much heavier bikes. When the guys drop their bike in the BRC 2 or ERC they all use this method. http://www.ibmwr.org/otech/pickup.html Google around "picking up motorcycle" if you want video or other ways of explaining. Good luck, and welcome to the board.
  4. jimr80gs

    96 DR650, no lights, no start

    Thanks for all the advise guys. $50 later, for a new battery, it runs. I found my records, dead battery was 3 years old. After talking to a buddy, who is a good mechanic, I told me what probably killed it was all the stops and starts over the course of Sat, and possible the battery not fully charging before the next start. Oh well, at 3 years old the battery was due to be replaced anyway, I had forgotten to write the install date on the old one when I put it in.
  5. jimr80gs

    96 DR650, no lights, no start

    pacaver, thanks for reminding me to tell the back story. When escorting bicyclist we filter by them pretty quickly, my average speed was around 60 mph - we pass them at the center line if on coming traffic and only one or two cyclist, we slow down if the cyclist have a pace line. After the cyclist got to their overnight spot, I and three others rode back home 60ish miles, at 70-75 mph. Even with the battery terminals cleaned and battery tender showing green, the lights consistantly come on when the key is turned on, but as soon as I touch the start button, one click and lights die, and don't come back on with key off and on, I'm waiting again.
  6. jimr80gs

    96 DR650, no lights, no start

    Thanks Shady, the lights go out when I touch the started, and don't come back on for a bit, 45-60 minutes of having the key off. One loud click when I touch the starter and lights out.
  7. jimr80gs

    96 DR650, no lights, no start

    Thanks pacaver, would it have failed over night though, it ran great Sat? I did think to clean the terminals and cables to a shiny finish, and now have the battery tender hooked up directly.
  8. jimr80gs

    96 DR650, no lights, no start

    Please help, I’m stumped. 96 DR650 ran great Sat on bicycle ride MC escort, lots of stops and starts and around 250 miles. Sunday morning, nothing; confirmed kill switch wasn’t pushed and thought maybe I accidently left key on overnight. Ok, moved DR out of the way, and took another bike for the Sunday escorting. I do have a service manual, (but am weak at electrical, so read and attempt to follow) but since no lights, etc when key is turned on, battery is fully charged, 12.5. I know about the clutch and side stand issues, which I’ve never modified since it was never an issue, yeah yeah. I did the clutch wire plugging, no change. Reset it too stock so as to not impact original issue. Turned key back on, pulled clutch in a time or two, and I’ve got LIGHTS! Pushed the started once, got one clear CLICK, no lights. Key off, back on, nothing. However, if I wait a bit the lights might come on after pulling clutch in a time or two. Back to switching clutch safety wires around, no lights nor does pulling clutch work like before so put wiring back into stock format. I have not messed with the side stand wiring since I don’t want to introduce new variables at this point. Help! I have read this thread carefully since it includes the clutch problem. http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=786237
  9. jimr80gs

    Edison approach to alerantive XR400 carbs

    I've got a 96 DR650, stock, sitting in the garage, what do you need? Carb is still attached, it that matters. Per my Suzuki manual, it's a bst40s - single S. Jim
  10. jimr80gs

    Looking for a decent windshield for 05 DR650SE

    I've seen this one only on the web http://www.ceebaileys.com/suzuki/dr650z400ws.html