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    Polaris Predator 50 Crankcase-Where to buy?

    ANyone know where to buy this part at a better rate?
  2. Hi guys/gals, I picked up an 04 pred 50 2 smoker for my son and unfortunately the guy I bought it from was less than forthcoming. The crankcase is broke where the two bolts for the swingarm mounting plate bolt to it. Anyone else have this problem? Also I am seeing a huge variation in prices for this piece. Cheapest for OEM is about 280. Anyone know if any of the chinese knockoff stuff works or if the Taiwanese stuff can be bought for cheaper and from where? I wasn't sure if this bike was made in Taiwan like I've heard some say or if its built here??? I've seen some of the Taiwanese cases for 60 bucks but not sure if they swap directly or not?? Thanks for the help!