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  1. one2many

    WORST Day of My LIFE!!!!!

    +1 You have a long life ahead of you. It gets worse.... I do hope you get your bike sorted though.
  2. one2many

    Should I buy a '03 WR 250?

    Sounds like my story. I bought an 03 WR250 about two years ago as my first ever dirt bike and it's been the best investment I've ever made. I try to ride it every weekend:ride: I paid $2500 for mine and it wasn't well maintained. I did some research on here and after doing some simple maintance and doing all the free mods the bike runs nearly perfect:thumbsup: Just my 2 cents from a guy who's been where you are now. If this is your first dirt bike stick with the 250. You will enjoy the ride so much more. All the guys I ride with have 450's or 250 two smokes and I don't have any problems keeping up. When I wear out this WR250F I WILL buy another one. This is a fantastic bike:ride:
  3. one2many

    Fat calves, need boots

    Awesome response I really appreciate all the input. Looks like I have two boots to choose from now. The SG10's and the Oxtar TXC's. I have narrow feet so the TXC's might work as well. I can get the SG10's for around $300 and the Oxtar TXC'c for $165 from rockymoto.com ( formily know as newenoughmx.com).
  4. one2many

    Fat calves, need boots

    I did a search and went thru 8 pages and didn't find what I was looking for. Damnit! I bet it was on that ninth page:p So far it seems the SG10's are the way to go. I did consider the Sidi's but I tried thier street boots and didn't like them.
  5. I've got fat calves and need new boots. I've been using Fox Trackers but I have such a hard time buckling them the buckles are breaking. There is no where for me to try on boots so I come to you lot for answers. The three main boots I am considering are the Alpinestars Tech 6, Gaerne SG10, and Oxtar TCX Comp boot. I've done the searches here and on the web and all three of these boots have got great reviews but there has been no mention of the calf area. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  6. one2many

    2006 WR values

    Did I miss a few calender days? You never get your money back from mods.
  7. one2many

    I couldn't be happier

    A little over a year 1/2 I bought a used 2003 WR250F for $2000. I don't think the previous owner knew anything about preventitive maintenance because the bike was in sorry shape. It barely ran but after some quick research on TT I got it running like a top in short order. I did all the free mods too. I'm 38 years old and have been riding sportbikes since I was 18. Until I purchased the WR I had never even ridden a dirtbike. It's alot harder than I thought it would be but man am I hooked! I can't believe I waited this long to try it. In the year 1/2 I've been riding I've got to sample a CRF450F, KTM 450 & a KTM 300 2 stroke, and a KDX200. Though I really liked the KDX I'm certain the WR250F is the right bike for me. I do not regret buying this bike at all and wil buy another one when I wear this out. My learning curve has been steep but I'm still having fun. I've broken a few ribs last year and have banged my knee up real good too. Luckly the bike is very crash worthy. Other than the free mods the bike is mostly stock. It had hand guards on it when I bought it and the owner had guted the stock pipe. I bought a stock YZ pipe on ebay to quite it down but I had to replace that one with an FMF pipe that has a spark arrester. The "MAN" hasseled me about that and wouldn't let me ride until I got a spark arrester. Anyway, just wanted to say hi and I'm ready to ride Baja:thumbsup: LOL!
  8. one2many

    2003 wr250 reviews

    What kind of price is he asking? Was it well maintained? If you feel like you're getting a good deal then buy the bike, do the free mods and ride the piss out of it. The bike is a blast to ride!
  9. one2many

    Gonna sell my trusty wr250....$$?

    I bought a stock 03 in november for $2300. It looked like it was hardley ridden. I guess I got a good deal
  10. one2many

    New Guy

    Though my Husky motard (yes I will get one ) won't see any whoops I do appreciate the edumacation on the two bikes. Who knows though, this could lead to an off road bike. I have two atv's and my eight year old girl has an XR-50 and a new CRF-70F so pappa might need a dirt bike too. First things first and will be making a call to the Husky dealer in Memphis tomarrow. Wish me luck but I have a sinking feeling it will be a case of hurry up and wait. Bigbob, thanks for setting me straight
  11. one2many

    New Guy

    Thanks man, that's exactly the kind of stuff I was looking for. I read alot of your posts on Speedzilla and saw your Dyno graphs with the LoeVince pipe and the power is impressive on the Husky. I can change the oil no problem, I've never checked vavle clearance on anything but I'm not a total meat puppet so I can learn. Passion was mentioned earlier about motorcycles. We all have it or we wouldn't be here. I'm still trying to get a roof back on my house after Katrina really tore my crap up. Yet here I am stressing over what bike to buy instead. I guess I got it bad too. So I've made my decission and will bide my time till the Husky gets here. I'm told the boats in the water but the waiting really sucks. It makes you second guess yourself which truth be told is probably the reason I posted this thread up in the first place. Besides, anyone can walk into thier local Suzuki dealer and find a DRZ-SM sitting on the showroom floor and buy it right then. Something you have to wait for, must be worth the wait....
  12. one2many

    New Guy

    Awesome threads Eric Thanks for the info Dukepilot has a great step-by-step on removing all the emissons crap
  13. one2many

    New Guy

    Thanks for the encouragement Charlie The DRZ is a good $2000 cheaper than the Husky. And I won't even depress you with how much cheaper our fuel and insurance is than yours Ride on Rick
  14. one2many

    New Guy

    I was under the impression that both of these bikes are based off of dirt bikes, that's why the post here. Passion, yeah, that's what motorcycling is all about. That's the sole reason I bought my SV1000S when it wasn't a very popular bike. Maybe I'm just overthinking this whole thing. I should just buy the bike and ride eh P.S. Buy the bike IF I can find the bike....
  15. one2many

    New Guy

    Educate me Dukepilot. Why would it be an easy decision? What's the pros and cons of the two bikes? What do you mean by "a little more attention"? I'm used to riding street bikes, change the oil, lube the chain, and ride the piss out of it until the next day. I understand bigger motor = more power and no one can argue that the Husky is a dead sexy looking bike over the dated looking DRZ-SM. But if you could expand on your comments a little more I would appreciate that. Now I didn't mean to upset you. I know some people can take the internet a little to serious at times so be gentle on the FGN. But you have to admit, if you stood in a room with 100 Husky riders and asked them why you should ride thier bike and only a couple gave the nod you would rethink that purchase too. I want the Husky but I don't know anything about it. Like everyone, I don't want to buy a POS and regret it down the road. I don't know anyone that has that kind of money to throw around so here I am asking the guys that ride the bikes for thier input.