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  1. sloppychicken

    1st oil change on used bike, filter was backwards

    The spring was actually sticking out the the inlet on the filter so it was actually pushing the recessed end of the filter toward the inlet cover. With no scoring on the cam lobes, I think I'm okay.
  2. sloppychicken

    1st oil change on used bike, filter was backwards

    Has a pissing match inssued?
  3. sloppychicken

    1st oil change on used bike, filter was backwards

    Pulled the valve cover and found no scoring on the cam lobes. I went to check the clearance on my valves; I couln't get the feeler gauge in between the valve and the rocker arm on the intake and I was able to get a much larger feeler gauge inbetween the cam and the valve. I'm geussing they need to be adjusted. Yes/No? I also checked my compression and I'm at 55 psi. The manual says I should be at 65 psi. The valve train is louder than before, im sure of that.
  4. sloppychicken

    1st oil change on used bike, filter was backwards

    Thanks for the replys. The trans side was actually clean when i drained it so I think I'm okay on that side. Why do you think the valve train would be noisy now and not before? Can there be apparent noises when the valves need to be adjusted? This sucks a$$!
  5. I started servicing the 02 I bought. I found the oil filter with the spring stuck in the side of filter with the seal and it was inserted with the seal toward the inside of the motor. According to the manual and from what I could tell, the part of the filter with the seal is supposed to be pointing out with the spring on the engine side of the filter pushing out on it to help with the seal. Correct me if I'm wrong. Not that I think I have the filter in correctly, I'm getting more noise from the top end of my motor. Before the change it was quiet, now it sounds like I'm in need of a valve adjustment. Does that seem possible? or could it be that I'm using Rotella Synthetic 5W-40 and need to use 15W-40? Any help appreciated. After I started the bike to let it warm up, I watched the oil in the level window go from clean to dirty in a matter of seconds. Dirty oil was swirling with the clean oil until it eventually blended. I cranked the back 5+ times with the drain plug out to remove the oil. DId I miss something or is this normal?
  6. sloppychicken

    Toss up on Boots, Opinions

    Thanks for the replies. You've shed some light on the subject for me and I think i'm going to go the Tech 6 or 8 route. Anyone else have any other sites that sell them cheap? BTW, This forum kicks a$$ when it comes to replies and applicable information. Thanks.
  7. I'm just getting back into riding after a 7 year break and have to buy new gear. I don't have a ton of cash so I'm going inexpensive on most of the stuff I'm buying. I'm looking at the MSR MXT Boots and the Fox Racing Tracker Boots. Any opinions are appreciated. Am I going too cheap? I live in SW Utah and most of my riding is trail and sand. Thanks in advance for your comments. Later Dayz