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  1. The article is weak, just recomendations clipped from the bike test and build articles in earlier issues, nothing fresh. The don't specify PC, but do advocate an aftermarket pipe over the stocker. The image is a PC plated pipe of course.
  2. For the effort and engineering to do this right, I can think of better options than an air cooled 490. Search this forum for swap info, most do a 250, but it will give you an idea of the challenges of a swap.
  3. DND

    Knee braces

    A few things from my experience 1. Have a chat with someone qualified in the Sports Med field about proper protection for the concerns you have given a previous injury. Ensure you discuss the specifics of your sport. MX differs from other sports in the stress placed on the knee plus the potential for blunt trauma. 2. Armed with that knowledge get a quality fitting for those braces that meet your requirements. The above Sports Med person should be able to make a recommendation as to where to go. Bring your boots and socks for this. If you don't already wear above the knee socks, get a pair. 3. Spend some time in the various braces that meet your needs and test them for comfort. If they hurt you won't wear them. 4. That usually narrows your options down considerably and ensures you get what you're looking for. 5. As you've already incurred an injury you may be able to get a prescription for braces and have a medical program help offset the cost. For what it is worth my wife wears Asterisk braces and is happy with them after the above process. I'm still in my custom CTI's so I'm no help there. Cheers, Dave
  4. DND

    Smart Performance

    How many of your friends have tried Dave's suspension and therefore have an informed opinion? I've used many different companies and will say this - Dave's product is great and his customer service/post delivery support is even better. As for his product being only for slow and or desert riding, not a chance. Like MIllerman mentioned above, be upfront with your weight, skill and what you want to feel differently or don't like about your current set up and Dave will deliver. When it comes time to have more work done I won't even hesitate to go back to Dave.
  5. There are no words, but our thoughts and prayers are with you and yours.
  6. DND

    2009 Price

    Thanks! Yes, the dealer swapped no cost, seat included. In fact I was shopping around for a blue one before all the dealers had their '09 bikes on the floor, just sleds in the winter up here. The lady at the dealer I bought from said we have an '09 in white, but can make it blue. So I wound up with a blue/black bike without even working them. Needless to say I've found my dealer. I've been back and the white/silver bike is gone so someone must have bought it.
  7. DND

    2009 Price

    I did exactly that, bought a white SE and had the dealer swap on blue plastic. Plus I'm proud and shameless which is a dangerous combination, so here it is....
  8. Thanks Dave, for both the complements and the suspension work. When I finally decided to get back in to riding, I knew I'd require some nice suspension based on the condition of my wrist. After discussions with DaveJ and plenty of online research here I decided to give his system a try. As we were ironing out the final details he presented the opportunity for the DLC legs. Given my requirements I decided to give a set a try, after all I was looking for any advantage I could get with the goal being plushness. Having ridden this stuff I can definitely say I have what I was looking for. Now, is that due to the DLC legs or Dave's secret suspension fluid formula and valving technology or a combination thereof? I can't make that call. I just know I can now ride without pain and am back in the saddle for the sport I thought was no longer an option. For that I say it was money well spent. Thanks Dave and I'll definitely be back for more work in the future for any bike I or my wife have.
  9. DND

    Who has the nicest Yamaha?

    If you're referring to mine, I didn't do anything, it just went that way with the heat. Same here so I bought an SE edition and had the dealer swap on the blue plastic, no charge.
  10. DND

    Who has the nicest Yamaha?

    I'm pleased with how mine is coming along.........
  11. Wow, a month has passed since I promised pics. Better late than never, right? Haven't had much more time to ride lately, but again I'll reiterate this is by far the best controlled set up I've ever ridden. Plush when needed, which is often for my aged joints, but still able to damp the big hits which are getting more common as I get back into the swing of things. I had a broken wrist back in the day which forced me to stop racing. A few attempts on friend's bikes in the mid '90s were too uncomfortable to consider buying a bike. Here we are 17 years later and with Dave's suspension I am back in the game and considering a Vet class return to the track. Just don't tell my wife. Thanks Dave and expect an incoming email regarding setting up a new WR250F for my wife with with a short inseam.
  12. Thanks Dave! I've got about an hour on everything so far. Unfortunately work and home duties have been getting in the way of fun. I'll say this so far though. This is by far the plushest suspension I've ever ridden. I haven't even touched the clickers yet from what Dave set everything at, just set the sag and went. My track is still in the formative stages with one significant step up built (4th gear to clear on the 450), a few natural rollers and some mild choppy bits. This is my first bike after a 17 year absence and I understand things have changed a bit but WOW this stuff is great. More to come as I get back into the swing of things as I'd forgotten what a workout MX can be. I'll come up with some pics soon. Don't know if I'm ready to be modeling again just yet, my technique may be a bit rusty.
  13. Nice, very nice Dave. No I'm not so patiently waiting for Canada Customs to finish having their way with the package you recently sent my way.
  14. Disabled for maintenance is the message I received.