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  1. I have checked the vent hose, its in perfect condition, no pinch or anything. How else do i check pressure in the gearbox, other than the crankcase vent hose.
  2. Where can i get this ? I am staying in Singapore
  3. Currently my clutch loses pressure at high revs, high speed & high temperature i assume 1) I have checked the breather hose, there was nothing wrong with it, ther is pressure coming out through the airfilter end of the hose. What is piston ring blowby? 2) I have change like 2 O-rings in the past 2 days to try to resolve this issue but to no avail. What is X ring or Quad ring? 3) Bike was'nt dropped b4 the problem arised. The weird thing is the problem arised only after my first bleeding of the clutch fluid. I using Magura Blood, have bleed the system at least 3-4 times using the syringe also. Cant seem to solve the clutch from loosing pressure, clutch biting point is ever changing and in-consistent.
  4. Anyone has any solution to the above mentioned issue? I am facing the same problem right after i bleed the magura clutch system. tried flushing the system and other methods but still to no avail
  5. Which yamaha model bike pegs fits? anyone tried before?
  6. I tried to do a search for Fastway for my bike, but the part numbers available at TT store only have for 99-03 ones.
  7. I googled this http://www.adaptx.co.uk/spec_SUPERMOTO.html. Looks nice but is very expensive, my SMR 510 crashed and the pegs are bent pretty badly, am looking for replacements. Anyone has other options other than those found in the stickies? Read somewhere that yamaha pegs fit wif some mods?
  8. It is something that is used during HOLESHOTS in races, this device will dis-engage the next moment u do hard-braking for the first corner. You misunderstood the purpose of this device, not meant to keep your drz wheelieing permanently.
  9. Simple bolt-on item that prevents wheelying off the start. It compresses the forks down, then releases easily and automatically when the forks are compressed under braking
  10. Bought it over ebay, the brand is OUTLAW
  11. I have sucessfully fitted one on my 06 SM. It is from one that Fits RM125 01-05,RM250 05-05,RMZ 04-05,RMZ450 05. Hope this info will help those who are lookin for one which fits.
  12. Managed to get my hands on this piece of mitsubishi made yosh box. Now i need Oversized Valves and Heavier Valve springs for that 11k rpm right? Any suggestions other than RHC? RHC dun reply my mails, i cant possible get any stuff from them. My DRZ 06 SM current mods are : Yoshi RS-3 Ti full system, Yoshi Clutch kit, Lukes Racing 450 kit, Hotcams In/Out stage 2, FCR 39mm with Stage 2 dynojet kit, K & N air Filter with 3x3 mod, will be adding in the Yoshi 11k CDI to sum it up.
  13. Thanks eddie, sorry threaded vacuum holes at which area u mean?
  14. Anyone knows whether the Cylinder head for DRZ, isit the same as those on Z400, KFX, dvx, LTZ ... etc ?
  15. I have tried to email RHC several times to get quotation for some porting and bigger valves job done, but either they are too busy or cannot be bothered to reply someone from Singapore.