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  1. rbkouki

    2-strokes How to ride?

    He aint lying, haha. I went from a 4 stroke and almost immediatly I damn near launched the bike right out from under my ass. It took me a while before I even felt like i had control of the bike, its so light and nimble yet incredibly powerful. A 250 2 stroke will climb up anything, no scratch that, a 250 2 stroke will throw your ass up anything. I can be cruising and at the bottom of a jump just give it a small twist of the throttle and its up and over no problem. I have also found that a seat on a 2 stroke is completely useless, guess thast why they are so uncomfortable, figured no one would ever use em. I ride a friends YZ426 from time to time and honestly as far as handling, power, and just the feel of the bike aint got nothing on my 250, in the trails or on the track. My advice is just take it easy at 1st.
  2. rbkouki

    Bark Busters

    I have the Powermadd wraps, their good if you use your own bolts for the clamps. I snapped both the bolts that came with them in less than 20 minutes on the trails. Other than that they are good, plus they have a warranty.
  3. rbkouki

    post pics of your trails and/or track

    East Tennessee behind my house This is just a few pics of the roughly 1200 acres of trails.
  4. rbkouki

    Acerbis 3.3 tank???

    Why would anyone use a 3 gallon tank that you cant get to the plug on when you can use a 3.1 with easy access?
  5. eleveation ranges from around 1300 to as high as 2800 ft in some places around. The previous day I had tuned it so it was just above being too lean to wind out, but the temp difference teh next day made it alot leaner so the top end wasnt as responsive. Next tuesday Im going to the MX track, more tuning time.
  6. rbkouki

    Leftover 05 and 06 yz 250's

    Haha those dealer prices are rediculous. I didnt pay anywhere near that for my 06 YZ. Granted I had to assemble it but I can handle that to save almost a grand off dealer prices (maybe more depending on the dealer). The local Yammie shop here had a rust covered 03 the ywanted 4600 for, thats just plain retarted. I shudder to think what they would want for a brand spankin new bike. You have the internet, put it to good use.
  7. rbkouki

    YZ 250/426 E.TN Trail riding pics

    Johnson city, I guess its kinda public. Most folks dont know about em, Ive ben riding up there for a couple years and rarely even see anyone else there. Maybe a couple rednecks out there drinking beer on ATV's soemtimes. We pretty much just make our own trails when we get bored of the ones we have. These pics dont even show 1/100 of the trails. If yo uever wanna go up there just get in touch Alphasr20@yahoo.com, and Ill send you my number or something.
  8. Just a couple of pics from the trails down from my house.. Im on the 250 and my buddy is on the 426.
  9. Well I took the bike out yesterday and ran it for about 6 hours, through mud, up hills, and dropped it probably at least 20 times and it never even so much as sputtered like it was gonna foul a plug. I think I was probably running it just a bit lean, it didnt feel as strong on the top end as it did when I was fouling plugs, but I rarely hit the high rpms in it anyway, unless I was at the MX section of the trail. The temps were around 40 degrees in the shady stuff so the low temps might have been the reason it was a tad lean but im just happy I didnt have to change a single plug all day.
  10. rbkouki

    My 2000 Yamaha YZ426F

    Nice M3, oh and the bike is nice too.
  11. I mixed up some 32:1 and put it in and put the carb back to the factory settings. At 1st it was way lean, i mean when you try to give it throttle it almost wont go, this was with the pilot screw one turn out, I eventually ended up leaving at just a touch below 1.5 turns out and It responds nice, doesnt break up under throttle at all and I let it idle for about 15-20 minutes. When I checked the plug there was a touch of wetness around the rim but the electrode and all were dry. The plug I took out of the bike before I changed the needle clip was soaked. I guess the true test will be tomorrow when I get it on the trail, I have a box of plugs to take just in case, haha.
  12. See now thats what the guy at the bike shop said. He said unless I was riding like R.C. then I would always foul plugs with a 32"1 mixture that I should run 50:1.
  13. Yeah if it stills fouls plugs after all is said and done that will be my next step I think, a 45 on the pilot.