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    let's make a nice first post . I think 4 countries could have deserved the win in the MXDN this year. In Alfabetical order: Belgium, France, NZ, and USA. Reasons: Belgium: Actually the most consistent team, regarding finishing positions. In matter of fact, if the worst result of the team wasn't to be scraped from the final results, Belgium would have even won the MXDN.Not on speed but on consistency. My comments on the riders: Everts: before the races started on Sunday, he was feeling not to good. Although he ain't the best of the line always, he most of the time makes up for that in the first 3 corners. At the mxdn he had better starts then he normally has, to throw it all away in the first 2 corners in heat one and a crash in his second heat... Even with this in mind, I think on most races he would get closer to the podiumplaces , then he did at the mxdn. As far as people saying that SE is better or faster then RC, well this definitely is not true. Rc will propably be always faster then SE, has been so since the MXDN at Zolder or so. One remark though. SE was way faster before his 2 years with injuries, and I think we can say he is making a great end to a great career. but his last titles are on stamina, talent, and insight. And not on pure speed like his first worldtitles were. RC is on the peak of his abilities right now, but My personal opninion is, that in 2 years time he will have it more difficult then now. Ramon: Outstanding. had a poor start of the season, but gained momentum as the season went by. Took the switch to the 250 as only a racer in great condition can do. Strijbos: Did his job. We know he can surpise us, and that can be in a good way or in a bad way. We hoped for a bit more from kevin, but he was most certainly not a let down. France: Bit of a home-advantage and a little bit of track advantage compared to team Belgium and team NZ (Ben and Josh rode a lot in the sand in belgium). Great job of there pilots. Pichon: always very mentally influenced, he was pumped for this race, and it showed. Great results Vuillemin: Good riding as well, but I had hoped to see a little bit more from the cobra. Tortelli: For me the big suprise. Very fast riding, where i thought his speed faded a bit after the one difficult season after another in the usa. But in his last heat he had to many crashes. Riding over his ability? Fatigue? A bad result... but he showed some impressive riding as well. New Zealand: Strong MX-country, with 2 toppilots who really did their job good. 2 bad their 3rd rider could not give them one surpise result. Ben Townley: Won one heat, and even had RC in sight in his second heat. (While RC may heve been coasting (I don't think so), Be had less time to rest between moto's). I think the Americans on this forum are gonna love to see BT ride next year in the AMA series. Don't judge him on his SX skills, but he will be a player in the MX series. 2 bad he couldn't find a decent ride in the big class. Josh Coppins: Great season, also improved a lot during the year and he got some fine results in the mxdn. Cody Cooper:didn't see him that much. Think he did his best but only managed to get 2 23rd positions. USA: Last but not least. Far from it. They deserved the win as they had without a doubt the fastest rider on board. Also KW rode 2 good races, but he had a hard time I think... . Tedesco was not on the level of the other two. Anyway, a first class performance of the team, and we are glad the USA sended a 'A-team' to the MXDN. RC: Fastest pilot on the world at this moment and probably for some time more. And he showed it. I don't like his style, but he sure is effective with it. One has to admire him for his great sportmanship and love for the sport. He also always wants to go to the MXDN. He has a lot of 'soul' for motocross. Amen. KW: Love to see that guy riding, all got he bad remarks on his report for me the last years because he was affraid to go to the mxdn. (maybe that came after Brasil.... who knows) Nice riding in France though, even after his fall. IT: For me the big unknown, and also the big let-down. you come prepared to a race or you come not. his riding reflected his comment on saturday when he said he didn't knew anything at all about euro MX2 riders. I hope his eyes are opened now, but I still think Mike Brown might have been a better choice.