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  1. Interesting, I was on wish.com this morning and searched for DRZ400 parts and a very similar light popped up with the red LED. I am wondering if it is the same light. I may order it for fun, it was pretty cheap.
  2. Hi, My son and I are new to pit bikes and are building our first bike to teach him about bikes and engines. We have our rolling chassis complete now. Can anyone recommend a 90cc (or 70-110) engine with an auto clutch? I have looked at Lifan and GPX - are these decent. Doesn't have to be a race engine, just a reliable one for a first bike. Thanks! We've been looking for a while and
  3. GANKS

    SCORPION PRO, Aggressive and DOT

    I run the same setup. They are much louder on the pavement than the deathwings and if the pavement is wet - look out, that Scorpion gets squirelly.
  4. GANKS

    Woohoo!! Yosh RS3 Install...

    Uh, don't forget to remove that potato from the muffler before you rejet - unless you like it quiet (and value your hearing) :-)
  5. GANKS

    Batteries other than OEM Yuasa?

    I got the RM ATV battery last week. Filled it with electrolytes, sealed it and let it sit overnight. Popped it in the bike and it fired it right up with out ever putting the battery on a charger. The Yusa doesn't last any longer than the $40 batteries...
  6. GANKS

    Plating a DRZ400E in Utah

    A while ago - geez like 10 years now...my college roommate plated an XR500 by putting a tiny bike mirror on the handle bars. He got it inspected at an auto mechanics store in Orem. At the time most auto mechanic shops could do the safety inspection. Most those places will sign anything for $20-50 bucks. Don't know if that has changed now but it was stupid easy and we got a good laugh out of it.
  7. GANKS

    Question for my Australian friends...

    Thanks everyone for the help!
  8. GANKS

    giving up on search: YOSH vs. FMF

    I bought the Yosh RS-3 after almost buying the FMF Power Core 4. When you put the cork in the yosh it's not too bad for offroad. I like to keep it unplugged when on the street
  9. GANKS

    Question for my Australian friends...

    Thanks, any other Aussies out there? I haven't been able to find much searching the web but assume I can find stores in the phone directory when I arrive.
  10. Hi, I'm going to Sydney next week and would love to check out a few bike shops in your country (have never been) to drool over the bikes we don't get in the states. I'm going to be downtown at the Westin. How far and where are the local Suzuki, Honda and Yamaha dealers? Would love to get a pic of a street legal CRF or YZ (or RM if they make them there). Thanks!
  11. GANKS

    Fear of the street

    Don't ever lose that fear on the street. Fear is a good thing, it keeps you on your toes, er, wheels. I also have a 2003 S and rode it in a fairly large city for the first time last week (Bellevue, WA). Prior to this I had never had one close call riding on the street in smaller towns over the last year. In one day in Bellevue I had 4 near death experiences with people pulling out right in front of me or into my lane (even one B*tch who kept coming into my lane after she acknowledged seeing me there).
  12. GANKS

    first lay down...on the street!

    I did the same dang thing when I had my bike 2 weeks. I was riding Deathwings and went down a dirt road that ended. At the end were 4 dogs barking and chasing me so I did a very slow U-turn on some grass and one before I knew I had a problem I was on my arse looking up at the sky. Luckily I landed on grass and the bike landed on me. Stupid bike wouldn't start and I was pissed but lucky for me I only embarassed myself infront of some howling dogs and was only bruised. My buddy at work has dropped his brand new $20K Harley 3 or 4 times now since getting in June - I told him to get a dual sport to practice on (just not mine please, nothing personal).
  13. GANKS

    Kenda Trackmaster or Terraflex or...

    Not a fan of the TerraFlex, I think it looks weird - sorry just my personal opinion. Maybe if I were doing lots of mud runs. I run the Kenda TM on the rear and would buy again. I run the Pirelli MT83 on the front (the Scorpion I believe) which is sweet offroad but on road it's a bit unstable. I won't buy that front tire again for a dual sport. I'll try the 606 upfront next time.
  14. GANKS

    FMF/Yosh ?

    I almost bought the FMF Power Core 4 - I liked the way it looked more than any other pipe. Then I found this forum and Burned's advice. I got the full yosh. If you want to save $$ get the Muzzy. What ever you do, by all means do not get a slip on. Everyone regrets it. TT Store will pricematch for the yosh.
  15. I put my RS-3 full system on a month or so ago and the description shows the SA only. I rode that way for a while and liked the improvement over stock. Then I found a similar thread one night, went out and sure enough there was a Potato in my can. I removed it like a hot potato and have been punishing my ears ever since. I don't have an SA in now. Have seen the video with the DRZ shooting flames but never seen that on mine. I haven't rejetted or done the 3X3 - on my list... I guess it could get a tad louder still.