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    just bought a 2003 125sx. 1) what needs to be changed regular 2) how do i do it 3) what else needs to be done/checked
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    does any one know any sites that give a step by step guide on everything you need to know about servicing a 2003 ktm 125sx?
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    which is best?

    c'mon some1 has got these bikes!!!
  4. hi guys, just new to this forum. Wanting to know which is the best crosser from these... 2001/02 Kawasaki 250 four/two stroker 2001/02 Suzuki 250 four/two stroker. but will consider another bike finally convinced the wife to let me have another bike ...."for the winter". i already have a zx6r 636 ninja. awesome bike might i add. but hate taking it out in the wet/wintery roads here in ireland.... no i`m not a p*s*y just toooo much cleaning of that damn rusting salt thats used on the roads here. thanks in advance Roy.