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  1. Anyone have a code they can PM me?
  2. I know this is an old thread, but I've been researching aux fuel tanks to put on my KTM and stumbled across JAX Fuel Bladders. Look to be quite sturdy and fold flat after use! I'm considering one of these instead of my original idea of buying MSR bottles. Has anyone used them? http://www.justgastanks.com/store/index.php?main_page=advanced_search_result&search_in_description=1&keyword=jax+fuel+bladder&x=0&y=0
  3. Agreed with both of the above posts. I've just done a couple weeks of research and actually just settled on a brand new 2009 530 XC W for $6499. Luckily I can get the XC W licensed where I'm at so I elected to go that route and save $ and the need to rip off all of the smog stuff. I put a down payment on it and I pick it up this Friday. There are a bunch of dealers out there that still have 2009's so you can get great deals.
  4. In all the posts I have read, I haven't seen anything conclusive on the switching from syn to non-syn. The only thing I've seen backed up by science is oil analysis results and that is syn will last longer. Since most of us change our oil so often though I'm not sure there is a real advantage to synthetic. I personally use Castrol Syn 10W40. You can get it at Walmart for $6.79 a quart currently.
  5. Without question, revlave and new springs was the best thing I've done to my bike period!!! I did the work myself and it wasn't too hard. I weigh 235 and now the bike is so much more solid, and performs so much better than ever before. I never thought it would be that much of a difference. But after... WOW! Totally worth it!
  6. I just got off the phone with my local dealer and they stated there won't be any more 2008 4.5 RXV's shipped in until the end of Spring. He did tell me that the later 2007 RXV's came with the engine improvements of the 2008's such as the double recommended service interval, etc. I know this sometimes happens but can't find anything on the Aprilia site that supports that information. Anyone know if this is true? The other issue is the 2008 has a smoother throttle response. Is there a remap available that would make this happen with a 2007 bike?
  7. That's funny. I just ordered a 2008 4.5 RXV and was posting the same question. However, I'm 6'0" and 240. I do mostly hard desert riding with the occassional dunes visit where I search out huge fast floaters that would undoubtedly bottom the stock settings/suspension. Any help?
  8. I just moved to Bacolod about a month ago. But I also go to Manila quite a bit on the weekends. As for this exact moment, I'm at the bar in Miniloc Resort in El Nido!!! Man Palawan is amazing!
  9. Yeah, where are you located? I've been in the Philippines for about a year now. I've been wrestling with the decision on paying a premium for a bike but can't justify it without some good riding partners. I miss my CRF 450 back in the states. I wish it wasn't so expensive to get it over here!
  10. If you rebuild your cars engine every 10,000 miles, it will be "fresher" as well. But obviously your car will work great well over 100,000 miles. If you really want to know if you need to have the top end redone or new piston and rings, ensure your valves are properly adjusted and do a leak down test and compression test. That will tell you if your engine is within acceptable (as in don't worry about doing any engine work) condition.
  11. Tusk makes an offset clamp for much cheaper. It's what I have and I'm very happy.
  12. LOL, this is hilarious. Not sure why he got upset all of a sudden. LMAO!!!
  13. PolyStyrene...Isn't that a vegetarian version of lasagna?
  14. I installed my gold valves without any help except for watching the old school race tech video. That combined with a manual, and I really think you will be fine.