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    i agree that the SX only contracts make them less of a rider in my opinion, but my only issue with some comments are when KDub is grouped in with these guys. Kevin has paided his dues and is at the end of his career. He is starting to slow for retirment. James and Chad are still in the championship races. If Reed is ready to retire then I understand but If your a Pro MX/SX rider then count your blessings and put in the time. I just don;t think KDub is the same. Hell no one said anything about RC in here after he rode a selective season. Just my two cents.
  2. DLS524

    any other plastic Honda tanks fit 650L?

    I have a clark tank and like the larger capacity for the milliage. I still have my old tank and shrouds since I never get rid of anything. I would not suggest the foam. Heard to many horror stories about cloging your jets. Not alot you can do on the trail about that.
  3. If you look at kids like Try C and Ryan D that are good kids and have good upbringing, and then at kids like this. What needs to be said? I was no angle but there is a HUGE difference in having a drink at 17 at a party to blow off steam and endangering people on the road, at the track, and causing others to have to deal with your stupidity. The trash and urinating incidences are just as bad as the endangering of others. When others have to share space with idiots like this. It all boils down to money and those that can make money off these kids don't usually care about there behavior until it costs someone. I say losing their license from the AMA would not be too harsh. Time someone stepped up and was a parent to these kids since its obvious theirs failed at that job.
  4. I would love to see them pull over a lawyer or even a judge on a DS. Makes me want to go to law school. Thanks for the posts. It is good to know I am not alone. I must say I have been in the same situation here in Indiana, but I also know ALOT of cops as my wife is in the field and I must say some just want to check out your bike. I love the idea of carying a copy of the local laws for the areas you ride in with you . I am printing mine right now! thanks guys!
  5. DLS524

    ***!? Clarke 4.7 problem!

    I have this tank on my L and love it. The only way I could think this could happen is if the tank spread. Do you have the cross bar or fabricated brackets attached in the front? if not the wieght of the fuel could cause the tank to spread and ta space open up enough for you to lose this part. I fabricated brackets to solidify the tank to the frame and it works great.
  6. DLS524

    Wolfman "Eduro Carry All" ???

    Walmart has some great stuff CHEAP!! I used a fanny pack for a front fender bag and they have a small backpack bag that fits PERFECT on my Clark tank as a tank bag. total for both 20 bucks!! I also have the travel bag from earlier posts that I strap to my rack on the rear if I need a little more room. these bags look like they were made for this and are the right price for me. I will try to post some pics sometime.
  7. DLS524

    Your fuel is disappearing. Capture it.

    Thanks for the direction. I will try to pick some up soon. may be a while before I get through a few tanks of fuel since it is raining here so much. I will report later. Thanks again!
  8. DLS524

    DS Insurance Advise

    I pay 75 a year with just liability on a XR650L in Indiana. One thing to look at is medical. Since I don't take passengers and I have medical insurance that covers me if I were to get hurt. I save another 25 by not carrying this insurance. This is for passengers that are not covered under insurance and could get hurt. So if you don't ride with anyone or only with those in your family that are also covered under your normal medical insurance, this could be a redundant cost that is not needed. Check with both your family medical insurance and your vehicle coverage before assuming this. Everyone is different.
  9. DLS524

    Your fuel is disappearing. Capture it.

    I have a 2006 XR650L with the same tank. I am planning on trying this on my bike. Does anyone that has done this taken data on the fuel savings? I will run a full tank thru before and after the mod to see what the benifits are. As far as the tank sepage. Does anyone have any close up pictures or more detail on how to coat your tank so that it will last and how they went about doing it. This is a GREAT topic with the high gas prices on how to squeeze the MPGs out of our pigs!! GREAT JOB!! I am thinking about looking at this application on my CRF450R also.
  10. I Actually found that outside of the executive type weekend Harley rider, most of the older bikers were dirt riders when they were younger and respect those of us that ride DS. I know most wave but there are some that don;t. Its interesting what type of riders acknowledge a DS, sports and Harleys do more than the Wing Dings. any way you look at it you can tell who is in it for the fun and sport and who is having a mid life crisis. Oh and on a personal note, Harley riders hate that my XR650L with a E series pipe is loader than theirs when I want it to be. I think its GREAT that different riders intermix!! KEEP IT UP!! and support riding no matter what type!!
  11. DLS524

    2008 Brp

    ok I read alot on TT in order to stay up on the new machines and to find interesting and creative ways to mod my bikes. As far as this topic goes, I own both a 2003 XR650L and a 2006 CRF450R. The purpose of the bikes determine there effectivness. I ride MX and the 450 is superior in turning and power when jumping and racing. the L is my commuter and other than hard rains or needing my truck to haul my 450 I always ride my L. I would not give up either and what everyone needs to realize is that each bike has a purpose and a demographic that prefers it. I am sure the XR650R is a great machine for its purpose and am sad to see any well built machine stop being produced. As far as the "age" of a design or motor, I baught my L just because it is a reliable and proven machine. I am confident enough to take it accross the country and know I can trail ride it and still get home. to each their on but I say its all in what you want to do with your machine.
  12. DLS524

    Red Bud on Sunday

    Yup myself and some friends are coming up from Fort Wayne Area. Looks like it should be good weather.
  13. DLS524

    North East Indiana Tracks

    Its funny that yo didn;t say Tri-State in Butler.... Does anyone even know its there?
  14. DLS524

    North East Indiana Tracks

    any prefrence on the good:confused: ones? I have only ridden a few of them.
  15. DLS524

    North East Indiana Tracks

    Looking for local riding in North East Indiana area. Out of Fort wayne. Not much in the way of low cost well maintained tracks. Willing to drive up to an hour for a good track. Please post where to ride in this area. Pics would be great.