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  1. I switch it up from that to my YZ250 when I feel like it. Both are fun.
  2. Spitshine Sonota by The Bled
  3. Yes I am, first year- 450 B - Not sure of my # yet...You will see me around first weekend in may
  4. Fun on a easter sunday. Budget quad build complete
  5. Either gets the job done for me...YZ250 choice on two wheels, 426EX choice on four wheels. Both are just as fun
  6. It was COLD!!! Every damn two stroke critic mentions that. I didnt warm up my bike for a shot of me being a fool on a acoustic guitar. That would be a waste of precious Klotz! For the record, I didnt make the song...www.myspace.com/rydewithus
  7. I dont know you
  8. I sure did.
  9. Budget Race Quad Motor-820 Blown up 1999 440ex - 50 plus SDG mini bike Front rims & klaws, pro peg nerfs, sprockets, chain, and axle bearings- 566 Total ~ $1900 Wiseco 426 Bore kit w/ Magnum stage 2 cam, 180 main jet, trinity stage iv fulll system, klaws all around, tag bars, works front adjustable dual rates (might throw on YFZ shocks), pro armor pro peg nerfs, renthal chain and sprockets.
  10. there was about 2-3 inches of fluffy snow on slick ice....At times you would get stuck if your fronts were in snow and the rears werent
  11. The day after a snowday, I was feeling crappy with a cold. So, I stayed home to get better. As a result, this is what happened
  12. I have an 05 YZ250 and do alot of realt tight single track. I was considering addng a flywheel wieght until I rode my friends 04 CR250. Wow is all I could say. The CR was so ***** compared to the snappiness of my YZ. That idea went out the window really quick. The cheaps mod is one of those springs that exercises your hand. Get real strong an you want clutch instead of lug. I love the YZ in the trails, and I suffered from stalling and keeping the RPMs up in the tight stuff. With enough practice and the right training, you stock YZ will get the job done.