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  1. Chicago_Style_Hot_Dog

    Anybody going to buy the SuperBrace?

    It say for 2001-2005, any ideas why it won't work on a 2000 DRZE?
  2. Chicago_Style_Hot_Dog

    Byron this Saturday

    I was there, had a blast. But learn one thing. I need to learn how to ride. I was told that I did not to too bad for my second time out though.
  3. Chicago_Style_Hot_Dog

    Hydraulic brake light switch & master cyl relocation

    I actually just made a bracket and raised the reservoir. Works great.
  4. Chicago_Style_Hot_Dog

    Baja - new bike ?????????

    Granted I’m new here, but who’s Baja?
  5. Chicago_Style_Hot_Dog

    Anyone make it out to Rocky Glen OHV yet?

    Yea that's the place. Was able to rider there Friday and there was maybe 10 people there at the same time. But they were only open because the local newspaper said they would be. I thought it was alright, but was not overly impressed. Although I met someone from Hammer Time, and stopped there saturday. They know how to treat you right, and I would send anyone there if you need any gear.
  6. Chicago_Style_Hot_Dog

    Anyone make it out to Rocky Glen OHV yet?

    This happens to be the first place I've ridden and was wondering how it compares to other local hot spots. http://rockyglenohv.com/
  7. Chicago_Style_Hot_Dog

    What do my fellow DRZ riders listen to?

    DRZ400SK4 not bad, I could listen to that all day. Maybe I will.
  8. Chicago_Style_Hot_Dog

    Split this forum?

    I just joined this month. Know very little about this DRZ that I purchased and must still insist that we keep it all in the same family.
  9. Chicago_Style_Hot_Dog

    Ssssssshhhhhhhhh - quiet ?

    Nothing like a hotdog and a ball game after a long day riding. Oh don't forget the beer either.
  10. Chicago_Style_Hot_Dog

    Ssssssshhhhhhhhh - quiet ?

    You are right, it sure is quite around here.
  11. Chicago_Style_Hot_Dog

    what bike did your DRZ replace ?

    Mine was not a replacement, but an addition. I plan I getting a XR or something for my son and needed one to ride with him. At least that is what I tell myself. I think I just needed an other toy.
  12. Chicago_Style_Hot_Dog

    what street bikes are DRZers riding?

    My everyday of the week ride is a ‘99 BMW R1100RT-P retired CHP. I’ve had it 16 months and put 29,000 miles on it. Would not trade it for anything. But you are right you need at least 2. I'm even looking for a third.
  13. Chicago_Style_Hot_Dog

    I was done buying motorcycles!

    No you wont. It’s an incurable disease.
  14. Chicago_Style_Hot_Dog

    Pay cash or finance?

    Cash is king.
  15. Chicago_Style_Hot_Dog

    Hello! I am a newbie to Thumpertalk!

    Greetings, I am very new too. Let me tell you this place can be addictive.