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  1. I would have no problem with the consequence if they were consistent with the law. I have talked with many people at different events that have been pulled over for doing a wheelie. I have heard anything from not even looking at their license to a speed violation. I had never heard of being arrested, and had I, I would have surely thought twice about doing a wheelie on a public street. As far as a reckless driving charge. The law clearly states a want ant disregard for the lives around you. Without another person or car within 100 yard of me, and me going about 20 mph when I did it, in a 30mph zone. I find it hard to believe I endangered anyone’s life.
  2. Well just be happy you don't live in CA! As many of you know from reading my previous posts, I did the same thing. A low speed wheelie for less than 100 feet as stated in the report. Arrested for reckless driving. It is going to wind up costing me about $5,000 plus who knows what for insurance if I can even get it. $1700 impound fee, $200 towing fee, $100 office fee to get my bike back,$2000 lawyer fee, $1000 fine. Lawyer could only get it dropped to an exhibition of speed, which in Ca is still a 2 point misdemeanor. DA was not going to accept any plea up until we said we were going to go to trial. Trial was going to cost me another $5000, which I don't have. So now I will have 3 points on my driving record, and in CA basically means you can't afford insurance unless you’re a CEO or professional athlete. Good luck with yours, this whole zero tollerance stuff is a buch of crap!
  3. I only got 2500 mi. on the OEM Dunlops, and they were shot when I took them off. I put on the Distanzias and like them quite a bit. Handle good on the road and pretty good in the dirt. Have taken Mine on some pretty rogh roads and trails. Keep them out of the sand
  4. Dual-stars for me. Great for seeing what is next to you, have to move to one side tos see behind. I like mine a lot!
  5. I'm in for a yellow vote!
  6. Palhaco: Wheelie thing is still in the courts, but my lawyer sounded more positive last time I talked to him. He and the DA were waiting for some voice recordings the officer said he had. We'll see Jeff: Any chance of riding during the week?
  7. No, went midweek, and didn't see a single fuzz
  8. Went on a ride the other day. Rode about 230 miles. Most on nice twisty pavement, but also some trails and fire roads. The distanzias worked well. For those of you familier with the Crystal Basin area near Tahoe, I rode to Wright's Lake, Ice House, and Loon lakes. I played around for a while on the begining of the Rubicon Trail. Rubicon @ Loon Lake Loon Lake Wrights Lake Fire Road Fun Ride. Got 140 miles on a tank of fuel:)
  9. I'll be there. Haven't missed one yet. Rossi won't be close enough for a last ditch pass on Hayden in turn 11, but another American may be! have fun
  10. I put the SM specific DJ kit in and found the 150 jet to be a better fit, with that same exhaust. I also have the 25 pilot. I'm at like 190 ft above sealevel. My $.02.
  11. Here are some that I had made up for my swingarm. I have an extra set if anyone is interested. $20
  12. Nope still made of lead here. Lead was outlawed for waterfowl because you are shooting the bird with it. If you did not kill the bird, it would eventually die of lead poisoning.
  13. Nope, and at $25 a wheel it's a good thing they didn't.
  14. IMMODRZ-I pushed them everybit as hard as I have pushed the 208's. Front feels fine,seems to track better than the 208's, rolls in well. Not on a track, so I was not dragging the pegs, but was laying it down in the corner, and some of them were complete 180 switchbacks. As far as speed, I'm not real sure how to explain that one, but I would say I was on the throttle pretty hard coming out of quite a few of them and never had any rear slip. Reagalman- I've broke in tires before, thanks for the advice. I had about 150 miles of commuting to work on them before I pushed them.
  15. They corner very well. I was pushing them fairly hard on the way home, and they did great.