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  1. Bumpp
  2. whoops sryy, its an 07 rmz250, i just switched over from kawi's
  3. how much oil put in trany wen NOT changing oil filter??? and also maxima maxum4 good oil to use in these bikes??
  4. im 6'1 and 150 perfect
  5. hey guys, quick quesiton for ya.....i changed my oil about 5hours ago with the torco t4r (BTW it worked grea) but now i dont have time to run up to shop and get another bottle of it so i was wondering if i drained that oil, and i put in a bottle of MAXIMA MAXUM EXTRA in...would i have to change the oil filter too if i were to switch the oils? any harm in the oils mixing? its the same weight just different brand. Thanks again very much guys
  6. thanks guys. im gona give it a try, just got in from shop installed it. It seems like a descent filter, nice and tackey and i also put some more FFT on it so it shud hold up for the weekend.
  7. have any of you used ready filters in ure kx250f's???? i just bought two, and wondering if i shud trust only useing them for one time use...use it, then when dirty pitch it...what u guys think????
  8. team green kawi- you sumed it up very well... this stuff is amazing
  9. i ride a kx250f
  10. im 16 yrs old and around 6'-6'1 148 lbs
  11. weight is the biggest issue. im about 6' 16 yrs old and 145-150 lbs...biggest light weight, and i some what perfer my height for mx..think of it as ur legs as extra suspension in the whoops and can get over the back of the bike further. of course standing around 6'6 is to tall anything over 6'4 is deffiantly pushing it. my opionon
  12. im about 6'-6'1 and 16 yrs old...and i just raised my stock bars about an inch. its perfect i can stand straight up and down and dont feel out of place what so ever. i do have shorter legs for my height at 32" inseam. try some raiser clamps, they work wonders
  13. jpolete35.....I very much agree, I find it much easier to ride with the stocker in tight tracks, but on the out door open tracks the PC pulls like no other, one word describes it, amazing.
  14. i like white grips, and run VP U4
  15. yeah i was thinking of getting one of the PC end caps, so ure saying the stainless steel header makes the bike louder or queiter over TI and stock??