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  2. Thanks for the info, ever tried this tool?
  3. Are they the same? During my teardown of the new to me bike I discovered that the subframe is bent. Not sure if I have the skills to bend it back so trying to find one on ebay, all I can find is a 2009 availible.
  4. Got the bike in 2005 from someone who bought it for his wife but she had a hard time riding it cause it was too tall for her. I never registared it cause we were only gunna race it so it has not been stickered since 2007 and I don't have the pink slip for it. The previous owner used the money I gave him to pay off the loan but lost the pink slip after the bank sent it to him. After a couple of races and thousands later in suspension, engine work, and expensive bolt-ons my son quit riding. Held on to the bike hoping he might want to race again. Difficult to sell a bike that hasn't been registared in years and you don't have the title for. Just got a 250x for the wife so I will probably switch over what I can onto that bike and part out the rest.
  5. Why do you need to swap suspensions? The main reason would be that I have around $800 in suspension on a bike that sits in the corner. Also the forks on the 450x are pretty beat up, extremely pitted and have a few chunks taken out.
  6. Thanks for the info, can you eloborate on the shock issue just cause I'm curious. I will probably swap the suspension with my wifes 250x anyways. Going head to ECC today and get all the parts to do the jetting, will report back Monday morning with results. Thanks again.
  7. So I just bought a 2006 450x and am getting ready to tear into it. The previous owner just put a r cam in it, trx valves, and fresh piston and rings. The bike starts and runs with the choke on but as soon as the choke is off it quickly dies. I just got the FMF powercore4 with powerbomb header, PC flow air filter, new spark plug, and plan to install them this weekend. I will also change oils and do the airbox mod as well. Most of my reading here tells me to rejet to 48 pilot, 165 main, needle 3rd from top, and fuel screw out 1 3/4 turns. 1st question, what are the stock size jets can I modify mine by drilling them out and is this info correct for my configuration? 2nd question, I am looking at my sons old race bike ( 2005 CRF 250R ) and wondering if there is anything I could swap over to the 450X? I know some of the bolts ons will but what about the suspension, forks, shock, triple clamps? The suspension was done by Pro Prept and only has 3 races on it. I am not to concerned about having to modify anything or make something to make it work, I have access to a machine shop. Just want to know if it can be done before I tear 2 bikes apart. Last question, has anyone done the trx valve mod and can you tell me a little about it, pros-cons, and is the clearance different. Thanks, any info will be appreciated.
  8. Thanks, I am going to call ZipTy back and try to get some more info.
  9. My understanding is they got these bikes the for last years race team, bikes were never registered only raced. Here is the link to the website with the bikes for sale As you will see they have put back the lights and plate bracket but do not have the stock exhaust or smog equipment. My only concern is would I have to go through all the dmv hassles or would they just send this through since they are sold to the public street legal from the factory. Just don't want to pay that much for a bike that can't be plated here in Ca.
  10. I am interested in one of the Zip-Ty bikes they have for sale but am unsure of what it might take to get the plate for it. Talked to one of the guys there and he said it would come with MSO and all the stock equipment to make it street legal except the smog. Is this going to be a problem if I have to have the bike looked at by the DMV. I know Ca dmv can be hit or miss on these sort of things but not sure what issues I might run into with this. Seems to me that the bike came street legal from the factory and shouldn't be an issue. Any input on this or the bike itself would be appreciated. Thanks, Pat
  11. I came across a plated 2005 CRF250X and have a opportunity to trade for another bike I have. I am however a little skeptical about being able to keep the bike plated when I go to the DMV to put it in my name. Has anyone had their plates taken away after getting them? I have heard about that happening so I do not want to take a chance and trade cause I don't need another offroad bike. Any thoughts on this would be appreciated. Thanks, Pat
  12. Thanks for the replys. I think I will start with the bigger sprocket. Might have to fab my own brake pedal if no one makes a longer one.
  13. Was wondering what size sprockets everybody is running. I am running stock front and 48 rear. I ride mostly desert but when at the track I feel I have to run a gear higher then when I ride my son's crf 250 ( 51 rear ). I feel like I have to carry more speed through the corners on the YZF then the CRF and was wondering if I put a bigger rear sprocket on the YZF if it would feel more like the CRF. Also I was wondering if anybody makes a rear brake pedal that is a little longer for the YZF. The brake pedal on my YZF is about 1/2 inch shorter then the one on my son's CRF ( both stock ). Thanks
  14. That was his 3rd time out as well. Just switched over from pitbikes to big bike a month ago. Stryker he said he saw you out too. As far as his height he is 5' 7" and weighs 115 lbs. I put this video together last night around midnite and that was the only song I could find on his computer that was around the same length.
  15. Just fixed it