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  1. I am so confused i would like to purchase a 2003 warrior, but everyone is telling me it is a red sticker bike, the seller has a red sticker on it but is telling me dmv made a mistake. The dmv website tells me if "C" OR "3" IS the 8th # in vin then it is a red sticker, well the bike has a 3 but several other people are telling me its newly complied so it is a green sticker. Please help
  2. ssbustah

    2003 yamaha warrior

    Thats what I thought but it has a red sticker on it. And the seller is telling me dmv messed up. Thank you very much for replying
  3. Can someone please help me? I am hearing so many different stories as to if this bike requires a red or green sticker. I have been told to look at the 8th # on my vin and if its a "c" or "3" it is a red sticker. Ok well the bike is a 3. But I have also been told that didnt make a difference because they were newly complied which would make it a green sticker. Please help I really want to purchase this bike, but if it is a red sticker i dont want to get a ticket every time i take it outin the months your not supposed to.