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  1. 50 Hucker

    What suspension upgrade?

    What works shock are you talking about? Can someone provide a link?
  2. 50 Hucker

    88cc racing mod questions???

    I heave the TB kit w/head and my stock clutch didnt last more then 2 weeks, stiffer springs and HD clutch plates is the hot ticket. An aftermarket pipe is better than a stok pipe any day, the pro circuit Ti-4 and Classic honda are really good choices also, i dont reccomend the fast 50's pipe tho but its person preference. With a child which is alot lighter than an adult, you might want a ext swingarm so he wont be doing power wheelies around the track.
  3. If you didnt rejet after installing the air filter, the bike will be running lean from the increased flow of air. try raiseing the needle to richen the mixture, if that works then adjust your airscrew to where it runs best (do not turn the airscrew out more than 2 turns). Adjust your idle screw last. Good luck. *edit* or an airleak, as posted 1 minute before me
  4. 50 Hucker

    WHY IS MY 50 SO LOUd!??

    doubt it as highly as you want. At really high rpms the valve can get a gap between itself and the camshaft and it will click when it comes in contact with the camshaft again. I put a electronic tach on my and i would get the clicking at the same rpm no matter what gear i was in. Stiffer valvesprings would fix the clicking.
  5. fiveoaddict, do you live on here jeez, your replies are soo fast
  6. 50 Hucker


    try some blue thread lock, being on the motor its gunna have alot of vibration.
  7. 50 Hucker

    WHY IS MY 50 SO LOUd!??

    the clicks and bumps are just the valves floating, mine does it too, i think some stiffer vlave springs might fix it. But the noise issue is your fault, just dont be a hillbillie when close to home, just go slow and idle it in a high gear until you get to a trial or something then get on the gas.
  8. 50 Hucker

    50 runs like helll....HELP

    how does it bog, does it still run but jsut sluggish, or does it die and slow to a halt?
  9. 50 Hucker

    Crf Head

    i wouldnt reccomend it, your best bet would be to just buy a Tb race head to avoid any extra work.
  10. 50 Hucker

    50 is having problems, please help

    does anyone knopw where i can get a price on a stator tho? thanks
  11. 50 Hucker

    50 is having problems, please help

    carb is clean as a whistle i cleaned every jet with brake clean and air, the carb isnt the problem.
  12. 50 Hucker

    50 is having problems, please help

    carb and air filter are clean, the gas is good new tank every few days. i dont even have a kill switch i just have the key. I think it might be the stator tho, cause i know who owned it b4 me and some of the stuff that had been broken. ill try to get a vid of what its doing to help you get a better idea tho. thatnks for the help, really appreciate it.
  13. 50 Hucker

    Any 50cc Motocrossers Out There...

    you could put in some stiffer clutch springs, heavy duty valve springs, revbox maybe, and change the gearing. Then dump some of VP's Ultimate 4 in the tank. All that and you got a evil 50 . Just look around on crf50racer.com and you should be able to find some nice grocery's!
  14. 50 Hucker

    Any 50cc Motocrossers Out There...

    yeah but they wont let him race with a cheater bike, lol that chokeplug is gunna give him advantage, im just kidding but it should be sweet
  15. 50 Hucker

    Anybody have this ?

    i seen a review for it in a transworld mx magazine, it sounded pretty good. ill try to find the site for you tho