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    switching oil weights

    You seem to know your oil. I'm using SAE40 performance standard SH SG SJ SF Caltex Havoline formula 3 motor oil on my air cooled Xl500R Honda scrambler. Recomended for hi mileage motors but not for heat stress. At R12 or $2.50 (US) it is not a bad price for 500ml tin of oil compared to the R38 or $7 for 750ml of proper bike oil. I do about 400km per week with my bike in heavy traffic and it can get fairly hot and bothered on summer days. I add a tin of oil per week so: R48 to R60 of the cheap oil compared to R150 to R200 of the more expensive kind. This could get costly considering that my fuel is about R450 per month. What grade of oil will you recomend, taking price, heat stress and mileage in consideration. Oil Spec (best rating is 4) Protection against deposits 4 Maintain power and performance 3 Long drain 2 Improved economy 2 Extreme heat protection 2 Low temprature start-up 2 Reduce emissions 2 Minimise oil consumption 3 Suitable for high mileage 4 In hind sight this looks like a crap oil to me!!!
  2. Pikes

    New Project: 1980 Honda XL500S

    Hi All I bought a 1982 XL500 R little less than 2yrs ago. Bin using it as everyday transport to work. Doing roughly between 60 to 80 km per day (+-300km between fillups).I go through exactly 36 robots there and 39 back. When I bought the thumper it was sad. Leaking oil badly (badly, I say...)(very bad)(OMG Over the back wheel bad....)Starting it took about 10 minutes of patience and one very tired leg. Revs would shoot up to 6000-8000rpm and then all of a sudden die. Must admit, it made the pull-away an adventure every time. The front light bulb would only last about a month and then poof. Oh yeah before I continue. This was my first bike. I have driven a 50cc of a friend before once or twice. When I saw the XL I was hooked. It looked like shit but I knew that this bike will take me far regardless of the punishment. I sat on the bike for about a week. Then I pushed it around the yard for another week. Finally I decided enough is enough. I started the bike, kicked it into 1st, released the clutch and almost killed myself flying into an oncoming vehicle. I managed to hang on, got it into second and lifted the front wheel. By now a felt like Zorro. When the blood resirculated to the front part of my brain I stopped. The bike died and I pushed it back home.(Yip I was scared, but I did it)By the time I got home my friends were still lying on the grass laughing their asses of. Cilliers said he doesn't know anybody else that can pop a wheelie and have both legs in the air at the same time. Any how. I initially spend about R1800 on sorting combustion and carburettor problems out as well as the major oil leaks. Since then I replaced Both tyres, front and rear sprockets, 3 chains(learnt my lesson from normal to heavy duty to O-ring), couple of mirrors and indicators, timing chain, clutch, kick starter springs and 1st gear( be carefull when you assemble the kickstarter. You can wind up having to replace the whole sumpcover), 1 right hand sump cover, gaskets, clutch lever, brake lever, clutch lever, brake lever and so on and so on. Now I am going for the big plunge. I am repsraying the bike, ( BLUE) and overhauling the engine. New piston, rebore, new valves the whole cockeldoodledoo. Lately the bike has been missing, backfiring, smoking slitely, pinging, overheating, leaking oil, and almost every other bad thing bikes do. But not once did it let me stand next to the road. It never died at a robot from getting to hot. It idles smooth and goes like stink. I guess I don't have to replace the piston. But after 23 years and 74528 km, why not. It deserves a triple bypass and a new lease on life. Somebody asked me the other day why don't I sell it and buy a new one? All I can say is:" Luckily XL500R didn't hear that" I am 31 years old, I haven't driven alot of bikes (2 to be exact) and I will probably buy another bike, but I will never sell The Best Thumper ever build. Girls and Boys if you want a bike that is tough, rough and reliable as sunrise. Honda XL500R is it. Any way let me get to the point. Does anybody know where I can find a seat for the XL. Mines got holes in it from stress.