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  1. hsr

    Need exhaust diffuser!

    Yes i need the one for the stock exhaust...
  2. hsr

    Need exhaust diffuser!

    Guys, i have been searching high and low for an exhaust diffuser for my stock exhaust, i haven't had any luck. Does anyone have one that they don't need that they would be willing to sell me? I need to quiet my bike down. If anyone has one, shoot me a P.M. with details. thanks!
  3. I need to replace the front fender on my 2005 crf250r. I really like the looks of the newer style front fenders on the 2010 and 2011 models. Do you guys think that these will bolt up and work on my 2005?
  4. hsr

    Need some help guys.

    I picked up an 05 crf250r a while back. Tore it down over the winter and did some work to it. It didn't come with the service manual and i was wondering if someone could tell me what the torque settings are supposed to be for the following: -swingarm pivot bolt -front and rear axles -rear shock linkage assembly -triple clamp bolts any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
  5. hsr

    What seat is this???

    Could somene please tell me what kind of seat is on the first bike on the top of the page in this post? I have never seen it before, looks pretty comfy... http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=739470&page=4&highlight=mrd+pipe+pics
  6. So just how offroad capable is the drz400SM. Would it be okay on dirt and gravel roads for a couple of miles?? I am torn between the 400s and the supermoto, really leaning towards the supermoto but i would hate to not be able to run a few mild dirt roads and what-not every once in a while. Any feedback appreciated...
  7. http://www.racerxfilms.com/ work with me here...
  8. hsr

    oh the hipocracy!

    It's about the stereotypes aimed on quads on this webiste. I ride one and yeah i agree that that are a bunch of idiots on atv's, but lets respect those of us that aren't, alot of quad guys have the same riding mentality of a lot of bikers, just 2 more wheels, that's all!
  9. Just got done reading the whole harley/quad rant. Got a good laugh out of that one. Brought to my realization that harley riders, motocross riders, dual sport riders, and sport bike riders are all seperate??!! I thought that motocross guys rode their bikes to the bar on the weekends decked out in leather chaps, completly drunk, no helmets of course, because helmet laws suck right!!! A harley guy jumping a technical supercross section on sunday in an open motocross practice? Motocross bikes all chromed out with loud ass straight pipes, just awesome. I mean all motorcyle riders are the same right? Or would i be stereotyping here maybe a little bit? Bikes are starting to get as bad as the quad riders, you know... the drunken blithering helmetless donut spinning idot ones, the recreational rider, the TT racer, Cross Country racer, MX racer, all of whom wear all of their appropriate safety gear, respect themselves as well as those around them, except for the first group that i mentioned, but that's all quad riders though right???
  10. hsr

    Bike vs. Quad = death

    wrong, that makes 2 of us! Like it or not quads are on the rise and won't be going away, soon you won't have a choice but to ride on the same track as the 4 wheeled guys. As a matter of fact the pro quads will be running on Saturday at this years Steel City "Bike" National. So put all of your belly-aching and boo-hooing aside... saddle up and get ready to ride some blue-groove big guy!
  11. I don't necessarily want or need an aftermarket exhaust for my drz400s. But would the benefits of a louder exhaust help me to be more noticed in traffic??? Do loud pipes really save lives, or will i be just fine with the stocker?
  12. Ping rides quads now, and he's not down w/ all the hatin that's been goin on over here!!! Mental midgets fer chris sakes
  13. I know you are right, but it is hard to contain yourself on here sometimes , when you ride on 4 wheels! But nonetheless , thank you for your positive outlook, and someday, may someday 2 and 4 wheels may get along a little better. Until then I'll try and stay out of you guys good lines, we don't purposely try to ruin them!!
  14. It's no different than when i come on here and see 100's of quad bashing posts! I'm into bikes to guys, but I'm a diehard quad mx'er , and I'm just excited to finally see some growth and respect. There's no doubt that it is very hard for a quad and a dirtbike to co-habitate on an mx track, but with the growth of atv mx, and atv racing in general...it just helps portray that there are some quad guys that work hard, train , hard , and take their sport just as seriously as the bike guys do! Alot of pro quad riders actually cross train on bikes. I have heard all of the stereotypes , but if you ever have the time to just look into the pro atv scene once you may differ in your opinions.
  15. Bout damn time. You 2 wheeled "i need a rut to make my bike turn" spodes don't realize that atv's outsell bikes by a 4 to 1 margin, and it's only going to get worse. Sasquatch Whitelock finally pulled his head out of his ass and gave the pro quad riders what they deserve. they may not carry the speed as the bikes but they are just as dedicated and work just as hard. And yeah they even wear all of their protective gear!!!