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  1. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- i am riding a hare scramble this weekend on a mostly grass track that will be very wet and muddy... i have new mileville sticky's installed but don't know what pressure to run. Any help would be appreciated What do you usualy run on dry? thanks
  2. zxmarc

    Shipping to Canada?

    hi i am in the process of importing a Husky into Quebec, i have purchased a Buell last year... the Buell was no big hassle... the only thing is you have to leave the bike in the states for 3 days after you get the paperwork to custums,( bill of sale,tittle) they check to see if the bike is paid for and is not stollen. once the three days are over you bring the bike to customs... they check the vin and charge you $210, this goes to VIR for paperworkthat you will receive by the mail, you will need this to be filled out at Canadian tire (no charge) You also will be charged GST on the price, If the bike is made in Canada or US you are not charged Customs (like my Buell) on the Husky i was charged 6.1% Ccustoms. Now that you have the bike home you need to contact the bike company to send you a `clearance recall letter`... once you have this you go to Canadian tire with bike and paperwork, on a dirt bike they check vin number, you need to have a sticker on the bike stating `OFF ROAD USE ONLY` also they asked me to put reflectors on the bike. ( for a road bike you need to go ta a province inspection center for a safety inspection, ($60.00). Once the paperwork is stamped at Canadian tire.... you are ready to transfer the bike to your name at the licence bureau they will charge you provincial sales tax and whatever plates cost in your province. It seems there are some good deals out there... but some not so good. i am saving a lot on the Husky... but could not find anything worth the trouble on a jap 4 stroke... or even 2 stoke for that matter. Ktm are good deals. hope this helps you can email me if you need more info Happy Holidays Marc
  3. zxmarc

    CrowerPower Customer Service??

    woooo.... not exactly the kind of attitude you want from someone you give your money to.... hope he goes out of buisness and breaks his frikin head !!!! and nobody call him again or his shop !!! !!!!!!!!!
  4. does anybody know of other forum dedicated to offroad like this one, i can not find any other, one on 2 strokes would be good... thanks a lot Marc