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  1. Hey, I'm 17... and need some help. I want a decent bike that wil serve me well. unfortunatly i am not that wealthy. I dont have a bike yet but have been riding some street bikes on and off for some time. I love it. Street bikes are my favorite. I know that you may give me some shit for that seeing as 4 strokes are typically dirt or duel purpose. I wanted to know if anyone could just tell me some stuff they know about four strokes that'd help me out in chooseing a cheap, reliable, easily four stroke. I am partial to kawasakis and generally don't like hondas but im open to anything. Like i said, this bike will be for street only pretty much so any mods you think i should look into just tell me. How is insurance and such too. Anything at all you think i should know about four strokes and street biking with them. Thank you in advance. Sorry if i anger anyone with my ignorance. -Matt