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  1. Yes there is a dry lake bed. The terrain consists of everything, there is a sand hill / area, rocky, hard pack, washes. Like i said it has every type of terrain. forgot what street you turn left on, there is a small airport go down that street and then turn right on Broadway. Go all the way to the end find a spot on top of the dry lake bed. not on it too many dumb asses haul ass through there. nice area. pick up after your self and have fun.
  2. Norwalk Ride Elsinore on Sundays, Mojave desert near Cal City. Anyone is welcomed, except hot heads or drugs. Family guy two kids 3 year old boy and 8 year old girl.
  3. Try They are dedicated to all toyotas. great site for write ups and info. They have chapters in almost every state.
  4. Bought it new in christmas of 03 and no problems. I change both oils after every two to three rides.
  5. Has anyone been riding there in the last couple of weekends? About a month ago I along with other people were kicked out of there for traspassing. Ive have been going there for several years and always heard that it would happen but not until a month ago did this come true.