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  1. okoutlaw

    hmf slip on?

    I have the HMF on my SM. I run the quiet core on the street and pull it out at the track. It's loud as hell without the core in it. People always accuse me of having a big bore kit at the track since it's so loud, ha. I think it makes decent power for a slip on. I got hooked on HMF when i was racing atvs. Dirtwheels magazine did a slip-on vs full system test on the Z-400 and the HMF was the best slip-on so i bought one for my Z. Several years later when i didn't have enough cash for a full Yosh system, i opted for the slip-on HMF for my DRZ. I have been very happy with mine. If you can afford it, get a full system but if $$ is an issue the HMF is great. I have both end caps and they sound the same it just looks different with the turn-down on it.
  2. okoutlaw

    rally Z's

    STOCK SEATS? OUCH! That's way too much gas to burn up without a break from a stock seat!
  3. okoutlaw

    Is it "supermoto" or "supermotard"?

    It Was invented here in the '80s. Do a little research and you'll see that the sport was started for ABC Wide World of Sports. It combined Flat track, MX and road racing with champions from each discipline going head to head on a hybrid track. Jeff Ward was one of the guys who raced in the original series. The sport didn't really catch on here but became very popular in Europe and it finally came back over here in recent years. There's a website that has some of the old races on it but i can't remember what it is right now. http://www.geocities.com/MotorCity/Speedway/9137/remember1.html
  4. okoutlaw

    09 Honda CRF450SM

    looks good Bart!
  5. okoutlaw

    procom cdi box for drz 400 sm

    nuff said. I don't know anything about it but if Eddie says it's junk, that's good enough for me. He knows his stuff on the DRZ (and most other bikes)!
  6. okoutlaw

    Help! DRZ starts but dies, won't take throttle

    Thanks guys. I tore the carb apart and one of the jets was partially clogged. I cleaned it out and it started right up. I have only ridden it around the block so far but it seems to be running fine now.
  7. '05 SM, 3x3 and jet kit. Bike has run perfectly for 6K miles. Alright, here is my story. I hit a bear on my DRZ a few weeks ago and although I was banged up a bit and it scared the crap out of me, I am trying to get her back on the road. My subframe was bent and my stator cover got punctured by the gear shift. The bike ran for a minute lying on it's side while I was picking myself up and making sure the bear was not coming after me. It died on its on so I assumed it flooded. Since the Stator cover had a hole, we didn't try to start it. I used JB weld to fix the stator cover and bought a used subframe which I installed this week. Once I put her back together, it started up normally so I went for a spin around the block. Everything seemed fine so I parked it and put away all my tools. The next morning I jumped on to ride to work and it was difficult to get running. It starts but only runs a few seconds then dies. I actually rode it a few miles to top of the gas tank thinking it was low on fuel. It ran terribly on that short trip. I thought the plug may be fouled since it died on it's own at the crash site so I replaced the plug but the problem persists. I searched the forum for thoughts but haven't been able to determine what it is. I'm taking the carb apart today to make sure nothing got banged up in the crash. The vacuum line is on the petcock. I have crashed several times at the track and never experienced any bike problems like this afterwards. Is it posibkle that my stator could be causing this? It looked fine when I was repairing the cover. Any ideas I can try would be a great help. Thanks
  8. okoutlaw

    How much cornering grip on an SM?

    One thing you need to keep in mind is that the DRZ doesn't have as much weight on the front end as your sport bike. Scoot your body forward to help with that. My hayabusa has plenty of weight on the front but I have a completely different riding position on my DRZ to keep from pushing the front end. It's challenging to switch back and forth on them sometimes. When riding the Busa I have to remember that a handful of throttle can get me in trouble and I have start braking way earlier. Coincidentally, the DRZ gets much more riding time these days unless I'm doing 250 miles or more on a ride.
  9. okoutlaw

    Veterans / Military Members ride DRZs

    19 yrs and counting USAF. who the hell?...POL!
  10. okoutlaw

    Can't remove rear axle

    If I remember correctlly, they have reverse threads on those quads. Might check the Suzuki ATV forum on this site for better assistance. Most of us are two-wheelers. It's been a few years since I sold my quadsport.
  11. okoutlaw

    I want a Supermoto shirt...

    Buy from SMRSCOTT you can;t go wrong with their shirts! You'll get em quick and they rock!
  12. okoutlaw

    Just curious

  13. okoutlaw

    X-Games SuperMoto Events

    The DRZ that won was a few years ago before the RMZ was on the market. Kevin Swantz (I think) won a SM national event on a Yosh-modded DRZ
  14. okoutlaw

    front sprocket Q?

    What size is the nut that holds the sprocket on? I have to buy a socket that size soon. thanks
  15. I put those graphics on my black DRZ the first weekend Forres had them available. He posted a pic of my bike in another thread a few weeks back. I think it looks pretty trick on black