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  1. Whats up, I'm wondering if any one has Ball park flow bench #'s for a 03 YZ 450 yamaha supermoto head? I am having a port polish & flow done after new valves, seats, and springs are installed. A general range would work; like so many CFM's to so many CFM's. I'm not after anyones secrets, just want a range to shoot for. Any help would be greatly appreciated! thanks,
  2. Cool, Thanks for the help mcdrz, wow Inverteds and a tank with shrouds! I wish we got more of the stuff they have over there!
  3. Down by Cinci!' Have you been to CRP yet? Cool little track, Lots of good people In SM to meet there.
  4. Yes, That would be it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks Young Gun, Now just amagine, a XR440 SM with that tank, and Marzocchi inverted forks, THAT WOULD BE SWEEEEEET!!!!!!!!!! Dude your the man.
  5. Love ya too Wolf! How did you know my real name "Dumb ASS" Do I know you? Guess not, The guys I ride with don't put the cart in front of the horse. IE: they would have asked Why? This bike is a SM, setting up inverted forks, custom trees, want something completely different! The kit I think I saw gave the bike a sleek look, and had shrouds.
  6. JG614, Where in OH are you?
  7. I think I saw a post about an aluminium tank for a XR400 out of Europe? Searched around the Forum, no luck. Can anyone help?
  8. dirtyb15 I have a Edelbrock carb for a xr400 that I want to sell, looks New, very little use. PM me if your intrested, and i'll send you some pictures. Brandon
  9. Any of you Cinci guys Woods ride? I'm to old and beat up to Motorcross? The only track time I get is on my SM at CRP. I'm lookin for some good offroad riding this fall, got the 426 just about ready.
  10. Some, We have a small Kart track near Columbus that we race at, the owner even put in a dirt section! Waiting on a mirror so i can ride street, i have found a couple of guys with SM's here but not many yet! There's nothing wrong with being the first in your area, you may open some eyes and turn riders on to the sport? You should take a trip to the Gap, SM's are all over up there! Also,Check around, and see if KTM is doing any Demo SM rides around you, when you ride a SM on the track you'll be hooked!! I rode Sport bikes for years in the mountains, but now all i want to ride on the street is my SM. they are a Blast! Good luck, BC
  11. Cool, Thanks, I contact Emig Racing, and if that doesn't work i'll go the shim route.
  12. I personally Feel we are on the edge of an SM explosion!! Its big out west, Getting bigger in the northern states, and here in the mid east, its coming along slowly. There are more tracks popping up every day. The Manufactures are now producing factory Sm's, Yamaha to be out next year. Also, the aftermarket parts are becoming more available, and they are off the hook. Just my 2 cents. Peace!
  13. -Yea, near Mason, I live in Liberty Twp over off Cin-Dayton. -I have a few frinds who live in Amelia. Used to live in Milford years ago, road street and offroad with guys from over there. -Marietta OH? Been there along time ago though.
  14. Thanks, Anybody else?
  15. North of Cincinnati 24 miles.