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  1. hondawoody108

    DNA Extreme Wheels???

    I have a set of DNA Black rims/ stainless spokes and silver hubs on my CRF450 for two years. They are great, was concerned about spokes comoing loose based on other posts but mine have needed very little tightening.
  2. hondawoody108

    CRF 450 chain

    Thanks for the help! I am so sorry I am not a pro on this forum....
  3. hondawoody108

    loudest pipe

    White Bros Aluminum Pro is also stupid load!!! I have one on my 07 CRF 450. Amazing power!
  4. hondawoody108

    CRF 450 chain

    What is the best chain to use on a CRF 450? DID MX ?
  5. hondawoody108

    What's everyone paying for the 07 CRF 450?

    Just paid $6,289 OTD
  6. hondawoody108

    2007 crf 450

    Anyone messed with the suspension on your 2007 crf450? I am 185lbs. The front has .46 and the rear 5.5. My 2004 has .48 and 5.4. they revalved the 07, not sure what to do
  7. hondawoody108

    FMF Factory 4 Muffler

    Anyone have an fmf factory 4 slip on on thier 2004 crf 450? how does it perfrom? What is a good price for one?
  8. hondawoody108

    new packing for muffler

    Anyone have any problems with the packing in thier muffler? Mine seams to be almost gone and it seams to be bogging the power down. Is this an easy fix? drill out the rivots and repack?
  9. hondawoody108

    Stock clutch basket

    I have a Wisco basket in my 04 crf450. I looked at it last winter ( 1 year old) and it looked like new. I will look at it again this winter. great product
  10. hondawoody108

    50 plus hours on 2004 crf450

    What should I replace on my 2004 CRF 450 that has at least 50 hours on it? Crank Assembly? main bearings? Wiseco or stock piston? 11.5:1 or higher? It seams to be low on power. I checked the valve clearance and they all looked good. it makes a ticking noise sometimes like its low on oil but it isn't. It might have more like 70 plus hours on it