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  1. Until they quit selling them, I wouldn't expect an update, I would assume they are almost pure profit at this point.
  2. Nice work, you hate to just up and change things when they seem good. I had the pulser sensor on the baby bandit fail intermittently, but when cold it was fine. Happened to pull the cover off and found the dodgy connection in the rubber that surrounds the wires as they pass through the case. That annoyed me because they had just twisted them so it was almost random failures and it varied the symptoms a bit. But in my case, the stator was on the other side, so it was a pretty easy job once I worked out where to look.
  3. I had one, ended up taking it off and selling it to a fella in England, he loved it. I had the steady throttle issues. Here is a Link to my album of Edelbrock pictures, it might tire you out. The FCRMX39 is at least 2X the cost BECAUSE it is worth every penny. I kind of felt the thing was "too adjustable". Very hard to leave it alone. You also need a manual to learn to adjust it.
  4. I have the old stage II cams 2003 in and ex. I had the head rebuilt by APE. I have an FCR39MX from TT, a full MRD pro exhaust, I love it the thing pulls from the bottom up AND I use it at the race track. I put in an E CDI, rev limiter is about 9850 according to mister trailtech vapor. I routinely bang off of it when riding and at the track. Revs fast, very nice, also you can get the front up pretty easy at low speed. I have an SM. I also have a stock S, that may get a set of E cams that I have stashed. As to breaking it in. I do 3 heat cycles at idle. Let it run until the fan comes on, then shut her down and cool back to ambient. Then I go ride her like I stole her. Never an issue, I have good ring seating. I know this because last time I had a poor job done on my head and a valve spring failed. I did learn via Erik that there is an exponentional increase in load on the valve springs for those extra few hundred RPM. That said, when I pulled her apart, I replaced everything in the cases except the balancer and tranny gears/shafts. I installed a new crank, rod, piston, and big bore kit. I am happy with her now, I think my valve spring had been going for a while. The motor now is awesome. I should have listened to Erik, I should have done this rebuild the first time I did the big bore so I would know the condition of the engine I am about to modify/spank. All that said, I did it the way I did it, so YMMV, I am just pointing out an alternate method which may not work for everyone. I do recommend the big bore and cams. I do not want to discuss break in, I am pretty sure nowadays there are several choices. The plus on the current stage II cams is the decompressor. My cams do not have that and sometimes it has a little trouble rolling the motor. Of course it normally starts in less time than it takes me to let go of the button. Be sure and let us know what you did. P.S. I used assembly lube and changed the oil at 100 miles. I had zero metal and I put Royal Purple in if anyone wondered.
  5. 66 and 62. I Will be 60 this year and I still have my Gixxer 750. It is 12 yrs old, but it rocks at the track. I am a member at Motorsport Ranch in Cresson, TX. So I get to go ride when it is convenient for me. I have learned that I need a DR-Z400 around, so I have 2 now. I also have a spare motor I may build as a Kicker/SM motor and play with that a while. I think that bang for the buck a DR-Z is a great value. I first joined the track when I had a new 2005 SM. I love them, I spent a lot of money on suspension for mine (plus BB-FCR-SSW-Brembo, etc.) and it probably is the best handling track bike I have. I have dropped a valve in her once, now she has a basically new motor with a big bore and 2003 cams. Very nice.
  6. I personally think the Seat Concepts is the only good choice. Quality is excellent. Great support and low price. I have dealt with Corbin in the past and I will never deal with them again. The guy said I could modify the brackets, I couldn't expect a custom seat to fit perfectly! So, I can dispute their statement. The Seat concepts seats are extremely well made and fit perfectly. I have had 3 or 4 on various bikes. Love them. Stop looking, buy the seat concepts.
  7. I agree, I just bought my first S and 5th DR-Z, 6th if you count my 70. I have a lot of money into my SM and it is pretty dang awesome on the track. I should spoon on some slicks. There isn't much more fun.
  8. Nice scooter, I am amazed you ride distances on the stock seat. Of course, since I have dropped 50-ish pounds it isn't quite as bad. I love my seat concepts. Whose wheels are those? As to Vapor, I have been running one for about 8 or so years and love it. I am about to put one on my DR-Z400S, and remove all the relays and such.
  9. Only takes 2 liters of oil, filters and o-rings are cheap, peace of mind is priceless
  10. My motor was pretty well abused and was still pristine inside. If I hadn't dropped a valve in there, I would still be running her at 22k miles or so. These things are pretty hard to beat reliability-wise as long as you do the work.
  11. P.S. Upgrade the front brake you will be very happy....
  12. Nope, I had that head built by Eddie back in the day, it was supposed to be 1mm over on the valves to prep me for a stroker. After it busted, I measured they were stock size. Not sure who made the springs or if they were original Suzuki parts, but it had APE retainers in it. So now I am sure of it's pedigree, and I am happy with the way she runs. It is fun getting off of it and on to the Stockish S and contrasting the two. The big bore just pulls harder and harder to the rev limiter. I know it will only run 96 mph at the reve limiter in 5th. Probably need to consider regearing it, but I don't need to do 96 on my SM. I had the S indicating 91mph today. It has a pipe and a jet kit, no 3X3. I got lots of things to keep doing to the S. It got new shoes a set of Shinko 700s. They work better on the hard crap around here. Great on gravel and dirt roads
  13. I personally would rip it all apart and make it better. I had some head work done on my first big bore, and a valve spring broke. I had the head redone again, and rebuilt the entire engine. All the bearings, measured everything, and other than where the valve hit the piston, she was perfect inside. I still changed the bearings because I had them and I was in there. Every clutch plate in mine was brand new, I had a new cam chain, the bike had around 21k miles on it. After 14k or so I bought it, and have put around 8k total on her. I bang her off the rev limiter (I have an E CDI so it is 500 RPM higher), I have the old unobtainium 2003 cams, an FCR and still ride the piss out of her. Never complains always runs great. The bikes, even with BB and cams, pipe and such is rock solid reliable if you maintain it. I have 2 DR-Zs right now, an S and an SM. I love them both for different reasons.
  14. I had the (APE) guys do mine. All new valves, seats, springs, retainers and lapped it. They also said they cleaned up the ports. The last pictures are what I sent them. Including shipping I paid $526.11 last September. They did great work, it took a bit, but I told them not to hurry since I was rebuilding the whole motor. The work they did was excellent, I had no issues, I am using the old 2003 Hot Cams. So I am very pleased. And it is pretty too.
  15. You should post up and be glad you are down near Erik, great resource and he seems to love the right scooters.