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  1. You can contact onroad/offroad suspension in Austin, Texas and ask for Roger, he can tell you how he valved them. Realize I have Showa Twin Chamber forks so they differ from the S and E models.
  2. Not exact details but my suspension guy installed Race Tech gold valves
  3. I lowered mine internally, 1.5" on the front and .75 in the rear, overall about an inch and a half drop. It is pretty significant, and the re-valved suspension rocks. Here is how far the front was dropped
  4. I have a big bore, single base gasket, FCR, 3X3, old style stage II cams and I am jetted per the specs on here. Runs like a top. I just rebuilt my motor from the bottom up and replaced all the bearings. I am running 10W40 Suzuki oil, got a couple of hundred on her and will change it soon. I had around 25K total miles on the motor, so I figure I am only breaking in the rings/cylinder interface. I followed the standard directions of putting the piston in dry with a thumb sized dollop of oil on each skirt. Then I fired her up, let her idle until the fan came on, then shut her down, did 3 total cycles like that. Then I took her out and spanked the pee out of her. Runs great, no issues. I don't expect much if any metal as the tranny is already mated well after all the miles. For the record, I always run regular 87-89 Octane in her and never a knock. I think either is fine, YMMV. As to cam chains, I am sort of a "why not while you are in there?" kind of guy. I replaced mine with a Wiseco, back when I put in the cams originally. I had 14K on her then, so it seemed prudent. Much like changing all the bearings. E. Marquez said, "If I was building a big bore, I would want to be sure the bottom end is good." So I replaced all of it. After opening the motor and replacing them, I found the old ones every bit as good as the new ones. But, I know the condition of the bike now, so it was worth the trouble. Enjoy your big bore, be sure and remember that even when you get good advice, none of us are perfect, so use a logic test on advice. If it sounds screwed up, it might be, seek a second opinion. Enjoy your DR-Z. I keep thinking I want to put new style stage II cams in mine so I can use a kick starter and go to full Kicker mode. If I had the head machined I could install a release, but I would have to move my fan a bit, but that isn't too hard. We shall see.
  5. For the record, with regard to regretting the selling of one's DR-Z. I bought the 2005 SM new from a dealer, decided I was done with it after a year or so, then sold it to a buddy. I realized I had messed up, and tried to buy it back. No chance, so I bought a 2006 with 14k miles on her. I did a lot of head work, big bore, FCR and brakes and stuff. Then I sold it to a buddy. He told me in a year or so that he was going to sell it. I bought it back. Then I sold it last year to a buddy of mine, he traded it back for my Gixxer 750. So, the final total is that I have purchased a DR-Z400SM 4 times. My wife has forbidden the selling of the bike, because she knows I will just throw more money after it. Same with the Gixxer, had a 2007, sold it, bought a 2006, sold it, and just bought it back late last year. So 3X a gixxer purchase as well. I guess I will own the Gixxer and the DR-Z into my 80's, I am 59 now. I can be ok with that. I like the FZ-1, but I think the right way is to pick one up for under $3k and keep the DR-Z to make your soul be satisfied. It doesn't hurt that my DR-Z was just rebuilt by me and has all new bearings, crank, cylinder, piston and rings, lots of money spent on the suspension and so many little things, I cannot even count.
  6. Thanks, don't forget I am selling the king of supermotos, and SXV 550.
  7. Dang, I never get better than 40 mpg with my DR-Z. Glad the BB worked out for you.
  8. It is a DR-Z specific set up. I also bought the DRC speedo gear cover because it no longer used the cable.
  9. I have a Trail Tech Vapor with the PDA dash, I have temperature, RPM, Speed, Trip, air temp and it saves max speed and such. I put LED bulbs in and you can see them in the sun. I have two blinkers, hi beam and neutral. The high temp doesn't get used, but you can set a high temp on the vapor indication. Works great, easy to use. Powered off of the bike. Easy to install and relatively inexpensive.
  10. The big bore piston I sent to you only ran regular gas, 87 octane or so. It was just barely 12:1 or so with the single gasket. Never a moments trouble. My really "high performance" bikes get premium, but also have run on 87 without incident. YMMV.
  11. Here is the one I installed, also Cometic, also came with the Cylinderworks Kit.
  12. Thanks, let me know when you ship. If you will send it USPS you can ship to my new PO Box, I will PM you the addy.
  13. Hey, If you don't want the old one, could you ship it back? I can use it for my wall of shame. Be glad to pay you for the shipping. Thanks
  14. I think the re-use of C-Clips is flirting with disaster for a cheap part. you are already in there, they are cheap. Why take the risk. Also, as you know I punted and took the replace it all route, but I think the parts are serviceable. Especially the cylinder. Either way you go you will enjoy the big bore. Just don't be me and blow it up after you install it.
  15. Thanks Erik, I got all my phillips screws out with a standard phillips bit. I guess I was lucky. I did destroy the end of one, though. I thought it was the screw, but I lost the end of the bit, very scary, but luckily, I had more.