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  1. I wonder if anyone would be dumb enough to try to kick start a Maico in flip-flops! Like maybe a AW400 with magneto ignition! Wow, would that be fun to watch!
  2. Dr. Mark ----- what is your view, pro and con, on the new style MX boots with the hinge by the ankle area? Does this create any new problems or concerns as compared to the old style leather boots without the hinge. Remember the Full Bore boots Hi-Points! You could feel the shifter and the brake pedal with precision and the feet where still protected. I was just wondering what the medical profession thinks of the newer style boots. Thanks!
  3. Sunoco 112 has a specific gravity of .716 ------ 93 octane unleaded has a specific gravity of .739 ----- you have to go richer for 112, not leaner. And that crap about lead hurting the engine is just that ----- CRAP! Lead lubricates the valves ----- always has and always will! I run straight 112 in my YZ450F, jetted richer and it doesn't run any hotter ---- Check out the info on the outlaw karting sites -------
  4. mx27

    D17 race under water?

    Rubber band starts ought to be interesting! Remember the good' ol days????? That's before I-pods, cell phones, and everyother device that is supposed to reduce stress and make our lives "easier"! Yeah, right!!!!
  5. Well, I had the same problem with my YZ450F and this is what it was. The rubber seal on the vaccum door on the slide goes bad and the vaccum door wears slightly and it will cause all kinds of crap with the bike ---- stalling in the air, NOT good! --- dying coming into corners and just plain hard to start at times. I changed the seal and the air vaccum door on the slide and bingo! A whole new machine! I found this out by swapping carbs with a friend and then talking to a Keihin rep. Look in your carb ---- the answer to your problems are hiding in there. Also, what race gas are you using? Regular 93 octane has a densitiy rating of around 760 and most race gas in around 725 - 735 which means you will have to go richer on the jetting all the way through. Hope this helps.
  6. mx27

    D-17 closed tracks

    Well, ya missed one ---- how about the track in St. Anne? The one with the creek crossings that would drown out the old Yamaha's ----- back like in 1973 -74.
  7. mx27

    D-17 FBI fastest riders

    Anybody remember Eddie Martin and Dave Shumway? These guys could haul the mail too! Or how about the late Craig Cheeseman ---- would come down to the starting line at Byron smoking a cigarette and at the last minute pitch it and and then put his big Maico out front and show everyone the way around ---- those where the good old days!
  8. I have a big problem with the front forks of my YZ450F. I have a set of Race-Tech gold valves and installed them but did not do anything to the mid-valve assy. What the problem is the bike's forks are way to harsh in the first 6 -7" of travel. I called Race-Tech and they told me to change the mid-valve to a check valve and it would fix the problem. Not so! I put the forks back together and then had no damping whatsoever! I have tried to put the mid-valve back in and the forks no have damping but they are harsh and unrideable. I have .44 springs installed as I only weigh 160#. Anyone have any suggestions??????? Race-Tech is not much help on this ---- they say it should work. The upside down forks have never worked as well as the ones on my 84 Maico!
  9. mx27

    For the older guys....Who works out?

    Well, they say if ya don't use it it'll break easier or not work at all! I'm 58 and race in the +50 class in the summer. In the winter I try to swim as much as possible and get some excersize working --- auto tech. In the summer I ride a stand up jet ski at least twice a week for 2 hours each time. We also used to be able to take the waveraider Yamaha ski's across Lake Erie to Canada, but the Iraq stuff put a stop to that! Your right tho, when ya crash the ground seems to come up faster! They say you start out rac'in with a full pot of luck and and empty pot of experience, the trick is to fill the pot of experiece before the pot of luck runs out! Mine luck pot still has some left in it!
  10. Well, I posted a question awhile back but I guess nobody else knows either. How do you set the ignition timing on the YZ450F's? Also what is the range of adjustment or isn't there any? Anybody know or doesn't anybody check this! Please elaborate on this subject and never mind which oil is the cheapest oil to run in the 4-strokes! Any oil is cheaper than parts! The boat ride over across the pond in not cheap!
  11. Can anyone tell me if the ignition timing is adjustable on the '03 450? I took the cover off to install a heavier flywheel and it doesn't look to me that the stator plate is movable. The manual says to check and adjust the timing but doesn't really tell ya a whole lot! Anyone move their stator plate to set the timing? I'm not going to move mine 'cause mine starts great so it must be right!
  12. mx27

    Should I buy a TTR90?

    The TTR90 is a super bike! I have one for a pit bike and a number of people who go to the races with me ride it. They all say what reliable machine it is and it will pull 155# up any hill we can run into at the MX tracks! Buy one -- you won't be sorry!