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  1. well i guess i'll tear it down this week & see if thats what it is.. I wouldn't be suprized coz i've never worked on this thing b4.. i could have swore i put it on the same way that the other came off but who knows. i'll check it out. Thanks!
  2. hey guys. i recently tore my crf50 apart due to the 1st & 2nd gear being messed up & not working.. they were striped. i tore it apart & replaced the main shaft & low range gear. now that it's all back together. it won't engauge into first. 2nd & 3rd work perfectly & there is no griding what so ever. i can click it into 1st & it just rev's, 2nd & 3rd are ridable but not having 1st gear is a real killer.. any suggestions as to what would be causing this? thanks in advance for any info tony
  3. i got this whole thing together & it runs! i've very proud of my self for that! but the only problem is that when in neutral, i click up once & it doesn't engauge into first.. if i click up a second time, it jumps into second.. the reason i know it's second is coz it's no where near as torquy as first normally would be. what do u guys think i did wrong?
  4. is there any way to wire up a head light to the stock stator setup on a crf 50? how much power is out put from the stock stator?
  5. Well, it's all back together other than the motor! i don't have the kick stand on since the motor isn't back in yet so i used the smerf!
  6. i have about 8,000 into my whole setup. Walk-in closet sized oven. If you need anything done, lemme kno.
  7. I do my own powder coating. I have a walk-in oven located in my garage. It's more or less a side business & it lets me play with my own stuff a lot. I started to put my 50 back together. Here's a pic.
  8. I threw all the pix into one, it's not the best pic but at least everyone can see what i did with some of my down time, i have till wed. before i get my parts to put my motor back together!
  9. ok well i just got home from the honda shop. Purchased: Main Shaft Low Range Gear Center case gasket Right side case gasket $101.45 i got the gaskets today .. they had to order the shaft & the gear so i should have them wed. Being that i'm going to experience 5 days of down time that i can't do anything, i decided to tear the rest of the bike down to bare frame, i'm going to powder coat it. I'll toss up some more pix later on tonight or tomarrow!
  10. i'll have to check out the prices while i'm there & see how much money i have to throw at it. i'm cluless about the prices at this point. Any ideas on what the replacment parts are going to run me?
  11. ok so i stopped in at my honda dealer today & picked up the lil tool for the clutch locknut.. it made things way easier.. I finally got everything split & all apart, I Found the problem! Pix: i believe that is 1st gear & the main shaft that is all messed up.. i'm just gonna stop in at the dealer tomarrow & point out the parts on the screen. We'll see how much it's going to run me. I was very carful with the gaskets, do u guys think 'm going to need to replace them all or no? Thanks a million for all the help guys.. i just hope i can get it back together without to many probs. Now that i know how everything goes.. it shouldn't be all that bad, i'll probably have a couple questions setting the timing & what not.
  12. i've been beating on this clutch locknut for two days now & can't seem to get it to break free
  13. ok.. yes, i did peal back the tab that was in place. Just wanted to make sure before i started tearin up with the screw driver! Thanks!
  14. ok.. so who has a trick to getting the "clutch lock nut" off without purchasing some propriatary tool from the honda shop, if it's even avaliable for the public? pic:
  15. oppisite end of the state, i'm in the Youngstown area. Thanks a lot for the offer tho. Yes, i'm guessing that i'll be replacing 1st & 2nd gears. I'll be able to see for sure as soon as i get this thing split! I'll be workin on it soem more tonight! Thanks for the help so far guys!! No, i haven't purchased one yet. It looks like i probably should though for when i go to re-assemble this. I'll try & pick one up when i go to the shop for my replacment parts. Does there happen to be one in PDF format on the web somewhere?