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  1. 12GSRider

    te 450 or 510 suitable for the highway ?

    nope , i dont think its too much fun at all. In fact I tried it once. Yeah real dirbikes dont fare well on the freeway!
  2. 12GSRider

    Up-Tite axel nut

    Sounds like they had a falling out and would rather not deal with him directly . But would still buy that product from another source:busted:
  3. 12GSRider

    Opinion on Fat Bar Mounts

    Id say yes they are very comparable the brp unit looks a bit beefier, but both are good products.
  4. got this a while ago for my 06, of course it doesnt fit the new 50mm, selling on flea bay http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=170068947266 will sell on forum for $75 paypal obo, its brand new, shipped!
  5. 12GSRider

    Question for 07 TE/SMR owners.

    not 100% sure but where would it go? not in the muffler. Its not in the pipes soo.. Yeah i dont think so.
  6. 12GSRider

    Question for 07 TE/SMR owners.

    i hope not i ran some mixed u4 and c12 ran good too.
  7. He gets a bit uptite when you dont buy from Uptite!
  8. 12GSRider

    SMR 450 Jetting Setup

    yea i checked it out haha. Next time.
  9. 12GSRider

    SMR 450 Jetting Setup

    carb work on this thing is cake, dont worry if it takes a couple of times to get it right. Still i run the JD jet kit, works Pimp!
  10. 12GSRider

    The deed is done!!!

    sounds good, i would sweat the price too much, sounds like ya did good. The Malcolm smith loyalty card works great too, amounts to 10% off for life. The most of the guys are pretty good. Beau tells me you wanna take it to the dirt? are you gonna get some dirt hoops or swap tires back n forth?
  11. dude YOU screwed up. If he said yes to the deal after much ball busting and you didn't run with a deposit then its your fault. People talk alot so not knowing you from a hole in the wall you get nothing with no money in thier hands
  12. 12GSRider

    Mo power

    I want more power for my TE-450 Its all stock save for derestriction. What should i do got links? Tips
  13. 12GSRider

    Smellin Gas

    is your tank breather workin??? are you turning your petcock off?
  14. 12GSRider

    2007 Te 250

    That bike is gonna be sick. Does it come with the BST carbon fiber wheels?
  15. 12GSRider

    06 TE250 2nd Ride/State Inspection Report

    +1 my BMW R1200GS has a plastic tank also.