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  1. Joewoodsrider

    making 03 yz250f road legal ??? advice needed

    Need about a $1000 bucks. Baja Designs sells the e-line stator and cover for about $500 and the dual sport kit includes everything for another $500. I love the weight and power of my yz250f but a WR is way cheaper to dual sport and no need to upgrade the stator.
  2. Joewoodsrider

    change from 19" to 18" rear wheel

    I bought a brand new 18 inch wheel all laced up an new wheel bearings off ebay for $176 shipping included. It had a rim strip and two rim locks also. Most used complete 18 inch wheels do not go below 150 on ebay. If you have the money blue wheels would look great.
  3. Joewoodsrider

    Might go orange...

    I have read many articles that the 2006 yz250f did not turn as a result of the frame geometry. They changed the frame for 07 yz250f and reports that it turned great. Motors were fine once they solved the valve issues on the 06. That KTM is supposed to have a few more ponies.
  4. Joewoodsrider

    Down-Shift From 2 to 1 Hits Neutral

    I bought a low mileage 2003 yz250f and it has always been hard to get into first gear when down shifting from second gear. When first gear is needed due to the technical trail or a hill with rocks and wet angled roots I sometimes would let the clutch out partially then pull the clutch back in and it will downshift. My friends have had yzf and wrs with no problem at all. If the oil is not changed every 2 or 3 rides it does get harder to shift also. One of my motorcross friends always tells me to not use the clutch when upshifting or downshifting, just back off the throttle and shift. My bike downshifts from 2nd to 1st without the clutch smoothly. If I use the clutch it is almost always an issue. I believe the prior owner probably bent the shift fork. I do not plan on spitting the cases to fix this. If you are racing this might be necessary to fix or if you are just trail riding "if it ain't completely broke don't fix it."