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    chevy smokes dodge!!!

    all right cowboy...lets get one thing straight...U started this thread crowing about how great the d-max was and how much dodge and ford sucked...Alot of ppl joined ur rant and on it went...Now that us lowly..misunderstood..under cylindered..low reving dodge boys step up and defend our engines...U loose ur steam and sit there stumbling for ways to try and defend the all mighty d-max...BTW..Did u know that the d-max is as much an isuzu engine as it is a GM??..At least dodge doesnt have to come up with fancy names like Duramax and Powerstroke for their engine of choice... But I want u to think about something...The diesel performance industry just started taking off about 5 yrs ago...Which means that the d-max has been around since all the diesel performance companies r doing their research and finding out how to do things...The Modified pulling trucks like Scheid and Haisley Machine run using the 12 valve cummins..make their power off of principals and experience that has been around for decades...It wasnt untill C..F..and D started using the solenoid fired injectors that the diesel performance industry really took off... There is a reason u do not see a d-max or powerstroke running in the modified classes at the sled pulls...The V8's cannot stand up to the stresses of pushing out well over 1000 hp and dragging upwards of 40-50 thousand lbs of dead weight... Just a lil food for thought...Lets see where the bombed d-max's and power strokes r after a few hundred throusand miles... Moose P.S. - I dun care what u think of me just as i am sure u dont care what I think of u...I am just trying to help enlighten u so u dont sound like an idiot when u talk to ppl
  2. Moose3406

    chevy smokes dodge!!!

    that better?..And no body recruited me...Im here of my own accord... Moose
  3. Moose3406

    chevy smokes dodge!!!

    I knew I forgot something Moose P.S. - And yes I know I have several typos...Damn cheap video cards and broken glasses
  4. Moose3406

    chevy smokes dodge!!!

    All right...for all u ppl who seem to think that dodge and ford suck compared to the d-max...I think there r a few things yall should know first...The high pressure injection system the d-max started using when they first came out (u know the one some of yall were saying dodge and ford copied) was designed and engineered by Caterpillar many yrs ago....But chevy made changes to the design as did dodge and ford...as a result all 3 r having their own lil problems with their systems...Hence the reason chevy extended the warranty on the injectos to 200,000 miles...And dodge has been having problems with the injectors sticking open and burning holes in the pistons...This is mainly due to there being too much duirt in the fuel going into the injection pump...Cat used 2 micron filters where C..F..and D r usually using 10 micron.... As to how much power and torque the d-max is making of of tuning only..that is thanks to the VGT (variable geometry turbo) and water cooling...Yes VGT is great and chevy and ford have had great experience with it...But when they decide to crater...They usually cost as much as a good set of twins for a dodge....And yes I know turbo failures r not common...rather the opposite in fact....Also think about this though...While the d-max can make alot of power from tuning and such..how long will that power last?..The highest mileage d-max I have heard of was around 150k miles and he was stock...Alot of guys with dodges dont start bombing them till after 100k...Even then there r a hell of a lot of bombed dodges running around with well over 200-300k and they r still running great....... Many companies have proved that the stock d-max engine usually starts to become unreliable around the 500-600 hp range with around 700 being about the top limit on the stock internals...Go to TDR and see how many dodges r pushing 600..700..even 800 hp on all stock guts aside from o-ringing and studding the head and perhaps a cam for better spool up.....The 5.9L cummings that dodge started using back in 89 was a slightly modified version of the industrial engine that is in alot of heavy equipment and marive vessels...Ford has the 5.9 cummins as an option on their F650's i believe (not sure exactly which model)...Even the 5.9's dodge is using today has basically the same guts as their industrial bretheren do.....V8 engines just do not have the long term durability and reliability of a straight 6...V8's have alot more weight moving around at higher speeds going to 2 different directions!..True all 3 manufactures all have approx the same power levels...But if u look closely at the stats...The d-max and powerstroke have to turn at least an extra 1000 rpm to do it..if not more...And they have 2 extra cylinders and 8 extra valves......... I drive a dodge with the Cummins in it...I chose this truck over the chevy and ford for many of the reasons stated above...But prolly the main reason I got the dodge....I CAN AUCTUALLY SEE THE ENGINE BLOCK!!!!....I dont have to dig through wiring harness and turbos and plastic covers!!...Its right there!!...There is auctually room to get in there and work on the thing if the need arises..or easily stuff another turbo in there is I so desire....Oh yeah...and IFS 4x4's suck...Cant tell yall how many times I have seen the 3/4 or 1 ton chevy snap the tie rods then break more stuff when the front tires try to slam into each other....... This is just some food for thought for all u d-max or powerstroke loyalists who think that ur engine of choice if the cream of the crop...these r my own opinions supported by facts as they were presented to me...I may be wrong on some things...but u know what...I like the cummins...so plz DO NOT go around bad mouthing...Keep ur opinions to urself and and laugh silently as u watch others make asses of them selfs when they crow bout this or that being the best....Sry if I popped some of yalls bubbles Moose