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  1. ncma-538


    anybody know when the '09s start hitting showrooms? i know its usually mid august but didnt know if anyone had some better dates...
  2. ncma-538

    Noticeable mods to an 06'

    i put hotcams in my '06 and also a white brothers carbon pro 2 pipe and the differences were amazing
  3. ncma-538

    Toronto Supercross on Speed

    yea i got that set to record on dvr. there is also a '06 Canadian Motcross Nationals race on around 1 central sunday too.
  4. ncma-538

    guys show me your kawasakis

    yea i know i wish it was:confused:
  5. ncma-538

    guys show me your kawasakis

    '06 250F's http://i132.photobucket.com/albums/q14/ncma-538/mybike.jpg http://i132.photobucket.com/albums/q14/ncma-538/MonsterBike.jpg
  6. ncma-538

    Any one know this bike? Or what might be in it?

    im pretty sure this is the bike you bought am i right? this is the only pic of it that i have. i heard it was trevors bike from colorado and it somehow ended up in PA and i dont know if its real pro circuit stuff but my guess is that it is because the sun guys are serious about racing and put lots of money in thier bikes. http://i132.photobucket.com/albums/q14/ncma-538/06KX250F1.jpg
  7. ncma-538

    powder coating a frame...color ideas???

    you could make it colors like blue or red powdercoated frame and then get blue or red rims and graphics to match and that would look sweet. i saw an '05 suzuki 250f with custom yellow/blue/black graphics, blue rims, blue frame, and blue numberplates and it looked sweet.
  8. ncma-538

    weak subframes

    yea i bent my '06 subframe too and it wasnt bad so we bent it back but its still not like stock and the pipe still doesnt fit very well.
  9. ncma-538

    Helmet: What looks good with my gear?

    heres a pretty cool one... http://www.btosports.com/p/THR0110-060
  10. ncma-538

    661 Helmets

    yea i bough the '06 Izzy Hurricane Flight replica and it was an awsome looking helmet and fit well but i broke 2 visors on small crashes and cracked the whole helmet in 4 places on a fairly big crash so we got an '06 yellow/bronze Hurricane Flight helmet and i went through those visors just as fast but at least the helmet is holding up. with my old cheap HJC i never broke anything on it in similar crashes but the visor adjustment screw was on the front so when you wreck it just pushes the visor down and on the 661's the adjuster is on the top and when you wreck there is nowhere for the visor to go:excuseme: so if it wasnt for my sponsorship with them i would get some other brand and dont keep blowing money on 661's.....unless you never wreck.
  11. ncma-538

    Uni or Twin Air

    i prefer Twin Air
  12. ncma-538

    everyone is always asking for these

    i saw some red anodized aluminum cones like those and i thought about gettin them for my '06 cause it seems like the rubber ones are always moving then i decided not to because im thinkin that they will keep the mounts from moving and bend my bars instead of moving the rubber. i can get along with re-setting my mounts everytime i wreck but not buy new bars everytime i wreck. unless someone has these aluminum ones and can prove my thoughts wrong, im sticking with the stock rubber cones.
  13. ncma-538

    does anyone?

    i know sfb racing does http://www.sfbracing.net
  14. ncma-538

    green rims

    i seen this one on ebay a while back http://putfile.com/pic.php?pic=main/8/21422595958.jpg&s=f10 http://putfile.com/pic.php?pic=main/8/21423011644.jpg&s=f10
  15. ncma-538

    what race fuel are you running

    the highest octane i can find in nebraska is 91 so i got 30 gal. of 91 and put it in a drum and added 3 gal. of 127 octane avgas. it brings the octane up to about 95 and it runs good in my stock '06 engine plus the avgas has a little lead in it to help with lubrication.