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  1. Manchu

    Need a helmet.

    I'm currently using an Arai XD but am looking at picking up one of these rather soon --> The XD is a really nice helmet, however, I prefer an open face; and these AGVs have some pretty stellar reviews. Probably from these guys... http://www.motostrano.com/agvblade.html
  2. Manchu

    best bars for tall L riders?

    How do you like those anti-vibration risers? I've got the regular Rox risers, but even with lead shot filling the bars I still get a lot of vibes.
  3. Manchu

    XR650L Happy Trails SU Rack

    I've had the SU rack on my L for about 2.5-years now, all the while with a set of Pelican cases mounted. I've yet to have a problem so far...knock on wood. Haven't noticed anything out of the ordinary with removing either side panel or battery box cover due to the rack.
  4. Manchu

    Areas near Ft. Sill

    As for places to check out, I guess there are a few... Mount Scott is definately a must see - the tallest mountain in the state. Also part of the Wichita Wildlife Refuge (which your friend mentioned). Not quite sure if you're allowed to take any 'vehicles' on the trails, though. At any rate, there are some cool back roads that cut through the refuge. The only thing is that you've got to be on the lookout for cattle and bison that are free-range, so it's kinda common to come up on 'em while they're strolling across the road. If you're going to be in that area you may want to stop at the Meers diner - they've got some killer burgers (like, the 'Meers burger'), but heads up they only accept cash. Another really cool place to ride is Tom Sneed Lake a little past Snyder (about 45-min. away from post). There are quite a few old dirt/farm roads and trails that cut up through the back side of the lake (on the west side) and take you past a lot of great scenery. I've got some grids plugged if you need them. Hope this helps some...
  5. Manchu

    Areas near Ft. Sill

    Hmph...well, I've been asking the same question since I got here about 2.5 years ago. I've found the 'pig crossing' which is the official offroad recreational area on post. It is located on South Boundary Road over on the basic training side of post. It's not all that impressive size-wise, but has a couple of pretty gnarly hills. Other than that, there is a network of spider trails and tank trails just north of main post...like if you try heading out past the fish & game center, there'll be a turn off on the left from the hardball. I'd try to hook with ya when you get in town but I work insane hours over on the basic training side... Either way, bring your bike. I'm sure you'll find some 'decent' riding. Btw, what do you ride?? ETA: Nevermind...I see now -- the KLX. ;-)
  6. Manchu

    Acerbis 5.8 owners 650L

    As for availability, have you checked these guys? ---> http://www.justgastanks.com/store/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=1_9_126
  7. Manchu

    CRF vs 650L video

  8. Manchu

    Hard Bags & Rack XR650L

    The SU rack and cases with mounting kit ran right at around $500, iirc. The cycleracks top rack was something like $130 (??). All-in-all, less than what it would've cost for the HT panniers by themselves. As for how well they would take a tumble I can't really comment. I haven't really had a chance to do some serious riding in a while now. My intent all along has been to do the TAT some day and I've tried outfitting the bike accordingly the best I can.
  9. Manchu

    Hard Bags & Rack XR650L

    Click on my 'Garage,' there's a few uploaded there. Also, mine's in the gallery section on 4strokes.com as well, under the same board name.
  10. Manchu

    Hard Bags & Rack XR650L

    Wow...two days and no responses - surprising!?!? I've noticed some really nice setups over at 4strokes as well. There are a few different routes to go with racks and hard bags. On mine I went with the Happy Trail SU rack and Pelican cases, and initially I also added the Happy Trail top rack but wound up replacing it with the cycleracks model. As for mounting the cases, the Happy Trail mounting kit including everything I needed to get it done. I've been running this setup for about two years now and I feel they're by far the most useful mod I've done.
  11. Manchu

    Advice from Italia DS riders requested

    You might try asking over at advrider as well, lotsa knowledgeable folks there on issues like this.
  12. First off, I appreciate any insight anyone can shed on this for me. I've got an '06 650L with Dave's mods, SuperTrapp IDS2, airbox removed, stock air filter, the smog equipment is still on it, and I'm at about 1200-feet asl. Okay, here's the issue: it's running rich as shi'te, so bad that the last I was over at my buddies garage (huge 4-car garage with ventilation) we could only run the bike for a minute or so until it would get so noxious you couldn't stand it. The last I checked I am getting around 30-mpg even with a conservative riding style, city/highway mix. Any suggestions? Do I need to re-jet, or would de-smogging and a UNI filter be enough to lean it out?
  13. Have you looked in to those Tour Tanks -- pretty slick way for carrying additional go-juice.