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  1. marine89

    just bought 2006 300 xcw motor

    yes its a direct bolt on
  2. well get the bike complete but now i have to sell it cause i need the cash more then the bike right now.... Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  3. sounds like your float is stuck at the bottom, when the fuel bowl fills up the float s supposed to rise and stop more fuel from coming in if it does not rise the fuel keeps flowing in to the bowl and exiting the carb via the overflow hoses. remove the lower bowl cover of the carb and clean the float levers where it attaches to the carb I dont know the proper terms or names of al the parts but you should get the basic idea. Afterwords just reassemble and ride. dont use harsh chemicals as this will damage the orings I usually use a lite water down degreaser such as 409 or even a 50/50 mix of pinesol and water just make sure you completly dry off what ever you use.
  4. marine89

    07 big bore on 09 YZ250F

    It might have something to do with the compression, I beleive the compression was increased on the 08+. My understanding is that some individuals here run the 08+ piston on 07 and older bikes. If you can run the newer piston on the older cylinder/head I dont see why you cant go the other way.
  5. all yz/f have the same issues, if your suspension is set up correctly and you make adjustments to your bike set up you can get it pretty close. The fastest and easiset way is to put on some 22/22.5mm offset tripleclamps.
  6. marine89

    Clutch Discolored

    Looks like burnt oil, I found the inside of an impeller cover that looked the same, now that was odd.
  7. you need a press to remove the lower bearing, I use a 10 ton harbor freight press.
  8. I saw some '12 on ebay for 200 bucks, seems like a bit much get the suspension done, and just keep an eye out for a good deal on some triple clamps.
  9. no worries, i just thought the 4.3 looked pretty good. I just picked up another set of the 4.3 22.5 mm offset for my wr/yz project. the only thing i didnt like was that i cant seem to find a mount for the scotts to run with these.
  10. really? bogus? I thought the pro taper 4.3 quality looked pretty good when I had them on my yz250 two stroke. oh well to each his own....
  11. max speed on a motocross bike is usually aroung 65 (give or take), for u to maintain 65 at a lower rpm you would need to gear really high but it will probably wear out the tranny fairly quickly. RE: lights you will need to get a stator and a flywheel from an 02 wr I beleive and have the flywheel opened up a bit to fit the YZ crank. Its a lot of work but it can be done, you might be better off getting a WR tranny or wr bottom end and drop it in to get the gearing and the lights you desire. To do that you will also need the CDI and wiring out of the WR as well, again its a lot of work though. A wr is the best option in my opinion but I'm sure you will get a lot of people telling you the YZ is fine, up to u.
  12. marine89

    I am at my wits end with this bike...2004 WR250f

    I would think the carb might just have a jet or line plugged up, if it sat for that long.
  13. marine89

    Ok to hone?

    NO!!!!!! do not hone it, the cylinder is coated and if worn or damaged then you just replace it.
  14. marine89

    where to get slip on silencer?

    buy one for an 01-02 yz250f it will bolt right up to your WR, also mufflers will not give you a significant power increase. you're better off buying an oem yz version and using yz cams to improve the power out put of your bike.
  15. i forgot you may need the wheel spacers from the 06 as well