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  1. hi, yeah i have a 97 mdl, im from down under also, yeah rejet the carb, change the header pipe and airbox mod, will make a difference, i got the big gun muffler also, but i think the stock muffler with biggger header is just as good. Hey is that your klx in your profile picture, is that a kx250 rear guard you have? what year model is the guard? cheers
  2. yeah, the fuel tap was off, i tried roll starting it a few time but no chance, i did ride it the day b4 for a bout 5-10 mins, then the next day we topped it up with fuel,and didn't start it that day until we arrived in the forrest. ive checked the fuel and it looks clean, maybe there is condensation, i put 98 octan, i did have 95 octane in the tank b4 that, this couldnt cause a problem i wouldnt think, i might change the fuel and then check the valves, is the pilot jet on the top of the carb under that dish, think it has 4 screws? maybe thats blocked? is this a hard job, ive looked in my manual under problem shooting and cleaning the carb but i have found TT mambers know more than the manual, i might search old post on carb cleaning or something. thanks heaps for the input
  3. thanks guys, yeah i replaced the plug, yeah i was in denial, but think your right bill, ive had the valves checked at 2 different machanics over the last 4months. Bill is it possible that 2 months ago when they where checked, the clearances could have been right and in that time thay have closed up, ive probably done about 60 miles since they where checked, or maybe the mechanics got the wrong clearance specs. i will have to learn to check them myself to be sure. thanks again for the tips Anf
  4. really, i thought the same thing, but the valve clearance was checked not to long ago, also there has been no warning signs,its been starting super easy,I just cant imagine it running great one day then not starting the next. do you think its possible, it does make sense though. maybe i will have to take it to the mechanic after all. cheers
  5. okay, i have posted a few threads about various probs with my bike, its a klx300 97,big gun full system, anyway i a few months ago i had the bike serviced because it was running rough, they cleaned carb, checked valves tuned it, the bike was running great since i got it back, probably 6-8 weeks. I start the bike nearly everyday and ride it behind my house in some small trails twice a week, i have the starting technique spot on, never takes me more than 2 kicks cold(just leting u know how reliable its been) anyway i took it out to the forrest a few day ago for its first big ride, but when i get there it wont start at all, it started and rode the day b4 fine. The bike still doesnt start back at home, it has spark, its gettin fuel into the carb form the tank, it make a sound like its almost about to start but wont keep going, different to cold starting, it almost firing, i changed the plug. I think the fuel is actualy igniting when i start it because usually when u cant start a bike due to poor kicking technique or carb a fauty u usually get some overflow or u can smell it flooding, but thats not happening, i tried using aerostart but it doesnt even give that firing sound, could it be lack of air getting in or blocked jet? im also thinking electrical as this problem occured overnight, i checked wiring loom for visible damage but no luck. im not really keen on taking it back to the bike shop. Any help appreciated. thanks Anthony
  6. yeah thats what i was maybe thinking, unless i damaged it somehow when i took them out, when i change the new bushing for the idler gear i will take another look at it, at the moment the clutch isn't to bad but something i would like sorted out. cheers thanks for your help Anf
  7. yeah i had some starting issues when i first brought mine, even with the right starting technique and roll starting it down the hill, i just got it back from the workshop , valves clearance was ok, i think the biggest issue was how dirty the carb was, now its a dream to start, i kick slow til i hear the exhust release out the muffler, u then kinda get a hard resistance, then bring it back up and kick hard, i cringed when i seen the mechanic try and start it when i picked it up, he was just kicking and kicking, all i could think about was my poor idler gear is gonna break again, i eventually jumped on and got it goin, these bikes aren't really common where i am. good luck
  8. yeah i dont think anymore cable adjustement can be made, also when i put it all back together i used vice grip pliers to turn the clutch mechanism where the cable hooks to on the clutch cover, no matter how far i turned, it would not fully engage neutral. I will look into the stabil or seafoam, thanks Anthony
  9. sounds full on, nice work
  10. I think its the ignition lock, think the barrel is the the lock, we use that term in OZ, im guessing thats what he means. So as soon as u removed the barrel this problem happened or did u purchase the bike with the barrel removed and always had this problem. I dont know a lot about electrical systems, sorry im just a bit curious. Good luck, hope u get it sorted.
  11. Hi there, havent spent much time on here because my klx was out of action, i just got it back from mechanics, wasnt starting because the carb was a dirty and got a few things checked out also. A while ago my idler gear broke a tooth, was not sure if it was me or previous owner, i replaced the part, but after putting the everything back together the clutch does not fully disengage, the washer/spacer behind the plates is in there, it seems as if the clutch basket or plates are not sitting out enough, does not matter how much u adjust the clutch, i can ride the bike without any probs but i would like it fixed, for example with bike off in first gear, u can hold the clutch in and push it but still feel a small resistance. Bike shop didnt even look at it even though i asked, dont think they are really familiar with my bike, they struggled to start it. i was considering putting an extra washer or replace the original with a thicker one in behind the clutch basket, would that be safe? is there any reason why i shouldnt give it a go. On the bright side, the bike rides really well, starts easier than ever, i was surprised to see a qualified bike mechanic struggled kicking it over, actually i had to jump on and do it. bike started cold first kick today. does anyone ever drain the fuel out of the carb after riding?
  12. i know this is an old thread and was interested in kitting my klx300 with a kx250 kit myself, im in australia, klx300 come out with metal tanks and uglier looking fenders. to get an original plastic tank and fenders are impossible, so i was thinking of gettin a second hand kx kit. does anyone know much more about this. i found a picture of one, i will try and a a pic or the link if it doesnt work.
  13. yeah no worries, might be a while until i do the mod though, im down on cash and have another project on my hands at the moment, i will let you know when im done. regards Anthony
  14. that would be great, i will keep you posted. thanks for the quick response. regards Anthony
  15. hi brewster if your out there, i just brought a second hand exhaust cam of ebay for a good price for my 97 klx300, im going to take it to a few different bike machanics along with the print out of the acr mod on the planetklx site. If i find someone to do the job, will they need to do the whole procedure mentioned on the web or can the just reset it 3.5mm(not sure which direction), is that right, i brought a backup cam so if i get desperate i might send it to you if thats no hassle, im in Australia, i might actualy get a return postage quote in the next few days. I was looking at the acr unit, its locked on prettty tight, what tool can be used to remove the acr and press it back on, i think i read you made a tool a while back, is that something i will need to do also. Sorry about all the questions you must get hassled about this all the time. thanks Anthony