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  1. smithrod63

    MXC tank on SX ?

    I talked to a friend just recently who was actually able to do this. He put an MXC tank on the EXC and said the seat had a gap by the tank, but was strictly cosmetic. He said it didn't effect the function of the bike at all nor his riding. However, it would be nice to have both the tank and seat if I can afford it. My only concern now is whether the radiators on the EXC and SX are the same thus allowing the tank to fit properly around radiators (since the MXC tank is rigid because of the gas in the shrouds). I was able to measure the radiator on an 05 EXC and found them to be the same as my 04 SX... So i think i'm in luck.
  2. smithrod63

    250 EXC dual sport.

    You can make it street legal ... depending on what state your in that is. It is easiest if you send in for the street license at the same time as purchasing the bike; this way the DMV sees all the paper work just like buying a street bike or car and are more likely to give you the license just out of routine, at which point they cant take it back. Or if you go to the DMV to get the license later it will be harder (which is what I did), but if you simply go to a few different DMV's one will likely just give you the license because they dont look closely enough or dont actually know the technical requirements to have a streel legal bike. This is how I dual-sported my 04 450SX... Nobody (including the police) really knew what the EXACT requirements where to make a dirtbike street legal. It took me about a month and a half to find the head of the DMV who was literally the ONLY person who knew. Therefore the lady at the DMV just assumed I had the basics (lights and signals)... and if I didn't it was my ticket if I wasn't meeting requirements to a "T" Hope this helps... Basically (in Oregon) you need: Lights, signals, horn, speedo, and a mirror. Your also supposed to meet emmissions which is kinda a slippery subject because they dont actually check the bike (at least in my case) as well as they want you to have a metal gas tank vs. a plastic one.
  3. smithrod63

    MXC tank on SX ?

    have an 04 450SX that I want to put an MXC tank on for the best fuel range possible. Have any of you tried to put an MXC tank on an SX... are there any complications (other than the pidley gap between the seat and tank)? Also does anybody know a good way to go about getting one of these tanks for a good deal (i'm broke )? Thanks
  4. smithrod63

    MXC tank on SX ?

    I have an 04 450SX that I want to put an MXC tank on for the best fuel range possible. Have any of you tried to put an MXC tank on an SX... are there any complications (other than the pidley gap between the seat and tank)? Also does anybody know a good way to go about getting one of these tanks for a good deal (i'm broke )? Thanks
  5. smithrod63

    Head light Help

    Does the light powerful enough to really get you by when it's dark?
  6. smithrod63

    Kick starter

    i've noticed that a little on mine as well, i'm not sure that it's normal though.
  7. smithrod63

    Head light Help

    Have you even done a rewind on the stator?? ... also what headlight are you using, is it a low wattage light or just a regular baja design / e-line setup? thanks
  8. smithrod63

    Head light Help

    Here's one for all you guru's out there .... I am wanting to put a headlight on my 2004 450 SX. I know the stator power output is not gonna cut it, but i'm curious if any of you guys know if I have it rewound by Baja design if it would then have enough juice to power a light up front. Or if there are any low wattage light kits that are reasonably priced. The reason i'm hesitant to buy an EXC set up is because $$$ is an issue and I dont have a lot to put into it right now. thanks guys
  9. smithrod63

    450 SX Dual Sport!!

    Thats actually what I was planning on doing was finding out the power output from rewinding and then looking to see how much wattage I will need to support my lighting system. My dad has done that a few times to XR 650's (which have much larger stators to rewind to begin with). What kind of SX do you have. I would love any light you can shed on the SX's ability to run lights. Also what kind of setup do you have? (led lights? turn signals? How many lights are you running from your SX stator?) THanks a lot guys this is really helping me figure this all out.
  10. smithrod63

    450 SX Dual Sport!!

    You know, it might be harder in Cal. than oregon. I was anticipating a bunch of hassle when i did mine, so before I bought the bike i went into the DMV and had the manager lady there sign a paper and date it for me saying that she would give me a license if i bought the bike (because she was telling me that all i needed was to mount lights on it ... which I knew was not accurate but as long as she didnt know any better that was good for me). So i bought it went back and got the license. It may take you a few tries but if you just take your title for the bike in to a handful of places one of the people behind the counter might push the paperwork through without thinking much of it. However, it is much much easier if your buying the bike new and can apply for the license when your getting the MSO (I thhink this is because they dont even realize the bike is an off-road bike rather than street since all the paper work looks the same) thanks guys for the trick dual sport lead with dale. I will def. check it out Rodney
  11. smithrod63

    450 SX Dual Sport!!

    Hello all, I just bought an 04 450sx recently (which is an amazing bike) and I am in the process of putting together a dual sport kit for it. If any of you bike wizzes out there have done such an operation i'd appreciate some advice on parts sourcing and other dual sport things. The good news is that i've already got the hard part (in my opinion) done, which is getting a license for the bike. also if anyone has spare parts and is interested in selling them I will be looking to pick up the following parts if the price is right: - spare wheel assemblys (meaning hub and rim / spoke) ... 18" X 2.15 for rear - Subframe (not necessary but again I wouldnt mind having a spare if not too pricy) - Headlight (preferably an EXC take-off) - Tail-light - speedo - plastics (for rear fender / # plates) - Small turn signals - Hydraulic brake light switch thank you all for reading and for your valuable advice -Rodney