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  1. push the damping rod to one side to give a little resistance and then use an impact gun on the allen fitting and it will come right out.
  2. snap on does have a long reach adapter that fits for 35 bucks. honda has discontinued the adapters for the xrs and cbr600s (the cbrs use an iridium version of the same plug).
  3. swingarm bearings i wont go into te nighmare tey ca biftey havbent been taken care of
  4. only thing is the frame is alredy a bunch of sections welded together so it already has strain built in to it. so if you cut out that piece it would relieve the stress caused by the dent and the stress it had in the first it would spring to a position thats a little out of shape. you could pound it back to as close to the original shape as possible then brace it, grind that section out at its original welds and then weld a new piece back in.
  5. ebay the shock and subframe if your real concerned with it.the frame section that got bent is actually a straight piece of square tube. it could be grond out at the factory welds on each end and a whole new piece welded back in.with metal things often go way beyond the visible damage but looking at the locations that each end of that section are welded to thy are pretty beefy so id say the rest of that section would stretch before what its conected to got tweaked enough that youd ever be able to tell the difference.the trick would be welding in a brace thats out of the way before you cut out the old section to hold it exactly in place while you repaired that section. itd take some work to be perfect but it could be done.but if it has to be that perfect ebay a frame too.
  6. an xr250 shock will lose you an inch. the 250 spring is a bit harder though. compared to a lowering link id say it would be a lot closer to acting right when ya ride.
  7. assuming the parts are available, its not that difficult.youd still need to take it to get it charged with nitrogen though.
  8. ok so i wrote this a little confusing.what im looking for is an xr250 shock 96-04. even if its all wore out all i really need is the case body. i just read about a lot of people here upgrading instead of rebuilding their old worn xr250 shocks. thought maybe someone would have a trashed one or old one they wanted to get rid of since theyve upgraded.
  9. oxygen "'bleeds" through the bladder similar to the way gas vapor bleeds through your fuel tank and gates caught under stickers after time. thats why they have all those perforations.
  10. INCONSISTINCY.The oxygen in the air not only breaks down the oil but it also is absorbed by it causing the oil to act inconsistantly.compression and rebound becomes similar to opening a bottle of pop.lotsa bubbles. a combination of oil and air will resist flowing through the valve differently.temperature changes this action basically every ride and every jump and bump.your shock will act as if it has a different weight of oil in it. not highly noticable though. corrosion due to oxidation and breakdown of the oil over a shorter period of time are the main concerns.
  11. anybody whos swapped their old xr250 shock for an xr400 or something else because it was worn out or something. im looking for an xr250 shock body so if you want to sell the old shock even if its worn out i really need it. the eye on mine has broken.
  12. i just bought a 2001 xr250 on ebay in real good shape for $1725