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  1. pcahbrown

    te250 hard to start

    i have purchased a te250 2004 with a 300 kit and a 38mm tc mikuni carb . this bike will only start if i open the throttle 1/2 way . this should be a no no for a 4 stroke but if i try and start on the button with the throttle closed it wont start and you can smell fuel as if it is to rich . open the throttle up and hold it about 1/2 way and she fires right up . bike shop told me the float bowl was to high and flooding the engine but no fuel spills out of the over flow even when sitting on the side stand . once the bike is running it goes fine and idles OK. I did find out that the bike was used as a flat track bike so would the jetting be different . the tail pipe is sooty and spark plug slighty black in colour . this is a carb problem what type. valve are spot on, fresh fuel, clean air filter any ideas please cheers
  2. pcahbrown

    sprag clutch nut te250

    Hi can anyone tell me if the nut on the end of the crank that allows you to remove the sprag clutch is left or right hand thread 2004 te250
  3. pcahbrown

    Husqvarna TE510 2005 Sprag clutch starter

    the sprag clutch that Ricky T is taking about is not actualy a clutch but a one way bearing that stops the cranks from turning the starter motor when the bike is running . so when the starter motor turns over is it locks to turn over the motor to start the bike but free spins when the engine is running . it's listed in the parts catalog as " free wheel " but as ricky t says you should be able to turn it in one direction only . if you kick the bike does the starter sometimes try to spin as well .
  4. pcahbrown

    Husqvarna TE510 2005 Sprag clutch starter

    Hi your starter clutchh is stuffed even throuth it looks OK it is slipping . it is made up the same way as a standard clutch in that it has friction plates sandwedge between fiber plates held together under load by a concave plate washer . its designed to slip if the bike back fires saving your foot and side cover from damage . common fault on 04/05 husqvarna 4 strokes . i have a 05 250 with a 300 kit on it and my has just gone . ordered the part out of the USA for 1/2 the Australian dealer list price good luck fixing it .
  5. hi i have just got a 2004 te 250 with an athena 300 kit and full akrapovic exhurst . it has been fitted with a 38mm mikuni carb of a tc250 jetting is main 172 pilot 30 dont know neddle 2 turns air fuel screw valves are ok correct clearences my problem is it start almost first time with the kick but never on the buttom hot or cold it turns over fast enough but just wont catch is it just too over carbed as when cranking you can smell fuel like its been flooded . if you kick it straight after trying the e button it starts . if you start with the kick starter idle for 20 seconds then kill the engine and straight away push the e button it still wont start . choke is fine . i got the original 36mm carb with the bike should i refit it with the standard te250 jetting . http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/images/smilies/banghead.gif
  6. pcahbrown

    wr300 seized after 500kms

    the piston seize against the bore . as you sit on the bike there is one score mark on the bore at 10 o'clock and one at 2 o'clock the ring grove on the piston was closed holding in the rings . the score on the 2 o'clock mark is half way down the bore and the size of a 10 cent piece . the other score mark at 10 oclock is all the way down the bore and about 1,5 cm wide. there was a low amount of compressoin but not enough to draw in any fuel as the spark plug was dry when i looked at it after trying to restart the bike
  7. pcahbrown

    wr300 seized after 500kms

    My 2010 wr300 seized after only 500kms . I followed the running in procedure running a tank of 32/1 through it before going to 40/1 ( IMHO 50/1 is to lean but lets not get into that argument .) . the carb is still stock from bike shop with a 420 main. so why . here,s my only reason i can think of for this to happened . the tank doesnt have much of an overhang below the frame like my ec300 had and other makes lile KTM and TM do and as i ride on tight forrest trails the fuel slushes around the tank a lot more . if the level in the tank goes below the pick up tube on the fuel tap it should be moved to reserved because the bike should run out of fuel . but with all the tight turns it must slush over the pick up tube enough to fill the float on the carb but not enought to fill it completely. this makes the bike run on the lean side as when i stop after doing 75 or so kms ,the bike is idoling high, a sure sign it is running lean as all 2 stroke run faster just before the run out of fuel . my gasgas just ran fast for about 20 seconds then completly stop and i needed to go to reserve .even when riding on the tight trails 1 ride before the seizure i got back to the car after riding around 90 kms the last 20 or so with out stopping .the bike was idiling fast when i pulled up but hadn't cut out. when i checked the speedo and seen i had done 90 kms( yes my one is still going ) i thourght surely i would of needed to go to reserve about 15 ks before . i pulled of the fuel pipe to the carb and no fuel came out , i then turned it to reserve and put a measuering jug under the flow and all i got out of the tank was 200ml . so the bike had been running lean for some time . I haven,t got the bike back from the shop yet but when i do i will check the fuel tap to see it has a leak below the pick up pipe or the vacume caused by the carb is enough to pull a small amount of fuel through the reserve hole . with a 5 speed gear box your up and down the gears and its sometimes hard to tell if the bike is running lean . particuly when your racing and chasing other riders. this is my first 2 stroke seizure in 30 years of riding and i use castrol tts premix for the last 20 . one reason for this post is to let all husqvarna owners with the new black 2 strokes tanks to be cautious it could be a contributing factor or even the main reason for it to seize . forgot to mention when it seized the bike bike just died like the kill swicth had been pressed no squeaking or funny noises engine didnt even lock up. in fact i didnt realise it had seized until i went to kick it and it had no compression .
  8. pcahbrown

    09 WR 300 vs 10 WR 300

    I have a 2010 300 and i find the KYB to be a great fork . they are smoother in the first 1/4 of travel and less pron to deflecting of small rocks and don,t wander around so much in ruts . My 06 GAS GAS 300 had 45 morzocchi and they were good on hard landings but deflected and made the front twichie on smaller stuff. the pipe on the 2010 has been designed for the 300 where as the 09 had the 250 pipe which made it peaky and a bit of a handful if it came on the pipe at the wrong time . the 2010 is more torquey i would say partly due to the 300 engine and new ppe design working together and will pull harder than any 300 i have ridden so you don't have to change gears as much making the 5 speed gear box not so much of an issue unless you ride around on a lot of fire trails ,and if you do do that then look at buying another bike . Say a DR650 or something . I guess if don,t mind light switch engine preformance and a harsh front fork then save $1000 and buy the 09 everything can be changed to suit your type of ridding for a cost. one last thing the pipe on the 2010 is a lot leaner in the mid section and hugs the engine closer and doesn't protrude as much on the right side , a factor when pipe damage is an issue with 2 strokes either way the WR 300 is a dam fine ride.
  9. pcahbrown

    wr300 speedo reset

    I have a new 2010 wr300 ,after fitting a new cr2025 battery to the speedo i can now keep time and trip distance etc. After the first 2 rides i did on the bike at my normal riding place my speedo read 210 kms however i know that the average ride i do in a day is 120 kms and the speedo red 56kms before the first ride. = 300ish kms I know this because the trip metre on my gasgas i just sold would always show between 115 and 130 km depending on my ride time and my mate i rode withs speedo showed we had covered 120ish ks on each rides. the speedo is on KPH not MPH so its not that setting . Is there a way to see what tyre size has been set as i know that on the trail tech speedos and my mates Husaberg you can program in the front tyre size. normally its around 2200 for a 21" wheel
  10. pcahbrown

    Gas Gas

    my honda dealer match up my EC300 brake lever with a cr125 late 90ies . try this link http://www.gasgasrider.org/html/parts_crossover.html
  11. pcahbrown

    GASGAS ec300 clutch fluid

    Hi can anyone tell me if the clutch fluid is normal dot4 brake fluid or special non-corrosive mineral based hydrolic fluid as used in KTM .I looked through the manual but could'nt see anything thanks
  12. pcahbrown

    2010 Husaberg 390 - dying after 2 days - HELP!

    the fuel cap vent pipe is blocked . easy way to check is to ride the bike and when it starts to do what it does stop the bike and slowly undo the fuel cap . if you hear a suction noise from air rushing in not fuel vapour rushing out ,then its blocked . I had a paper wasp try and build a nest inside my vent pipe, did the same thing .
  13. pcahbrown

    Sherco 450i EFI Problems

    Hi , one question , when you turn on the key does the fuel pump power up and make a noise for 3 seconds or so before stopping. IF so then the fuel pump is presurising the system if not check the fuses under the seat . good luck Paul
  14. pcahbrown

    Sherco 4.5i running rich

    i had a 05 4.5i and it ran rich . i was told the factory did it standard . best way to fix it and add a few more HP is to remove the end cap off the muffler and cut 75mm off the end of it , this will remove the end section of the muffle with the baffling in it its 2 section of perferated pipe that over lap each other leaving the normal straight muffler section . (The muffler is made up of 2 seperate sealed sections) now with a more free flowing exhurst the bike now doesnt run rich . Did it to mine ran great and didn't increase noise greatly . don't forget to put the end cap back on
  15. pcahbrown

    GasGas EC250 LCD display not working.

    Hi the electronic speedos on the 05 and 06 gassers where pron to water damage as they are not water tight . mine died and i only washed the bike with the hose not the washer blaster . just put a trail tech on it, you can use the same magnet thats already on the front wheel Good luck