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  1. I've been searching for them also as i've heard the 07 KX450F has a very tall first gear (looking at setting one up for woods riding). I'm coming off an 06 CRF450R which i put a rekluse in to help with the tall first gear issue but i have been told that the 07 KXF 1st is even taller than the CRF?
  2. what bend pro tapers are they, they look nice and tall?
  3. I don't see where cut down another suppliers product? The thread if about his crower package and all he has done is explain what it is and how proud he is that it seems to be working with results...
  4. It is a high performance race bike by design and it needs very strict maintenance. If by reliable you mean low maintenance, no it's not - get a suzuki DRZ or an old XR. If by reliable you mean if you do the correct maintenance as per the honda manual yes it is pretty reliable.
  5. Force guards are easy to fit and have more brace rods than the competitors which offer better side damage protection imho - The online shop sends goods worldwide.
  6. On another note the 05 SDG tall seat fits pretty much perfectly on the 06 CRF250R. I have been waiting and waiting and waiting for the 06 tall SDG and got sick of waiting so i tried the 05 model seat, FNBANG it fits perfectly!
  7. After trying a Michellin MS3 on the rear i cant wait to go back to a Dunlop 756. The MS3 is so soft in the side walls that i have found i have to run at least 14psi or it wallows like it's flat on the open stuff, but for greasy hill climbs it doesn't hook up so good unless it has around 11psi using HD tubes for woods riding. On a side note, do you guys prefer the 110/90/19 or the 100/90/19 D756?
  8. If it is popping on decel with the throttle closed it will definately be fuel screw adjustment, fuel screw regulates the mixture at idle or with the throttle closed. I'd suggest turning the fuel screw out half a turn at a time until you are happy. This is common in the cooler months as the air is more dense which results in the idle mixture becomming lean, by screwing out the idle jet/fuel screw it will richen up the mix again. Just remember to screw it back in a little when the hotter months come around.
  9. sorry to dig up an old thread but has anyone dealt with 'Midwest Moto'? I ordered a tall SDG seat for my '06 CRF250R through ebay last week (buy it now with paypal) and haven't heard anything from them and no reply as yet to the 2 emails i sent them Has there been a holiday over there or should i be contacting paypal to try and get my money back?
  10. looks like you took the ***** line, full noise straight through the middle would have been impressive
  11. how much $$$ ?
  12. the rooster ones look more like the force ones than those devol ones, but still don't have the bars running through them. How much are the rooster ones?
  13. Supercross

    BBM you're pretty much correct, from what i've read over here Reardon will be heading to the US next year chasing the money...why else would he want to go to the US
  14. I helped a mate install a 13.5 CP piston a week or so ago, i must say that he has not stopped talking about how well it goes now
  15. Looking at the pix of the devol guards the 'FORCE' ones have more strength with the bars that run through them and they cover the whole radiator, plus they are a perfect fit so easy to install. $90 US is about $120 AU so the devols are a little cheaper though.