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  1. klxdavid

    Gutless stock KLX 140 how/what to mod?

    buy a 170cc bore kit from indoneasa on ebay with stage 1 camshaft there cheap and work very well, comes with gaskets high compression piston and was onlt $300 with freight to Aus. 38 to 40 pilot jet 110 main jet thats what worked for me and its a different bike....
  2. klxdavid

    Big mini pit bike project--KLX 140L

    I'm going to buy a kx85 rear shock and have a go at fitting it the thing i like about this bike is that it is road registable with a low seat hight of 870mm
  3. klxdavid

    Big mini pit bike project--KLX 140L

    Yeah possibly this is a registered version and has a seat height of 870mm
  4. klxdavid

    Big mini pit bike project--KLX 140L

    Thanks for that the shock on my bike does not have a reseviour it has preload only
  5. klxdavid

    Rear Shock For KLX 150

    Just looking at the thead you sent me the klx140 shock has a resivour it looks almost identical to the kx85 my shock has no reseviour it is a very basic looking shock just preload adjustment only.
  6. klxdavid

    Rear Shock For KLX 150

    Thanks for the info i was after a more adjustable shock and I've seen pictures with the kx85 shock in the 150, thanks again for your help.
  7. Hi Dave here, haven't been here for a while starting a new project again and i was wondering if a rear shock off a KX85/100 would be a straight fit into a KLX150 any info would be much appeciated..
  8. klxdavid

    Big mini pit bike project--KLX 140L

    Dave here, what is the rear shock out and was it a straight fit thanks for any info.
  9. klxdavid

    Thinking of a DRZ250 - any issues with clutches

    I've had 5 drz's and all ridden hard in all sorts of terrain and never had an issue with any of them, still have one and my only complaInt is ground clearance otherwise it's a great bike and it could be a little lighter.
  10. hey does anyone know for sure if the crf230f rear shock will fit the crf230l, i'm buying a crf230l and i have the works shock in the rear and cr 250 front upside down forks at the front, and i want to swap it all over to the L, cheers.
  11. klxdavid

    150r riders

    bloody good, do a lot of single trail, the forest is very hilly in our area but there's every thing, it's pretty wet at the moment.
  12. klxdavid

    150r riders

    i'm 50years old 75 kilos 5'4"
  13. klxdavid

    Fork Oil

    hey, thanks for that.
  14. klxdavid

    Fork Oil

    Hey guys Dave here from Aus, can someone tell me how much oil goes in the front forks and what grade as well, and how hard is it to get the fork seals out, thanks for your help.
  15. klxdavid

    KX 85 to 100

    thank you