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  1. Hi again here are the specifications of my jets hope these help. Main # 160s Pilot jet # 48 Jet needle is on #4 clip position Pilot air jet # 80
  2. Hi thanks for the replies seems to be hotly contested problem with quite a few options for a fix. Personally I would like to keep the tps connected so I am going to work on the jetting. I will pull the carby down again and have a look at the specs for the jets and post them soon thanks again for your help.
  3. I recently bought my wr450f and I love it although I need some advice it has started to miss in the 1/4 to 1/2 throttle when just cruising along. If I give it full throttle it seems to be fine as you get higher up in the throttle position. The bike starts fine and idles okay but just won't cruise nicely. Can anybody give me some suggestions, I tried a new plug, leaning the mix with a clip move up the needle but that made it worse. The jets are all stock factory settings as far as I am aware. Need some good advicel on this problem anybody got any ideas. The bike is a 2004 I live in Australia so the temp and humidity may be a little different to Europe etc.