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    Hatfield McCoy Tires

    I have rode all the trails sytems many times. We have found that the Dunlop 952 is one of the best tires to run. Grips good in almost all conditions. Side walls are tuff enough to run with low pressure in real slick conditions to help with traction and the tires last a long time. We buy 110/100/18 in Columbus, Oh for $49 bucks a piece.
  2. wvmountainman

    Fossil Ridge Trail

    We rode it around July 25th. The gate on the Gunnison Spur side was open. We continued our ride and came to the Gate on the Gold Creek side and it was locked. People are riding around both of them. The Gates are not very far apart. We would not have transversed the area but we were unaware that there was an issue with a property owner.
  3. wvmountainman

    Lodging around Taylor

    We stayed at the Three Rivers Resort in Almont. They have some lodge rooms (like a hotel room) and nice new cabins on the river. They are great folks and have great facilities to stay in. They charge a fair price ( it won't shock you). Give them a call ( I have dealt with Beth the last two years, ask for her she will take good care of you).
  4. wvmountainman

    The Trip

    This is what we have been calling it for a year. (THE TRIP) 6 of us start out from West Virginia on the 18th and will be in Moab the next day. We plan to ride a couple hours for two mornings and then sight see a little in the afternoons. Then we are off to Montrose where we plan to ride in that area for a couple of days. We are going to the Black Canyon one afternoon and then we are headed to Taylor Park where we will ride for a week. This is our third trip to TP. We love the high country single track. So you can understand how the excitement is building. Here we come.
  5. wvmountainman

    The Trip

    Its been 95 degrees and 100% humidity over this way. You just suffer and ride. There is always something good about the ride even when its to hot. We are only going to ride a couple of mornings 6:00 am then until we can't stand it any longer. Then to the pool at the hotel and then some early evening driving the truck around, then some cool ones, then to bed. Start again in the morning. It may not go in that order, but we are going to be so close and we all want to see Moab. We may not get to ride much there, but we are going over to the Montrose area and then to Taylor Park after that. Hopefully we will get all the riding we want at those locations.
  6. wvmountainman

    The Trip

    Come on and ride with us Gee, I can tell you the race results all ready. Carmichael Stewart Reed - 3rd as always. Know that you know the results, you can go with us. Ha ha.
  7. wvmountainman

    The Trip

    MotoGoalie, Gee says you might be interested in riding with us on the 22 -23. If your interested in riding with us let me know. We would sure like the tour. We have a great group.
  8. wvmountainman

    The Trip

    Where is here? Moab, Montrose, Gunnison.
  9. wvmountainman

    Taylor Park Jetting.

    Our group of six departs from West Virginia in three weeks for Moab - Montrose Area - The Taylor Park area for a week. A dirtbike riders dream vacation. We can't wait to get there. This will be our third trip out in four years. Its a long ride but very worth it. I was hoping that some of you fine Mt. riders would share you jetting secrets. Last year we struggled with getting the right jet settings. We were either to lean on some or way to rich on others. Below is a list of the bikes that we will be bringing. 02 300 MXC 03 250 EXC 06 250 SX - SET UP FOR OFF ROAD / FMF KNARLY PIPE & SPARK ARRESTOR 03 CR 250R SET UP FOR OFF ROAD / FMF KNARLY PIPE & SPARK ARRESTOR 02 520 EXC 05 300 EXC 06 300 XC-W Any info on jetting would be appreciated.
  10. wvmountainman

    July Trip planned!

    There are six of us coming from West Virginia and Ohio to ride in July. We are staying at Three Rivers Resort starting July 23-29. We plan to ride the Taylor Park, Crested Butte, Cement Creek areas during those days. This will be are third time to this area. We have most of the trails figured out. We really like the high country. We plan on being in the Moab, Montrose areas from the 20-22nd. We are looking to find some good single track in those areas. We though there might be someone that would be interested in riding with us. We are all very good riders. We would like to ride the rocks at Moab, but it will probably be to hot. We are going to ride one day at the Adobe Hills in Montrose. From there we are undecided. I have heard that there is some good trails in Uncompahgre. Any suggestions would be appriciated.
  11. I Have an 03 wr450 that I bought new in 2003. After purchasing the bike I did all of the mods / grey wire / open air box / etc. etc. etc. My problem is the bog or hesitation you get when you let of the throttle quick and then try to get back on the throttle. It will fall on its nose everytime, and then comes to life in an instant when you are all ready out of shape because it bogged. I hate ridding it. The bike, since it was new will barely start with the electric start. It is because of the jetting I am sure. I have installed a JD Jet Kit which helped some. I have changed the leak jet by 10 both ways and adjusted the air screw. I can't get the bog out. I am located in Weat Virginia. If anyone knows any credible mechanics that can get this bike to run right I will bring them some work tonight. Please send me there name and lacation and phone or e-mail address
  12. Can anyone tell me much about Moab. There are six of us coming out from West Virginia and Ohio during the last couple of weeks of July. We want to ride at Moab for a couple of days, then we plan to ride in the adobe hills in Montrose for a couple of days, then on to Taylor Park/ Crested Butte for about six days. This will be our third trip to the Taylor Park / Crested Butte areas, so we are very familiar with those areas. My questions are about Moab. We would like to check out this area. It is hard to find a whole lot of information about the trails. Is it hard to find the trails there? Are there maps? Are the trails marked? Are there many single tracks? to ride? I know these are a lot of questions, but I have found out if you don't ask you won't find out what you want to know. Any information that you can provide about the area would be appreciated. We are all very good riders. Not fast but very good technical riders. Our riders range in age from 14 our youngest and best rider to 62 and our second best rider.
  13. wvmountainman

    What are the ages of riders in this Forum???

    West Virginia Riders I'm 42 and son works of my name also. He is 14 soon to be 15. I ride more now then I did when I was 20-30. The end of one weekend just means I can't wait until the following weekend. We have bikes and spare bikes. 04 CRF250R 03 WR450F 03 250EXC 02 300MXC The touger the trail the better we like it. If we can't ride it up we drag it up. LOL
  14. wvmountainman

    Question about Moab & Adobe Hills in Montrose

    Uncompahgre Plateau, how many miles of single track is there? Is there maps of the area and are the trails marked? What town would you stay in if you were to stay over night? I seem to always start each post with several questions. We plan on being in the area on the evening of the July 19th. We will have our bikes jetted for the area, but there always seems to be some tweeking needed the first day of riding. We plan to ride in the Taylor Park/Crested Butte and Cement Creek areas from July 23/24 through the 29th. We would love to have some riding company. We have to ride at least one day in the Adobe Hills regardless of the temps. We have two young men that can't wait to climb / jump the hills. I sure appreciate everyone of you taking the time to send me post. This is going to help us make our plans much easier. Six of us came out 3 years ago and fell in love with the place. We can't wait to expand out from the Taylor area. The riding there is so much different than here. You go riding for 8 hours in Colorado and you spend an hour cleaning you bike. You ride for 8 hours in West Virginia or Ohio and we spend 8 hours cleaning the nasty mud off of the bikes. The beauty that surrounds you trails are amazing.
  15. wvmountainman

    Question about Moab & Adobe Hills in Montrose

    Thanks for all the info guys. We don't mind the rocks, we ride the Hatfield & McCoy trail systems in West Virginia and they grow fine rocks. Most of ours are softball to football sized, but most are loose and tough to ride on. We do love the high country. We have rode most everything around Crested Butte / Cement Creek / and the Taylor Park areas. The rocks on Fossil Ridge trail are pretty tough, but we ride it anyway. The first year we came out at the end of August. Weather was great. No snow. Last year we came out the last week of July and there was some snow at the very tops of the mountains. We did not incounter any snow on the trails. Some friends tried to travel over Schofield Pass (not sure if I spelled that right) but it was snow covered. When you have a son that is in to so many sports, you have to make you schedule revolve around the next athletic event.
  16. wvmountainman

    Question about Moab & Adobe Hills in Montrose

    Thanks for the info guys. We would love to make two trips, one in the spring and one in the summer, but when your driving 1600 miles to ride you have to lump the trip together. How hot do you think it will be in Moab in late July? We ride in West Virginia in the summer and it will be 90-95 with 100% humidity. Its about as uncomfortable as it gets. I sure would like to check it out Moab, but if you all think it is to hot, we will stay in the mountains. This is the only time we can find to ride. Its at the end of baseball season and then we get back and football practice starts. Have either of you rode at Montrose? It looks like it would be fun for a day or two. We love the Taylor Park / Crested Butte areas. It cool in the summer, we love the High Country.
  17. wvmountainman

    Best valve job work.....for a 250X

    Gino, My son rides an 04 250R. Everything that I am reading indicates that I can put the new 06 R head in place of the 04 head. What all do I need to order? I see that they have also changed the piston design and raised the compression. Should or could I install the 06 piston? Thanks!! Any information you can give me would be a hugh help.
  18. wvmountainman

    2006 heads

    Will the new 2006 head work on a 2004. I hope it will, I am tired of the valve issues. I priced the new head yesterday at my local Honda dealer and they quoted me a price of $225 including taxes!!!!