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  1. ssandijss

    What spring rates, Suzuki RM 250 '06

    TommyZ! Do you have mountains on your trails? I love my trails in Latvia, but i would love to trail ride in mountains. Do you now country in Europe where is good infrastructure for trailriding in mountains?
  2. ssandijss

    What spring rates, Suzuki RM 250 '06

    Got back my bike with new springs - 0.40 and 4.8 and i like my bike much better now! I will play with clickers but i feel that fork springs is still a tad heavy for my weight and riding. I'm really impressed with stabillity, absolutely no headshake!! Saturday is my first enduro cross race ever Wish me luck I'm stressed now, what i will do on friday? I also put new style frond fender and number plate. Really love the look now, especially from riding position. It feels slimmer now Will post pics later!
  3. ssandijss

    What spring rates, Suzuki RM 250 '06

    Thanks, Tommy! I'm still waiting for my springs.
  4. ssandijss

    What spring rates, Suzuki RM 250 '06

    If you will go to lighter spring, tell if you like them, please. I hope that after about 2 weeks i will get my lighter springs and will post ride report! Pic of my bike
  5. ssandijss

    What spring rates, Suzuki RM 250 '06

    Thanks! I think i will go .40 and 4.8 route. What is your sag numbers with 4.7 rear spring. Can you get correct rider sag with 100mm free sag?
  6. Hello! Yesterday i bought a Suzuki RM 250 '06. Took it for a test drive and i really love it!! But.. springs at both ends are to heavy. I am about 148 lbs without gear. I was told that fork springs are 4.6 and stock (52) shock spring. I didn't set my sag yet so i havn't those numbers. Bike is really stable in sand and in other places, cornering is OK. I'm riding a couple of years but I probably could be considered a beginner. I will ride mostly enduros, fast woods, but also motocross tracks. Wich spring rate do you suggest for me - 4.2 forks and 50 shock or even lighter - 4.0 and 48?
  7. ssandijss

    Oil leak from clutch actuator

    Thanks! It really was not difficult!!
  8. Hello! I have a Yamaha yz450f '07. I found oil leak from the clutch actuator? Oil seal is damaged? It happened after a day in realy muddy track.. How can i change the seal? I understand that i need to remove actuator, but to do that, do i need to remove clutch basket or is it some screw somwhere?
  9. Please help! I can't remove one of the fornt axle bolts (picture). Do you have recomendation what to do? Do i need to use drill, to drill out the bolt? Is there some other metods to remove bolt?
  10. ssandijss

    Base Training

    Sounds reasonably.. Only - how can you train for longer events? Say - 2 hours? You can't "interval" train for 2 hours - there is big risk to overtraining! And IMHO this is the case, when aerobic training is the only way...
  11. ssandijss


    Thanks for reply! I will try to do longer motos too! And focus on technique - diferent corners, balance etc.
  12. ssandijss


    It is winter time right now and many of riders who are following a training plan are currently in base training period - long, but low intensity training. I train on stationary bike 2 days a week, core training un running once a week, all at low intensity, but longer. We haven't snow right now so i can continue to ride my mx bike on track once a week. The problem - i can't ride at low intensity, i always try to push myself And at the and i'm cracked (in a good way). Am i doing damage to my base training? What ar your thoughts? What are your approach to base training?
  13. ssandijss

    Anyone seen this ad?

    KTM loves dirt!!
  14. ssandijss

    Supercross predictions?

  15. ssandijss

    If you own a 2 stroke,please reply once.

    I owned 5 two strokes and 2 years ago made a mistake - bought a KTM525EXC. A rebuild of KTM cost me about 2000$ - thats more than all my 5 two strokes rebuilds together And now i own Yamaha YZ250 '07.