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  1. I dont actually hate the guy , I just wont ride with him anymore . My riding buddy and I have a Weds ride we do because there's no traffic ...and that's his day off . My friend invited ' that guy ' to ride with us one day . He showed up at the staging area with his 3-4 year old Husky and I could plainly see it had a blown fork seal....okay...that happens . His back tire was flat and he said he " thought it would hold air long enough to do the ride " . While digging through his gear trying to find his jersey , he lays a brand new unopened pre-oiled filter on the tailgate . " I'll be ready in a second...just gotta put this new filter in " and " Oh , has anyone got a pump with them ? " . We finally went on the ride , his bike lasted til we got back ....and that's the last time I'll ever ride with him .
  2. I dont like Suzuki MX bikes . Why ? The color . It's not bright yellow , which I like . Instead , it looks like bright yellow that's been left in the sun too long and has a slighly green tint ..like baby crap . Oh...and Cannondales
  3. I dont like Suzuki MX bikes . Why ? The color . It's not bright yellow , which I like . Instead , it looks like bright yellow that's been left in the sun too long and has a slighly green tint ..like baby crap .
  4. I'd be ashamed to ask that question .
  5. First thing , buy a manual . If the bike has been sitting for year I can almost promise you the pilot jet is clogged . Any used bike needs to be gone over carefully and just getting it running isnt enough .Make it right and enjoy or go half ass and get frustrated and probably hurt the bike in the process .
  6. Facebook has at least 4 groups dedicated to old Yamahas . Info on the early MX models is usually discussed on the YZ boards so use keywords Vintage Yamaha , Vintage YZ and Vintage MX . Those bikes , along with parts come up at least 10 times a day . It doesnt look like anyone ' improved ' it over the years either ...easy resto .
  7. An oil change isnt gonna tell you what else is in the bottom end and you cant ' feel ' end play on the big end by hand . I would do ' new everything ' including an OEM crank .
  8. The Torc1 throttle cam comes with 6 adjustments . I'm running Torc1 and 11 oz weight along with 14/47 gearing . I run a Maxxis 110/90/18 IT Desert on the rear which adds some mass . The hit is still there , just not as violent . With the Torc1 ( or any other cam system ) you can dial in the power you want without spinning the wheel . When I ride MX with OTHG I just slip the 19 inch wheel with a 50 tooth on it , the lower gearing brings some of the hit back . I chose the 11 oz weight because it lets me run down low in the rpm range with no need for clutch work to keep the engine running .
  9. I buy 2-3 cans of Walmarts WD-40 imitation called Tech Spray Lubricant . I soak all the greasy muddy areas and let the bike sit a day before I use my regular cleaner . And even if the bike isnt filthy , I spray down my fork tubes and shock with it so dried mud doesnt get into my seals or dust wipers . Dried mud will tear seals just unloading the bike .
  10. Get a clue ? I need to get out more ? Why be insulting ? I've been a D-37 member for 40 years and race OTHG and SoCal Oldtimers on a regular basis . True , thats only somewhere between 30 and 40 races a year ...but I still havent seen it .
  11. Yeah , that's the kind of thing you hear on message boards ....but never in real life .
  12. A skid plate should be your first addition , and a full one that protects your stator and water pump . The glide plates work well for that errant rock that will punch a hole in your cases , but full wrap around is better . I prefer the full hand guards and use Moose . Enduro Engineering and others make good pieces too . The flag type give you some protection , but why settle for some ? That 1/2 inch diameter tree branch that sneaks past the flag type will ruin your day ...especially when it's 30 degrees out . Jetting will be specific to your elevation and conditions like temperature . After that ? you may have to change overall gearing ...again a personal choice to suit you . I think you'll be happy with the bike , it's hard to go wrong with an X .
  13. That was an '82 KTM ridden by Rod Bush at El Mirage Dry Lake in So Cal . It was a specially prepared " stock " engine with , as I recall a 17 tooth counter shaft sprocket and a custom made rear sprocket . Seeing that it was an attempt by KTM to prove they had the fastest dirt bike ...I doubt it was entirely stock . The speeds I talk about with my bikes are " real world " with timing devices ...not a drunk buddy telling me I was goin 200 .
  14. I've owned two Yamaha WR250 4 strokes and one Yamaha WR250 2 stroke . Geared as high as I could go and still have a usable 1st gear , either might have attained 70 mph ...tops . Thy just dont have enough motor to pull a 260 Lb motorcycle and 200 Lb rider much faster than that . My 450s ? Geared for my local Supermoto track they were hitting 82-85 at the shutoff point after a long straight ...but they were still pulling hard at 85 . I believe any of the 450s , geared properly , would run an honest 100 mph . 95 mph on a 250 ? That is an exceptional 250 !!
  15. Do what NCSteve said . I'll bet you find out you've improved the bottom end substantially along the way .