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  1. Facebook has at least 4 groups dedicated to old Yamahas . Info on the early MX models is usually discussed on the YZ boards so use keywords Vintage Yamaha , Vintage YZ and Vintage MX . Those bikes , along with parts come up at least 10 times a day . It doesnt look like anyone ' improved ' it over the years either ...easy resto .
  2. An oil change isnt gonna tell you what else is in the bottom end and you cant ' feel ' end play on the big end by hand . I would do ' new everything ' including an OEM crank .
  3. The Torc1 throttle cam comes with 6 adjustments . I'm running Torc1 and 11 oz weight along with 14/47 gearing . I run a Maxxis 110/90/18 IT Desert on the rear which adds some mass . The hit is still there , just not as violent . With the Torc1 ( or any other cam system ) you can dial in the power you want without spinning the wheel . When I ride MX with OTHG I just slip the 19 inch wheel with a 50 tooth on it , the lower gearing brings some of the hit back . I chose the 11 oz weight because it lets me run down low in the rpm range with no need for clutch work to keep the engine running .
  4. I buy 2-3 cans of Walmarts WD-40 imitation called Tech Spray Lubricant . I soak all the greasy muddy areas and let the bike sit a day before I use my regular cleaner . And even if the bike isnt filthy , I spray down my fork tubes and shock with it so dried mud doesnt get into my seals or dust wipers . Dried mud will tear seals just unloading the bike .
  5. Get a clue ? I need to get out more ? Why be insulting ? I've been a D-37 member for 40 years and race OTHG and SoCal Oldtimers on a regular basis . True , thats only somewhere between 30 and 40 races a year ...but I still havent seen it .
  6. Yeah , that's the kind of thing you hear on message boards ....but never in real life .
  7. A skid plate should be your first addition , and a full one that protects your stator and water pump . The glide plates work well for that errant rock that will punch a hole in your cases , but full wrap around is better . I prefer the full hand guards and use Moose . Enduro Engineering and others make good pieces too . The flag type give you some protection , but why settle for some ? That 1/2 inch diameter tree branch that sneaks past the flag type will ruin your day ...especially when it's 30 degrees out . Jetting will be specific to your elevation and conditions like temperature . After that ? you may have to change overall gearing ...again a personal choice to suit you . I think you'll be happy with the bike , it's hard to go wrong with an X .
  8. That was an '82 KTM ridden by Rod Bush at El Mirage Dry Lake in So Cal . It was a specially prepared " stock " engine with , as I recall a 17 tooth counter shaft sprocket and a custom made rear sprocket . Seeing that it was an attempt by KTM to prove they had the fastest dirt bike ...I doubt it was entirely stock . The speeds I talk about with my bikes are " real world " with timing devices ...not a drunk buddy telling me I was goin 200 .
  9. I've owned two Yamaha WR250 4 strokes and one Yamaha WR250 2 stroke . Geared as high as I could go and still have a usable 1st gear , either might have attained 70 mph ...tops . Thy just dont have enough motor to pull a 260 Lb motorcycle and 200 Lb rider much faster than that . My 450s ? Geared for my local Supermoto track they were hitting 82-85 at the shutoff point after a long straight ...but they were still pulling hard at 85 . I believe any of the 450s , geared properly , would run an honest 100 mph . 95 mph on a 250 ? That is an exceptional 250 !!
  10. Do what NCSteve said . I'll bet you find out you've improved the bottom end substantially along the way .
  11. You could have a real works bike there ! I bought one on a fluke about 10 years ago . It was a TT500 and had been put together by Yamaha America for Al Unser to ride in the Colorado 500 in 1977 . It was among three TT500s I bought for 700 bucks . After I did the research , the parts from just that one bike went for over 5,000 on ebay . Anything can happen...ya just never know .
  12. It all depends on what you're doing . If the terrain favors light weight and superior handling ...then yes . I'm in SoCal and a desert rider . Our District 37 courses are such a mix of high speed and's a toss up . Sheer power ? 450 . I rode both most of my life . I switched to 2 stroke around 71 and back to 4 stroke in 2002 . In the last 15 years I've had 6 CRF450s , a WR450 and two WR250s plus an assortment of CR500s and YZ250s . I'm riding a 2 stroke YZ250 now and dont see a return to four strokes in my future .
  13. A correctly tuned 2 stroke will anything a correctly tuned 4 stroke will ...period...but it is probably true that ability is key to making a 2 stroke work for you . Any 250/300 2 stroke or 450 4 stroke will be capable of much more than you can do anyway...choose a color you like and tell everybody it's the best .
  14. FMF Turbine Core is a forestry approved sparky yet still has some loud , more than enough to attract attention . Horsepower ? You'll gain some with either if it's jetted properly . both PC and FMF will give you baseline jetting specs if you ask . My personal opinion is : The FMF Fatty works better on 250s than 125s . The " Fatty " means the fat part of the power range in rpms , and with a 125 that happens around 10 grand .
  15. I've used Millennium Tech in the past and been happy with the results . I've also been in hurry and had to run to the local motorcycle store and plunk down cash for a new OEM head and valves . When having any work done , wait time is always an issue , as is cost and quality . A guy has to do his own research , balance all the factors and make the decision . I will not tell you who to stay away from or who does shoddy work....and there are plenty of both . Millennium has served me well so they'll get more of my stuff . They've always given me an estimated turn around time and always got it back to me sooner . Most importantly , do your own research and talk to people you trust .