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  1. My first experience with hand guards was when they came stock on XRs many years ago . Then for maybe 20 years I rode without them because they didn't come with whatever bike I was riding . I started running them again when we were doing supermoto and I've had them on everything since...with one exception . In 2012 I bought a 2011 KX450 that had flag guards . The first thick branch I encountered just blew past the guard and mashed my knuckles . When it was done with my knuckles , it smacked me on the right nipple so hard I thought I was gonna cry ( no chest protector ) . I had to pull over till the pain subsided and even then it ruined the whole ride . So it's full wrap around and a chest protector from now on .
  2. Crustybutt

    2019 Honda CRF45L to DRZ434 comparison

    Maybe not you ....probably not you ....but there's common occurrance that cause flame out ...the back brake . The brake itself isnt the problem , it's the pedal height . In stock configuration I couldnt adjust the pedal down far enough to keep my foot on the peg and brake all it once. I had to lift my foot to brake and that some times cause me to jab the pedal and stall the engine . I had to cut an unthreaded portion of the actuating rod off to get the pedal low enough . After that I simply rocked my foot forward ...instead of lifting my foot off the peg . I dont know how I'd go about comparing three bikes that are so much different . In fact , I probably wouldnt try to compare them...just pick the one I like .
  3. Crustybutt

    Aluminum Wheel Cleaner on bike?

    I've been cleaning bikes since my dad told me " You will clean and maintain your bike or you will not ride " . That was 61 years ago when I was 8 ...and I've never heard the toilet brush trick before . As soon as I read it...I knew it would work . Thanks !
  4. Crustybutt

    How not to get screwed when buying dirt bike?

    Look at his house , his car/truck and especially his garage . Why his garage ? Because that's where he did the maintenance on the bike . I've had guys come to look at a bike for sale , look around the garage and the other bikes ...and just hand me the money . His garage is a direct look at his mechanical abilities and work habits . If there's junk strewn all over and everything is in disarray? look for a different bike . Dont forget that you'll be paying for what he failed to take care of .
  5. Crustybutt

    02-07 Cr250s Going up

    I've noticed you can buy '06 and later Yamaha YZ250 for 3 to 3,500 . As good as the Yamaha SSS suspension is , along with how good the bike is overall would make it hard to buy any other used 2 stroke . An E start KTM 2 stroke at 8,000 seems like paying an extra 4,000 for the e start...and settling for inferior suspension .
  6. Crustybutt

    Leaf blower to dry your motorcycle?

    I have , but I usually use the compressor . Anything to help dry the areas we cant usually reach , like under the tank where most electrics are hidden and with inside the clutch and brake lever covers . Hit the covers with a bast of compressed air ....you'll be surprised at how much water comes out .
  7. Is the water pump actually circulating coolant or is the fluid just sitting there ?
  8. Crustybutt

    yz250x review (off-road dirt bike)

    My bikes are all two strokes . Like I said , I dont keep track of hours . That said , I used to keep track . We started , finished and won the 24 hours of Glen Helen in the plus 50 class on a 2004 YZ250 with 100 hours on the top end .
  9. Crustybutt

    yz250x review (off-road dirt bike)

    I dont keep track with an hour meter but here's a guess . 4-6 hours during the week . On weekends it's either a desert race ( 2 hours plus ) a GP ( 1 hour ) and a local mx race ( 1 hour total including practice . So anywhere from 4 to 7-8 hours a week depending on time . Believe it or not , that is a lot of seat time for a non pro . Theres a lot of difference between trail miles at a regular pace and race hours . What makes life easy is that I enjoy doing my regular maintenance . It beats the hell out of mowing the lawn or watching tv .
  10. Crustybutt

    yz250x review (off-road dirt bike)

    All dirt bikes require work after every ride ....but it also depends on the ride . I can ride out of my back yard . Once or twice a week I'll ride 3 miles to Hesperia Airport Cafe for breakfast...I lube the chain . I ride enough that monthly oil changes are normal for me and air filters get changed at least twice a month ( that includes at least 2 mx races ) . I do a top end every Jan . I ride a YZ250 2 stroke by the way . In all of my regular top end rebuilds ...the bikes have never needed one . Everything is usually within spec after a year...because I do my regular work on time . If you cannot stand doing the upkeep ....be prepared to spend a lot of money on new bikes .
  11. Crustybutt

    Best Tire Pressure Gauge?

    Seems to me that accurate is accurate . If it's right at 27 Lbs ....it's right at .5 Lbs . I just make sure I double check against a couple of friends gauges at the races .
  12. Hmm...there are inch pounds and foot pounds ....check the specs again after you repair the broken bolts .
  13. I dont actually hate the guy , I just wont ride with him anymore . My riding buddy and I have a Weds ride we do because there's no traffic ...and that's his day off . My friend invited ' that guy ' to ride with us one day . He showed up at the staging area with his 3-4 year old Husky and I could plainly see it had a blown fork seal....okay...that happens . His back tire was flat and he said he " thought it would hold air long enough to do the ride " . While digging through his gear trying to find his jersey , he lays a brand new unopened pre-oiled filter on the tailgate . " I'll be ready in a second...just gotta put this new filter in " and " Oh , has anyone got a pump with them ? " . We finally went on the ride , his bike lasted til we got back ....and that's the last time I'll ever ride with him .
  14. I dont like Suzuki MX bikes . Why ? The color . It's not bright yellow , which I like . Instead , it looks like bright yellow that's been left in the sun too long and has a slighly green tint ..like baby crap . Oh...and Cannondales
  15. I dont like Suzuki MX bikes . Why ? The color . It's not bright yellow , which I like . Instead , it looks like bright yellow that's been left in the sun too long and has a slighly green tint ..like baby crap .